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Nov 13, 2019 11:40 AM ET

OWMI: the genre-bending duo Help OWMI go Vinyl

OWMI: the genre-bending duo Help OWMI go Vinyl

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


“The Shape of Soul to Come” 

 Blacklisted Magazine

OWMI is a new Copenhagen based duo consisting of Jakob Miang and Bashir Billow. 

Bashir and Jakob craft experimental sounds enriched by a backcloth of electro-acoustic soundscapes and soulful vocals. 

by Michael Kaack

With a deep affection for hand played music and the possibilities of present day music technology, OWMI invites you into an eclectic and memorable musical universe.

“The laid-back tone and vocal production bring one’s mind to artists like Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, while emphasizing OWMI’s unique sound.” 

Bands of Tomorrow 

We met each-other a decade ago through a mutual friend and started playing songs together with an acoustic guitar and vocals before eventually expanding to a full 7-piece band. The band played for several years at Copenhagen venues and around Denmark. Shortly after the band dissolved, and we began working on demo’s together. It would later morph into the project OWMI. 

“… a collage of experimental R&B which is firmly heading into the future”

 Scandinavian Soul

Help OWMI go vinyl

OWMI has just released the debut album Tourner on the 11th of October.

OWMI – Tourner

With the 20-minute runtime on their debut album, OWMI takes you on a tour through an emotional and musically curious landscape.

They create a genre-bending tapestry of 7 tracks, ranging from the hip-hop and house infused opening track Early Nothing to the 70s soul and jazz inspired ballad Beats And Lies.

The eclectic blend of styles is anchored by a soulful vocal telling tales of love, heartbreak and wishful thinking, but subjects stretch further to the seemingly heavier existential questions of purpose, self examination and the building of something new.

by Michael Kaack

We both love vinyl and everything that goes along with it; The listening experience, the collecting and caring for vinyl, as well as having physical ownership of a record in a time of endless streaming possibilities. We therefore want to give others the same experience with our debut album Tourner and go vinyl.

Risks and challenges

As a completely new project we have the challenge of engaging a critical amount of people to contribute in realising our goal of going vinyl.

We plan to overcome this challenge by spreading the campaign on all our social media sites, getting friends, family and fans to help spread the word – and making people aware of the campaign at our upcoming liveshows.

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