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Nov 13, 2019 8:10 AM ET

SWIMN S1: the Amazing Powered Kickboard The amazing electric swimming kickboard that helps you swim fast, fun, and safely

SWIMN S1: the Amazing Powered Kickboard The amazing electric swimming kickboard that helps you swim fast, fun, and safely

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


SWIMN S1 is an Amazing Powered Swimming Kickboard with a powerful built-in motor that helps you swim. With SWIMN S1, you can swim faster, further, and enjoy swimming!

With a 250w motor and 2.5mph (4km/h) max. speed, SWIMN S1 is designed for both children and adults at all swimming skill levels, providing a whole new way to swim with all the fun you deserved.

 SWIMN S1 in the SEA 

 project video thumbnail

 SWIMN S1 in the POOL!

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

With SWIMN S1, you can swim FAST without getting tired! With a power boost by the motor, it can take you anywhere in the water at nearly 2.5mph (4km/h) easily.

Swimmers on average swim at speed of 1.8mph (3km/h). With the power boost from SWIMN S1, you can easily speed up to nearly 4.3mph (7km/h), almost catching up with Phelps!

With SWIMN S1, you’ll never get bored of swimming! Designed with quick detachable nozzles, it can be turned into a powerful water gun to offer more swimming fun. Splash and beat them all! 

Quick Detachable Nozzle

With strong flotation, fence protection, and the two-step waterproof design, you can enjoy swimming fun without worries! (Please notice that this product will not protect against drowning and should be used under constant supervision.)

Two-Step Waterproof Design 

The sealing ring and encapsulating adhesive provide two-step water protection to the built-in battery. It’s safe to use in the water.

Strong Flotation

5.5kgf buoyancy provides strong flotation. Adults can ride it safely. According to our test, SWIMN S1 can pull an adult weighing 80kg forward easily.

Fence Protection 

The specially-designed engine fence keeps children’s little fingers from getting in.  

Your experience with SWIMN S1 matters a lot to us. With that in mind, we refined every detail so that you can swim comfortably in the water.

  Y Shape Ergonomic Design 

Other Details

It’s super easy to use SWIMN S1! Simply press both buttons at the front to go, release the buttons to stop, and tilt the board to turn. It’s really that easy. Anyone can learn to use it freely in the water within seconds.

The start button also serves as a light indicator showing the battery status during use, so you can get prepared ahead of time!

It all starts with an idea to help everyone have fun in the water. However, it’s not easy to turn an idea into a product. We designed and refined the SWIMN S1 models again and again, and finally find the solution that is simple, powerful, durable, and reliable.

Check out our Pre-manufacturing Prototype!

 project video thumbnail

Not only did we do extensive prototyping, we also put a lot of effort into improving manufacturing techniques and testing reliability on various conditions, including saltwater and freshwater, cold and hot water.

To reduce the motor noise in the water, provide stronger power and higher speed, we tested several electric motors and rotor, and finally settled with the brushless DC electric motor. With the highly efficient motor, users can swim fast effortlessly with little noise disturbances in the water.

Here is the final model based on the prototypes we’ve made, tested and refined:

The SWIMN S1 has met a lot of curious and passionate users in the pre-launch period and the video shooting. Check out their comments about the product:

We also received a lot of positive comments and reviews on Facebook after we spread the word of this amazing powered kickboard, which makes us even more excited about bringing SWIMN S1 to live and getting it in the backer’s hands ASAP.

SWIMN is initiated by ePropulsion, an outstanding electric outboard motor company headquartered in HongKong with a dedicated R&D team located in Shenzhen, mainland China. With years of experience in producing water-related products, ePropulsion innovatively designed SWIMN S1 amazing powered swimming kickboard.

The project starts with an idea and now we’ve found the best solution. We have now finished the development of the SWIMN S1 and on the stage of final testing and refining. We are excited to get it into the market to you, but we still need your support for the mass production of SWIMN S1.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. Help us improve the SWIMN S1, shape the future direction SWIMN products, and let us know what you think by joining SWIMN community.  Follow us on:

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Risks and challenges

The major challenges for the SWIMN S1 are the mass production and delivery.

The mass production could be challenging. And that’s why we join the Kickstarter community for your support and launch our project at this moment, on the reserve season. We need enough time to prepare for the materials and line up the team to make sure you can get it before the next summer.

We also see the delivery as a potential challenge as we’ve anticipated high volume of orders, considering the excited potential users and incoming messages on Facebook after we spread the news of the electric swimming kickboard.

SWIMN S1 is an innovative product that has completely redefined the way people swim. And now we need your help to make this change happen!

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