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Nov 13, 2019 7:05 AM ET

ENEMY Magazine A new print magazine dedicated to exposing abuses of power in underrepresented communities and news deserts across America

ENEMY Magazine A new print magazine dedicated to exposing abuses of power in underrepresented communities and news deserts across America

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


Journalism that lives up to the urgency of our time.


Journalism is under attack. Alternative facts proliferate while the truth is called “fake news.” Local newspapers and national media outlets keep shutting down, and journalists keep losing their jobs. Fear, anger, and hate dominate a social media race to the bottom. Oh, and the President of the United States has called the press “the enemy of the people.”

We need something better.

A strong democracy requires a strong press. We cannot afford the continued division, the hyperbole, the yelling without any listening. We cannot afford false equivalency or false balance. We cannot afford journalism diluted for access, or for advertisers. We cannot afford more branded content at the expense of journalistic integrity.

We need to focus on independent, principled, public-service journalism. Stories that mean something. Stories that make a difference. Stories that hold power to account—not just in the White House, but in overlooked communities across the country. Stories that live up to the urgency of our time.

That’s why we’re launching ENEMY: a new home for stories that uncover, expose, and explain abuses of power, particularly in underrepresented communities and news deserts across the United States. Stories that now, more than ever, need to be told.

We’d love if you joined us.


ENEMY is three written investigative stories in a beautiful novel-sized book and three photo essays in a distinctive book of photography. (So, two books.) Together, it’s a unique collection of powerful journalism and storytelling.

We plan to tell the stories that too few journalists have the time or the resources to pursue, the stories that are being lost as more and more and more great journalism outlets are gutted or close down. Local accountability stories like this one by Jennifer Gonnerman; this one by Walt Bogdanich and Glenn Silber; and this one by Bernice Yeung. We’re starting this magazine to tell the vital stories that are falling through the cracks—and to empower us to fight the injustices that would otherwise go unchecked. (Scroll down to see how to pitch us.)

Ultimately, we aim to publish quarterly; in our first year, we plan to release two volumes.  

We’re focused on what’s important: independent, principled, public service journalism.


We designed ENEMY to counteract the maelstrom of today’s news. No constantly updating feeds, no urgent cable news graphics, no nonsense. Sit with a story, actually think about it, and physically share it with a friend (yes, you can share things in real life, too!).

Similarly, we wanted the photography to feel like a personal photo exhibit arriving on your doorstep. Moving, full-color pictures that aren’t smudged by newsprint, diluted by lack of pixels, or popping up in endless new windows. Just beautiful, powerful photographs at your fingertips.

Finally, at the end of each story, you’ll get a path to take action against the injustice you’ve just learned about. We think it’s important to do something with the information we report. Whether that’s a list of representatives to call, a group of organizations to join, or a breakdown of companies that need your money or your time, we’ll help you figure out how to have a positive impact.


Hi, I’m Jake Heller. For the last five-plus years I’ve been a reporter and producer at NBC News. Before that, I worked at Newsweek and The Daily Beast. I’ve also worked at The Independent newspaper in England. At all of these places—as at so many others—incredible journalists have struggled against structural impediments to their journalism. They (and I) have faced down layoffs and pivots, byzantine corporate structures, and misplaced editorial priorities. So I decided to do something different: I quit my stable network job and started ENEMY. I’m so grateful for your support, and am even more excited about what we’re going to build together.


A quick note about why we’re using Kickstarter and not, say, trying to raise VC funding for this project: We believe that a publication like ENEMY—principled, independent, in the public interest—is best served by grassroots funding and strong community support. Venture capital firms consistently demand hyper-growth from digital startups, private equity firms have consistently put profits before quality journalism, and branded content continues to blur the line between advertising and editorial integrity. All of these fraught investment approaches have led to reactionaryshort-sighted, and selfish editorial strategies, sensational clickbait—and, eventually, massive layoffs. We’re not creating a content farm or a profit vehicle for rich people; we’re building a journalism company that will hold power to account the way that journalism is supposed to. Let’s do this crucially important work together.


  • If you’re a journalist with a story to pitch: [email protected]
  • If you’re a reporter who wants to talk: [email protected]
  • If you’re a business that wants to advertise with us, a foundation that wants to support us, or someone who wants to make a particularly generous donation: [email protected]
  • If you have any other questions or comments: [email protected]

@enemymagazine |


As we’ve mentioned, the stories we’re going to pursue will all take time and money. We value good journalism, and we know you do too. Here’s a breakdown of how you can contribute and the rewards we have lined up to show our appreciation. You’ll also notice that we’re using a progressive pricing model so that ENEMY is accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. Please be honest.


Thank you for supporting our vision for independent, hard-hitting, local accountability journalism! You’re amazing and you will feel amazing by donating. That is your reward.

$15 | ENEMY pin

Wow, you’ll look good with this.

A mockup of the ENEMY pin.

$25 | The first edition of ENEMY Magazine 

For anyone who makes less than $50,000 per year. This is a discounted price, so please be honest.

Includes two books: a Words book of three written investigations, and a Photos book of three photo essays.

$40 | The first edition of ENEMY Magazine

Includes two books: a Words book of three written investigations, and a Photos book of three photo essays.

$100 | Your name in print + the first edition of ENEMY Magazine

We will print your name in the first edition of ENEMY Magazine. Something you should be proud of.

$150 | ENEMY pin + Your name in print

Yes, we know the math doesn’t add up. But, again, you’re donating to incredible investigative journalism, not buying a pin. (Though the pin is great.)

You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine 
Each issue will feature three powerful photo essays. (Photo by David Butow/Ferguson, MO)

 $300 | Photograph print of your choice

The first edition of ENEMY will include our first three photo essays—and each of those essays will contain original, beautiful, moving photography. At this level, you choose your favorite photo and we send you a high quality print. Sizes will vary by photo.

$350 | Photograph print of your choice + everything else

You choose a photograph from our first issue and receive a high quality print. You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine
  • ENEMY pin
  • Your name in print

$500 | Jake will speak truth to someone in your life

It’s sometimes hard to be completely honest, whether that’s fighting the powers that be or telling someone a deep truth. So Jake will do it for you. At this level, Jake will call or email anyone in your life to deliver your message of truth. He can keep it anonymous or include your name.

You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine
  • ENEMY pin
  • Your name in print

$600 | Print two photographs of your choice

You choose two photographs from our first issue and receive a high quality print of each. You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine
  • ENEMY pin
  • Your name in print

$1,000 | Access to an ENEMY journalist in the field

Learn how the best journalists and photographers in the country approach their craft—as they’re doing it. Call or FaceTime or video conference with one of our journalists as they’re reporting in the field.

You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine
  • ENEMY pin
  • Your name in print

$2,500 | Limited run handmade artists’ edition of ENEMY Magazine

To celebrate our launch, we’re partnering with Small Editions, a boutique publisher in Red Hook, Brooklyn to create ten incredibly special pieces of art. In addition to all of the journalism and photography from our first issue of the magazine, these limited editions will also feature unique works of art that reflect the stories we have reported. Each Limited Run Artists’ Edition will be handcrafted and will feature a fabric hardcover with custom stamps and a slip case. See this as an example of what it will generally look like. (10 available)

You also receive:

  • The first edition of ENEMY Magazine
  • ENEMY pin
  • Your name in print

If you’re willing and able to give at the five figure level, please email [email protected].


We know that people in power are trying to shut good journalists up by calling us names and fanning the flames of distrust that are already smoldering across the country. But we’re not the enemy of the people. We’re ENEMY.

We’re here to expose abuses of power and make a difference.

We hope you’ll join us.


Editor-in-Chief: Jake Heller

Video: Christine Nguyen, Shivani Khattar

Design: Tahnee Pantig, Christine Nguyen, Tandem NYC

Photography: Samantha Okazaki, David Butow, Jessica Pons, Carlos P. Beltran

*This project supports Kickstarter United and calls on Kickstarter to recognize them.*

Risks and challenges

High quality, investigative journalism is both expensive and time consuming. With the money we’re looking to raise here, we’ll be able to hire reporters and photographers to fill out our first issue. But their stories will take time to report, edit, and fact-check. So we’re leaving time for unexpected challenges and appreciate your support and patience!

Transparency is at our core, so we’ll of course keep you updated along the way!

Contact Information:

ENEMY Magazine

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