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Nov 13, 2019 10:30 AM ET

SkyTrek - Your First Smart Luggage with Vertical Opening Customized space | Vertical opening | Advanced tech | Futuristic design

SkyTrek - Your First Smart Luggage with Vertical Opening Customized space | Vertical opening | Advanced tech | Futuristic design

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


We are thrilled to see you here! First of all, thank you for your wonderful support in the past few months giving us great motivation for our launch here on Kickstarter.

At SkyTrek we have been pioneering hardware technology and connected solutions for the Smart Luggage industry for close to 4 years, collaborating with multiple brands to launch their products and their own Kickstarter projects.  There are millions of travel solutions and smart luggage solutions on the market equipped with our technology, and this is why we confidently promise you that YOUR SKYTREK SMART LUGGAGE WILL BE DELIVERED FOR SURE!

We hope you will fall in love with SkyTrek Smart Luggage after exploring our campaign, and look out for the Easter Egg at the end – DON’T MISS IT! 


Keeping your cell phone powered up is one of the most important things during your travels, but it’s not easy without readily accessible power sources which is often not guaranteed. Luckily we really care about your journey and we integrated into SkyTrek Smart Luggage a Removable Power Source for you to charge your electronic devices whenever you want.

SkyTrek’s Removable Power Source doesn’t fall afoul of any airline regulations by being easily removable and handily pocketable before going through any security screening.

SkyTrek’s Removable Power Source has 5200 mA*h of charge and can support your SkyTrek Smart Luggage technology continuously for 11 days, standby for almost 1 month, and recharge an iPhone X completely 1.5 times (it only needs 1.5 hours to be fully charged itself).

You’ll find that it gives you a new sense of freedom, especially in how easy it is to remove this rechargeable power source by simply flipping open a protective cover and ejecting it.

SkyTrek has 2 Front Pockets to let you quickly access your frequently used gear; for example the 26-inch SkyTrek’s larger bottom front pocket is suitable for up to 14-inch laptops; and the 20-inch Carry-on front pocket is suitable for up to 13-inch laptops.

The top Small front pocket can be used to handily store passports, tickets and documents, freeing up your clothing pockets or reducing the need to have an extra bag for such items.

Needless to say SkyTrek’s 2 Front Pockets have no problem getting through customs, assisting you in keeping your important items secure as your luggage is scanned in security or being handy when you go through immigration.

As many road warriors know, having a wrinkle-free business suit or outfit gives you that much more confidence in your meetings and travel alike.  You’ll be glad to see that SkyTrek’s Garment Hanger helps you to keep things neat and wrinkle-free. You can also hide this innovative integrated hanger by rotating it out of the way to save space when you don’t need it. 

SkyTrek’s adjustable space helps you maximize the benefits of being flexible and catering to your real demands of travel. It provides a personalized way of using your luggage and lets you customize how your interior space is used.

In addition we thoughtfully included a Waterproof Bag for your toiletries, a Padded Bag to protect your electronic devices and a Regular Packing Bag to keep things tidy. You are able to take these well-designed and multi-functional bags out separately and use them independently any time.  

Nothing is more awkward than squatting down and opening your luggage at the airport in front of strangers. With SkyTrek Smart Luggage, you can handily open your suitcase even when it’s upright with full privacy because of the specially designed storage covers included.

As a busy traveller, we know your work and creative inspiration can arrive at any moment. When it does, you can quickly use SkyTrek Smart Luggage as your Mobile Work Station with the top, flat surface turning into a great platform for a cup of coffee, a desk, a meal table, or just simply to put your feet up comfortably!

Luggage is often lost during transfers and luggages without tracking have a much lower chance of being quickly located and recovered. Most other smart luggage also can’t be tracked because their sole battery source has been removed during the flight compliant with regulations.

For SkyTrek Smart Luggage, apart from the removable battery source, there is also a miniature integrated NI-HM battery that complies with airline regulations and is used to keep the SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution functioning for up to 3 days when the main battery source is removed. This integrated backup battery will be automatically recharged by the main removable battery when inserted into your SkyTrek and you don’t need to worry about charging one more battery separately.

1,600,000 pieces of luggage are lost every year so you can see how important it is to have a reliable way to track your luggage. SkyTrek‘s extensively tested global tracking system adopts 3G + Wi-Fi + GPRS network connections to narrow down the luggage location as effectively as possible so you will always know precisely where it is. Simply open the SkyTrek app on your phone and click “Location” and you will know where your luggage is.

No one wants to remember passwords and neither do we at SkyTrek! Our Smart Lock has an integrated fingerprintID system and is powered by SkyTrek’s dual battery system, so simply put your finger over the reader and open your luggage. You can also unlock your luggage through the SKyTrek app that supports iOS TouchID / FaceID as well as Android security unlock methods. 

Have you ever paid extra fees for your over-weight luggage?  With SkyTrek’s cleverly integrated weighing solution, you’ll always know the weight of your luggage every time you travel! All you need to do is open the SkyTrek app, select “Digital Scale” and then lift you luggage by top handle and the luggage weight will show up on your phone.

Forgetting things is normal and sometimes we just need a little help or a gentle reminder.  The SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution comes with an Anti-Lost Alarm that makes forgetting your luggage in a taxi or leaving it behind a thing of the past, invisibly tethering your phone to your SkyTrek luggage for safety through adjustable proximity sensor technology.

The 8000mA battery is unlocked and will be delivered with SkyTrek Smart Luggage!  

The 2 More Free Wheels is unlocked and will be delivered with SkyTrek Smart Luggage! 

To join our referral program, simply follow the steps below and share SkyTrek to your family and friends:

1 – Share the link with your family, friends!

2 – Simply email mentioning your friend’s name!

3 – You’ll get one point from each of your successful referrals!

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If you’re reading this message, you must be a huge fan of SkyTrek already and this is why we want to invite you to be part of this great travel solution and please send your ideas or suggestions to We’ll definitely credit you any additionally adopted ideas during ,or after, our Kickstarter campaign and reward you with a nice gift in due course! 

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Risks and challenges

We have many years of actual product delivery and launch experience, in manufacturing, and also supplier management which means that we are fully confident in overcoming any issues we may encounter. We do understand there can still be further issues that cannot be foreseen, and we will let you know in advance and offer full transparency on anything that is out of the ordinary.

Production: Though we have loads of experience in developing smart luggage, SkyTrek smart luggage is a revolutionary product, with many features never combined in such a great way, so we’ll continue to polish the product and refine the quality until we’re satisfied, and so there may be slight changes that we will keep you updated on.

TAX: We’ll be shipping you SkyTrek directly from our contract manufacturer in Asia and generally there will be no import duty for luggage at this time for most countries that we ship to.

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SkyTrek Smart Luggage

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