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Nov 13, 2019 12:15 PM ET

Smash, Pack, Wear, Wash — Repeat. Can your hat do that? Packable. Washable. Reboundable. Light. Comfortable. Floatable. Motivational. The ultimate EVRYday trucker hat for EVRYone

Smash, Pack, Wear, Wash — Repeat. Can your hat do that? Packable. Washable. Reboundable. Light. Comfortable. Floatable. Motivational. The ultimate EVRYday trucker hat for EVRYone

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


We are so stoked to share our first ever Kickstarter campaign with you!  We’re passionate about making a hat that can be worn, beat up, washed, and packed for any and all of your adventures and still rebound to keep its shape and crisp, good-as-new look.   We wanted a hat for EVRYday use, for EVRYone, and can withstand EVRYactivity.  

Why the name Movi?  Movi comes from the latin root Movere meaning to mean or be moved.   We created Movi to 1) be the absolute best technical and durable trucker in the market and 2) create a motivational message within the hat to get people moving and advancing their life story and reaching their goals EVRYday. 


To answer this question, we asked why do some people end up ditching their favorite Trucker Hats because EVRYone loves a good Trucker until…..

…it gets accidentally sat on, or squished, or bent during packing and loses that crisp front-panel look.  Or that white salty sweatband develops over a hot summer day and then it just looks gross and if you wash it, it then looks deformed.  Or perhaps mid day when you just can’t take the squeezing, pressing forehead pressure of the front brim digging into your noggin and you’d rather ditch the hat to relieve yourself of your now headache but you’re hairs a mess so you deal with it.

So what’s different about the MOVI Trucker? We set out to create the ultimate Trucker Hat that would address everything current Trucker hats don’t. We wanted a hat that could be stuffed, rolled, packed and that would still look good and rebound to its original shape post. A hat that after a 4 day through a hike, you could machine wash it and it would look good as new.  A hat that was super lightweight, form-fitting right out of the box, and could be worn all day, EVRYday with a non-existent feel.  Ultimately a Trucker that could create history with you each step of your journey and one you’d never have to toss.  Welcome to a new Hat regimen: Smash, Pack, Wear, Wash – REPEAT.

Stretch Goal 1 unlocked when we hit $34K

Stretch Goal 2 unlocked when we hit $40K

Yes, this hat you can actually CRUSH into your bag or suitcase for your hike or while you travel.  No more worrying about permanent creases, wrinkles or your hat losing it’s shape – the Movi hat can be completely smashed and will come back to it’s original shape. 


While being Packable – this hat is also reboundable; meaning no matter what you cram this hat into, once you pull it out and give it a few seconds it will rebound back to its original, crispy look. You’ll be AMAZED at what this hat can go through and then come back to life to and keep it’s shape.  No more worrying about your hat accidentally getting a crease, wrinkle, or getting smashed and never looking good again. 


Due to the careful selection of foams, padding and rigid material the hat rebounds once pulled out of the bottom of your duffle, day pack or suitcase in a matter of seconds.

This hat was built to breath for your outdoor adventures. Fully lined QUIK WIK MESH material and it’s blend of breathable polyfoam and hex mesh backing, staying cool on a high-intensity run, ski, hike or climb is a cinch for the hat.


Movi has been tested on a wide range of heads and every time the feedback is overwhelming at how comfortable this thing is!  This hat can be worn for hours and you won’t feel any pressure points of discomfort in your forehead or anywhere really.  This hat is a go-to for trail runners, travelers, hikers, backpackers, rocker climbers and even walkers, and drivers.

When the sun’s out or you’re simply wanting to look good on the weekend, the weight, feel, and nature of the hat seems non-existent while still providing all the shade, effects and appearance you’re looking for without that squeezing, pressing, and forehead pressure.

We wouldn’t have included this if it didn’t mean a more advanced product than the status quo.  We truly feel and believe with all it’s features and benefits this is possibly the most technical (trucker style) hat on the market.

Once your activity comes to a halt, so does the sweat, dirt, dust and grime – on your hat that is. No worries though, throw your Movi hat directly in the wash for that brand-new out of the box look.


Based on the concept of this being a trigger, we needed it to last and to be a tangible part of your story’s history.  We’ve selected the toughest material we could find that still incorporated all our features to ensure this guy is in for the long haul.


For those water lovers, SUP, Kitesurf, Wakesurf, Surfing, Kayaking Lake lounging the hat will be casually waiting for you to pick if up off the surface of the water should it fall off.

You think we would have include this  section at the very beginning so you didn’t think we were misspelling words with “every” in it.  This was a big aspect the hat HAD to incorporate; it’s a message of getting out and moving EVRYday.  To act as a trigger in helping you work towards and achieve your goals and write your own story.  Whether that’s bagging peaks, landing that promotion, or raising a solid family.  Our name means something to us and we hope it to mean something to you as a consumer.

Starting out on Kickstarter we have these six styles and are excited to release more in the very near future if we get funded. You’ll be able to pick any of the styles you like based on your pledge.  For example if you pledge 4 MOVI Truckers, you can pick any assortment, or pick two of one color and two of another color.  Bottom line, whatever number you pledge, you’ll have your pick of all the same hat or all different ones…it’s up to you! 

Make your pledge today and by the end of our campaign we will send out a survey and YOU will pick exactly which style/color(s) you want.

Plus four additional styles as stretch goals! 

By popular demand of our backers and the awesome people of Kickstarter, we are doing two stretch goals offering FOUR MORE colors and styles to the lineup of Movi Hats.  There will be two different tiers of the stretch goal with two hats each as follows: 


Trev Hill – Hat Tester
Ali Carlile – Product Designer
Beau Day – Marketing Extraordinaire

We grew up in hats, Grandpa’s hats to be more specific and ever since we’ve been hooked.  As sports activities became more and more a part of our lives, hats were always on our heads and we became more and more obsessed.  The thing we weren’t obsessed about is how fast we were going through them.  They were getting sweaty, crushed, squished, stinky, dirty and just gross looking.  If you washed them, they looked deformed and unattractive and that’s when we realized we had to change that permanently …welcome to the scene MOVI Trucker Hats. 

Risks and challenges

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time (3 years to be exact) in making sure we know and trust our manufacturers and our supply chain. We have considered multiple factories to partner with to help in making the Movi Trucker Hat and through our travels and vetting out multiple ones, we’ve landed on a supply chain and manufacturer that we feel confident with. That being said there can still be hiccups in the process. These may include our supply chain of materials not being delivered on-time and us not fulfilling our goal of delivering to our backers by February. We have created buffers if this is the case but sometimes it isn’t enough. We plan to be honest and transparent through the whole process with our backers of any and all challenges or hiccups we are experiencing and we will get through it together to deliver each Movi Hat.

We’re deeply committed and super pumped to get our one-of-a-kind Movi Trucker Hats into your hands and onto your noggins!

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