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Nov 13, 2019 4:05 PM ET

Family Business - A Supernatural Zine "Family Business" is a 32 pages zine collecting illustrations and sketches based on the show Supernatural

Family Business - A Supernatural Zine

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019

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Well hello there and welcome to my Zine project! My name is Floriane Ballestra and I’m currently a french illustration student.  After the huge support I’ve received on my supernatural inktobers I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and create my first zine ever! I hope you’re as excited as me about it :)

I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since I was a teenager and as the 15th and final season is upon us, I’ve decided to make a tribute with an illustration for each season of the show. Seeing that I got a lot of positive responses and that still many people were very involved with the show and it’s characters I kept going and created over 20+ illustrations. “FAMILY BUSINESS” is a zine celebrating Sam, Dean and everyone close to the winchesters.

All the zines include:

  • All 15 illustrations from my inktober series 
  • + 5 exclusive illustrations
  • A personalised signature on the first page :)
This is a mock up of the zine, the final result might differ


And now for the main course, here are the rewards you can get if you participate contribute in my project ♡


So what happens if we reach more than we planned? Well to thank all of you I’ve planned some extra goodies that will acompagny EVERY REWARDS (yes even the smallest ones will receive these!) 

Project plan

This project works as a pre-order, once it is completed the donations will be used to fund all the rewards. If the goal is not reached everyone gets their donations back, it’s a “all or nothing” project! 

All donations will be used to:

  • Print the zines  (size A5, 6″x9″ 32 pages, stapled bound)
  • Print all the rewards (prints, stickers, buttons…)
  • Shipping costs!

Please keep in mind that the shipping cost might seem expensive because of the tracking, it’s to make sure it reaches you safely! 

Once the kickstarter is completed the rewards that include a choice (the “free will baby” buttons and the commissions) will receive a quiz by mail to know which design/character they’d want in their well deserved rewards

All the orders should be sent out by the end of january/beginning of february 2020 depending on the zine production delay. 

I will post updates here and on my social medias, feel free to ask me any questions you might have  :)



instagram: @floballestra / twitter: @floballestra / tumblr: F L O   B A L L E S T R A

Risks and challenges

I am just one person, so please keep in my mind that I will have to pack/sign/ship all these orders by myself and there is a risk it might take me a little time.
It is also my first zine and my first kickstarter so I might be a little nervous about it but I sure am motivated and determined to give you the best zine possible and to keep you all well informed !

Contact Information:

Floriane Ballestra

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