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Nov 13, 2019 1:40 PM ET

Frequenzy® Crystal Cards A deck of cards featuring Crystals and their properties

Frequenzy® Crystal Cards A deck of cards featuring Crystals and their properties

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


As a designer & creative we’ve always dreamed of creating something meaningful and inspirational. In addition to advertising design, we enjoy collecting trading cards (TCG), crystals and tarot cards; it’s an odd combination that led us in creating this passion project. One of the obstacles we faced when starting our crystal collection was the overwhelming information of each crystal. It’s a lot. That’s when we had the idea to create a blog on Instagram, and start designing a simple graphic way to communicate the basics of crystal knowledge, focusing on the most powerful attributes of each crystal thus motivating our follower’s to seek more information about each stone and share their experience with the crystal.  After creating Frequenzy® on Instagram followers began to ask for a physical form of the digital cards. This was very exciting for us, we starting to look for production cost but we could not cover the cost for this to happen. We heard of so many projects being successful on Kickstarter® that we opened and account and here we are. This was finally the product we wanted to create, meaningful.

Frequenzy® Crystal Cards – Guide Deck includes 55 unique cards. Each card is designed with a unique crystal on one side and the detail of the most significant attributes on the other.

Why Crystal Cards?  Once you’re hooked on collecting crystals it can be hard to remember each one, especially if you are just starting your journey. For example: When you go to your #crystal shop and purchase various crystals and the shop employee tells you the different types of crystals, stones, minerals… then you get home… “What was the name of this crystal?” thats where this deck comes in handy. You can identify your crystal with the image provided in the card and its strongest attributes. Proving basic knowledge of the crystal and how it’s beneficial for one’s purpose.

In order to communicate some of the crystal’s properties we use symbols. We selected them from various known symbols to represent the most powerful properties from its Chakra, Zodiac, Element, Celestial Body, Energy and Vibrational Number.

The Reverse Cards are designed in reverse color with their card number synchronized. This is to differentiate the high vibrational crystals from the rest.

Specs: The cards are printed on premium quality card stock with Blue Core center. The stock is made by sandwiching a blue opaque adhesive core between 2 layers of paper, this limits the amount of light being able to shine through your cards. This card stock also has better memory than standard stock, giving it better spring when shuffled. Varnishing keeps the cards from getting dirty, and provides a smooth, slightly slippery surface to aid in shuffling and handling.

As mentioned, we love collecting trading cards. That is why we love its size and grip, making them more accessible for taking with you at all times.

We are really passionate about this project, it’s been a long journey, but we are fully committed in seeing this dream come true. Check out available pledges, and be the first to receive a Limited Booster Pack containing 11 randomly selected cards (No Doubles).

Example when adding your add-ons ($33+$1) and specify the add-on (Ej. Velvet Pouch) that you wish to apply to your pledge.

PDF Download 55+ pages, includes information on all 55 Crystal Cards, plus includes more insights on the crystals and much more. 

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Our positive experience with crystals in our daily lives has led us in create these Crystal Cards. Thank you so much for your interest in this project. Please help us achieve our goal of spreading crystal knowledge for the benefit of human consciousness. Click on the image below to follow us on Instagram. 

Risks and challenges

May take a little longer to produce depending on the manufacturer shipping dates.

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