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Nov 17, 2019 12:35 PM ET

Top 10 Tips on Beginner Golf Driving

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 17, 2019

As a beginner in golf, you are exposed to a whole lot of information, so much that you may become confused when it comes to tips and guidelines to follow. One sure thing is that every golfer- particularly amateurs and beginners- wants to get better at driving. Driving is one of the most exciting parts of the golf game, more so if you are doing it recreationally, however, it can be quite hard to get good at it and be able to gain distance. If you have been finding it difficult to drive efficiently, here are some tips that can help you become better at it.

1.Your stance should be wider than your shoulders

When you drive, it is necessary to have a long enough swing. Ordinarily, the driver is the longest golf club you have in your bag, so it swings faster than other clubs because of the larger swing arc. A wide stance is required a solid base for the fast swing; just make sure that your stance is a bit wider than your shoulders, and you are good to go.

2.   Position the ball properly

A common mistake among beginners is to set the ball directly in between the legs. To get a better drive, set the ball using the inside of your left foot (if you are a left-handed player, use your right leg). When the ball is positioned correctly, the driver comes in contact with the ball on the upswing, preventing the ball from spinning overly and ensuring that it covers a longer distance; with less spin on the ball, you will be able to get straight drives.

3.   Tilt your spine

To drive in golf, you need to put the ball on a tee; this elevates the position of the ball, and to get a good drive, you need to hit up on the ball. To be able to do this, you need to tilt your spine a little, so that your left shoulder is in a slightly higher position that right shoulder. In this position, you will find it easier to hit up on the ball.

4.   Grip the club tightly

When driving, you to grip the club tightly with both hands, your dominant hand in front of the other. If you have ever held a baseball bat, it is exactly the same type of grip. A proper grip is essential in golf driving to ensure stability and to prevent the club from flying out of your hand.

5.   Hold club away from your body

Apart from the ball position and grip, you also need to get your hand position right. The best spot to hold a driver in is about 10-12 inches away from your body, with the butt end pointing to your belt buckle area. If your hands remain close to your body, you will generate a weak swing, most notably in the first part. Together with a tight grip and proper ball position, an appropriate position of hand will help you generate better swings.

6.   Use more loft

There may be some misconception when it comes to the perfect loft for driving. However, the fact remains that the best way to drive is by hitting up on the ball with low spin and high loft. For beginners- who are most likely not to have the highest club-head speeds, a higher loft is typically the best option.

7.   Create width in your backswing

Of all the golf clubs, you can swing the driver the fastest because it is the longest, and it creates the widest arc when you swing. The larger the width of the arc generated, the more power, so you should always try as much as possible to get your hands extended as far as possible away from your body at the beginning of your swings. Beginners tend to cock their wrists up when swinging, whereas the best technique is extending the driver slowly and as far away from the body as possible using just a small cock of the wrist.

8.   Hit ball with a sweeping motion

After taking the backswing with enough width, pause for a little while when you get the driver back and above your head, then bring the driver down with a sweeping motion and swing through the ball. The speed with which you hit the ball is not the most important thing; it is essential that you keep your form and get good contact with the ball to generate a good lift and less spin.

9.   Shift forward during the downswing

This helps to add more lift to the ball. As you bring the driver down to hit the ball, try to shift your balance to the foot in front as contact is made with the ball; this will give more lift to the ball. It is a common thing for beginners to think that driving is about power; in reality, it is about balance and technique.

10. Continuous practice

It is not enough to just know these tips and guidelines; you have to put them into practice. At first, it may seem hard to adapt to these different positions and follow these tips through. Nonetheless, you will find them easier with time and constant practice.


Driving in golf can be hard for beginners, but it is one of the most exciting parts of the golf game, and to fully enjoy your golfing experience, you need to learn how to drive. These ten tips will help guide you in your journey to becoming a better driver and, hopefully, a better golf player.


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