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Nov 13, 2019 5:32 AM ET

Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019

Today’s workplaces have changed in so many different ways over the last several decades. In addition to the advancements in technology, the workplace culture has changed dramatically as well. Based on laws that have been passed, unwanted advances is not just a topic for the breakroom, it can be a serious infraction that actually breaks laws like workplace sexual harassment. Therefore, to make sure that you know these laws and what you can do to avoid issues in this area, you need to learn as much as you can about the effects of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Here are a few things that you need to become familiar with so that you know your rights and the rights of others on your job.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can be described in a number of different ways since it can happen on the job in many forms. In fact, one of the first things that you should know is that is considered to be a form of discrimination. For instance, if someone on the job does not watch how they respond to their employees, upper-level management and others inside of the work area, they may be accused of making unwanted sexual advancements. Some of the more commonly known advances are provided for you below.

– Verbal abuse
– Demands of sexual favors
– Persistent behavior that puts an individual in a compromising position.

In short, this kind of environment in any workplace makes it difficult for an individual to work without being intimidated or feeling as if their overall work environment is hostile. Whatever the case or situation, these kinds of problems can lead to employees contacting an outside sexual harassment attorney practice or a Los Angeles employment attorney to handle their situations.

Creates a Hostile Workplace– Non- Productive Work Environments

When any form of sexual harassment enters the workplace, the entire environment can take a quick turn. Based on how strong and intense the harasser’s actions are, employees can work in a hostile environment that results in various negative consequences. For instance, if the management or supervisory positions in the workplace are the dominant figures that practices, unwanted groping of their employees, workers tend to come and leave quickly and there is usually a very high turnover. Also, for others that stay and try to hold on through these situations until some sort of legal relief comes, the workplace is often staffed with employees that have low morale and their performance may even suffer.

Causes Harmful Disruptions in the Workplace Due to Sexual Harassment Complaints

Since employees do have the right to file sexual harassment complaints against the person or persons that are causing the problems, the management, and their legal aids are required by law to investigate and provide a remedy to these situations. For instance, if an employee is trying to move from a lower level job to a higher level position, they may be prevented from taking on the higher jobs because of sexual favors that they will not provide. If this is the situation and it is reported to superiors within the company, the proper authorities are bound to investigate to find the truth. If the organization finds out that the complaint is true, the employee that is being harassed must be protected from the issues so that they do not continue. In some situations, this may mean replacing the harasser with another manager or supervisor to correct these issues so that they do not continue. By handle these complaints properly within, it can also help to avoid employees taking it to additional step that involves hiring their own sexual harassment attorney or West Coast Employment Lawyers to handle these cases inside of a courtroom.

Company Lawsuits and Brand Negatively Impacted by Failure to Respond

When sexual harassment cases are reported internally to human resources and other official positions in the company, everyone has a certain time frame in which an investigation and remedy will have to be provided. Even if the allegations prove to be false, the company cannot ignore sexual harassment cases that have been filed. In many of these situations, the company may even need to protect their interest by hiring one or more of the West Coast Employment Lawyers to review and oversee these legal problems as they arise.

If these sexual harassment complaints are not handled properly, they may lead to problems with the company’s reputation. For instance, based on the lawsuit that is eventually filed by the victim or victims, the final compensation for these cases can range up as high as millions of dollars. Also, as the information goes public, and the news is because of negligence on the company’s part, the brand of that company can be left with a black mark that says it will not protect its employees physically.

Corporate Wide Training Required to Protect Employees and Management in the Workplace

The company cannot assume their employees know their rights and the business will automatically be protected from these kinds of complaints and responses. Therefore, if the company does not want to lose revenue or seen in a negative light in the future, it is important that they put certain safeguards in place. Some of these safeguards are related to what the law states, while other policies are due to the company’s guidelines and policies. For instance, to make sure a prospective victim or harasser knows what sexual harassment actually means and covers, here are a few things that you should know the training that needs to be provided to everyone in the organization, onsite and offsite.

– Communicates the company has a Zero Sexual Harassment Violation Environment
– Explains what Sexual Harassment really is and gives clear examples
– Gives Employees the training needed on the Investigation and Remediation Process
– Outlines the steps that need to be followed before handing over the complaint to a
Los Angeles employment attorney
– Makes Sure Everyone Knows that retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment is Against the Law
– Tells Employees Who to file the complaint with if it happens and the importance of documentation
– Explains the Consequences of Failing to Handle Cases Expeditious on the Supervisory and Management Levels
– Provide lots of Examples of Workplace Behavior that can Easily Be Reported (i.e. lewd pictures, gossiping about the private lives of others, and sending porno pictures through company email.)

All of these topics in a sexual harassment training class is essential to keeping employees safe from being a victim. By providing this training as soon as new employees are hired in any company, these training sessions will also help to facilitate a zero-tolerance sexual harassment free workplace.

Company Loses the Potential to Attract Top Talent

Even though the brand can suffer from negative publicity, this is not the only issue that arises when these cases are not handled properly. Based on the information that hits the waves, the company can lose the ability to attract top talent in their industry. Because people like to work in a healthy work environment, the best resources are less likely to accept a job position if they are afraid of dealing with issues of intimidation and other forms of sexual harassment.


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