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Nov 13, 2019 11:50 AM ET

Organic Adventure Enamel Pin Series A pen and paper inspired enamel pin series

Organic Adventure Enamel Pin Series A pen and paper inspired enamel pin series

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


Hello everyone! My name ist Toto and this is my very first Kickstarter Project! I am a working student and freelance artist tabeling at conventions all over germany I love creating pins and have some experience with pin manufacturing.

For a while now I fell in love with pen and paper, dice and adventure related art! I hope to reach some fellow adventurers through my kickstarter campaign!

Pledge now – Pay later!

You can pledge anytime from any reward! You also can easily increase your pledge at any time while the campaign is online. You will only be charged when the kickstarter campaign ends and is succesful!

Pledging helps unlock the missing designs! You will also receive the pins for a lower price as they will be sold online for a higher price later on.

Support me without pledging?

You can support me through:




International backers, please note that I am in no way responsible for any additional delays or custom fees that may occur. If you want to upgrade your shipping to tracked shipping, please contact me.

  • November – Kickstarter Launches
  • December – Kickstarter Ends
  • January – Survey sent out / Production starts
  • February – Pins receives/ Shipping out
  • March – Shipping out/ Pins arrive!

Thank you so much for your support! ♥

Risks and challenges

Delays and slight color variations can happen due to the nature of pin production. I have made various pins in the past and trust in the quality of my manufacturers. (You can check out my older work on my instagram)

There is also the possibility of a high number of backers that can cause delays in the shipping process as I’m working alone on this project. Please be aware that I am still a university student and also working part time so it may take a while. I am very open to any questions you may have! Don’t be afraid to contact me.

Backers will be updated on all changes and stages of production, especially if any issues like production or shipping delays come up.

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