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Nov 13, 2019 11:00 AM ET

TYTUS COMBO | The Breakthrough Titanium Crash-proof Eyewear Built-to-last Beta Titanium temples with high quality Italian Acetate and Zeiss lenses with over 200 variants in only 20 grams

TYTUS COMBO | The Breakthrough Titanium Crash-proof Eyewear Built-to-last Beta Titanium temples with high quality Italian Acetate and Zeiss lenses with over 200 variants in only 20 grams

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


Movitra combines the innovative patented locking system that protects the lenses from scratches with Beta Titanium for an extra thin and comfortable product, Italian Premium Acetate and High Quality Zeiss lenses to enhance your vision. 

Movitra team is back. Since the launch of TYTUS, successfully shipped to almost 900 happy backers, we’ve worked continuously in order to create a brand new product according to suggestions and feedback from our community. We’ve learnt a lot and we’re now determined to take them to the next level offering this new collection of crash-proof glasses. The Innovative and Unique Locking System, Top notch materials, Timeless Italian Design and Manufacturing: ALL-IN-ONE. 

According to the Vision Council research 4 billion people in the world wear glasses. This means that most of them have dealt with broken or scratched lenses at least once in their life! For this reason, we’ve created the crash-proof glasses with an innovative and unique locking system.

The revolutionary frame can rotate on itself, allowing the hinges to fully cover and protect the Carl Zeiss® Vision lenses, making them impossible to scratch. We’ve designed a Unique Patented® Locking System built to last, extending the lifecycle of your glasses from today to forever.     

Our Patented® Locking system requires zero maintenance and won’t loosen over time. The rotation mechanism is stress tested for over 500,000 rotations and it is Lifetime guaranteed. The gesture is very intuitive, you’ll get the hang of it in seconds! 

We’ve designed this collection with innovation, craftsmanship and style in mind adding more shapes to fit perfectly any face and more colors and materials choices to suit any style and any occasion. 


  •  2 frames made with Mazzucchelli Italian acetate and Beta Titanium 
  • 4 colors available (Black, Crystal Grey, Havana, Ruby)

NOTE If you need prescription lenses, you can pre-order the frame only at a special price and customize them with your optician’s help.

We chose Zeiss as our partner because is one of the most renowned manufacturer of optical systems in the world. And we want only the best for our products and for your eyes.


  •  7 tinted Zeiss Lenses 
  • Anti Blue Light Lenses
  • Reading lenses from +0.25 to +4
  • 2 Polarized Lenses available at the checkout with an extra cost

 *** due to the Italians regulations we do not offer prescription lenses *** 

ZEISS DuraVision® Blue Protect is a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer, tablet screens and smartphones.

ZEISS Reading Lenses help compensate for diminished vision related to presbyopia, the normal age-related loss of the ability to focus on up-close objects such as words in a book or a text message on a smartphone. They are developed for people without specific eye problems such as astigmatism or unequal prescription strength in each eye. Our premium reading lenses can be worn for extended periods and are available from +0.25 to +4.

Every TYTUS COMBO is carefully hand packed by our team and it will be equipped with a microfiber cleaning cloth for your precious lenses and our MOVITRA leaflet. Also, the Zeiss warranty is included.

TYTUS COMBO PACK (Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Zeiss Warranty are included)

TYTUS COMBO comes in two timeless styles in order to suit your stylish needs: the rounded PANTOS and the squared SQUARE available in 4 different color frames. Lightness and strength has given thanks the Beta Titanium used for the temples that act as physical barrier for the lenses.

TYTUS COMBO features 8 different tinted lenses, the reading lenses from +0,25 to +4 and the innovative Anti Blue Light lenses to improve your focus while using electronic devices — all supplied by the renowned company Carl ZEISS® 


This material is commonly used in aerospace and biomedical applications. It’s extremely light yet strong and it’s much easier to shape and weld and even more flexible compared to Alpha Titanium®.


When it comes to acetate, Mazzucchelli is the most relevant Italian company with over 170 years of experience in the field. The premium acetate used for the frames is a modified natural polymer derived from cotton. The company provides us a semi finished slab (size 7x17cm) that is perfectly carved using high precision CNC machines. 


The adjustable nose-pads and temple-ends are made with acetate and soft rubber inserts in order to fit comfortably when in contact with your skin. It also offers extra grip to fit perfectly on every face. 

The two sides of blue-violet light


There is a body of evidence to suggest that blue light in the spectrum between 400 and 520 nm with a maximum of 460nm is important for the proper regulation of melatonin in the body, which influences circadian rhythms and general well-being


On the other hand, evidence suggests that long-term exposure to blue-violet light below 460nm, with a maximum of 440 nm, may contribute to photochemical damage of the retina, increasing the risk of macular degeneration over time (known as the “blue light hazard”). Filtering blue-violet light at 440 nm and below should have a minor impact on circadian rhythm while providing beneficial protection from potential phototoxicity. 

We care about the quality of our glasses. Basically it’s our top priority. Everything from design to manufacturing (even logistics and shipments!) is made in Italy.

Every single pair of glasses are assembled and tested by expert hands and the strong connection between our designers and our suppliers is the secret for a refined yet innovative piece of art we’re proud to present to you.

MOVITRA is an Italian company founded by Giuseppe Pizzuto, Filippo Pagliacci and Diego Ponzetto in 2016 and takes its name from the Latin: “Movere” that means movement and “Vitra” that means lens. Movitra has the aim of revolutionizing the world of eyewear, combining their innovative idea of changing perspective with a contemporary vision of design, premium materials and traditional craftsmanship.

We can’t say it enough… Without your support on our first campaign, nothing of this would have been possible. Thank you for believing in us once again. We can’t wait to get these new amazing glasses in your hands!

This project is promoted by Jellop, the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 950+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $400M raised between them. 

Risks and challenges

After the success of TYTUS, we’re really proud to present the evolution of this product to this community for the very first time. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we’ll do our best in order to satisfy your expectations. 
There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life, however we’ve already designed, prototyped and tested these glasses so we’re pretty sure you were amazed by the quality of them. In the last few months we have spent lots of time with our suppliers in order to manage the timeline of the production, the logistics and delivery aspects consequently. We’ll keep you posted during and after the campaign about the whole process.

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