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Nov 13, 2019 9:30 AM ET

Disc World - Record Shop & Dubplate Cutting House South East London's specialist ‘underground dance music’ record shop, dubplate cutting house and cultural hub

Disc World - Record Shop & Dubplate Cutting House South East London's specialist ‘underground dance music’ record shop, dubplate cutting house and cultural hub

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


We need your help to successfully open and launch, London’s premiere underground dance music record shop!

Our vision

Hi there! We are Chris & Lewis, DJs, producers and vinyl enthusiasts. Our vision for Disc World is to create a record shop, specializing but not limited to underground dance music.  We will also offer a walk-in dubplate cutting service through our already successful venture 1-800-Dubplate.

Clients/shoppers will be able to purchase the latest in cutting edge dance music and also get their own music cut to dubplate to play at gigs or for their own personal pleasure.

We aim to make the record shop a cultural hub for underground dance music in South-East London.

In addition to this, we will also be setting up and launching a webstore too for people unable to get to London, and for quick browsing and pre-ordering purposes!

Why Deptford?

This creative, diverse, up & coming area has quick links to the City and currently has no dance music record shops anywhere nearby.

Why a physical shop?

We will be creating a hub for dance music fans to discover new music and meet people with a shared interest. We’ll be offering talks and workshops about making music, learning to DJ, how to get your music out there… amongst other topics. We’ll also be cutting dubplates on-site, giving the opportunity to DJs and musicians looking to get their music recorded on to vinyl.

Why support?

We are both genuinely passionate about dance music and vinyl records. Over the last ten years, we have both been dedicated and experienced in buying, selling, making and releasing music – and this is the next step in both our journey’s, doing our bit for the music scene.

By pledging you will be actively helping us create a cultural hub for everyone to enjoy as well as contributing to the London music community and Deptford itself. We want this to be more than just a shop, this will be a space for people to hang out, make new friends, find new music and hopefully further their knowledge through workshops, talks and clubs. 

 About Us 

Hey, we are Chris & Lewis, here is a bit of background information on us

Chris is a creative / entrepreneur, born and bred in London, with a huge love for music, vinyl & design. Chris has been successfully running his label Diffrent music for the last 10 years, putting out quality experimental electronic bass music. This has involved him creating and getting physical products such as vinyl and CDs to market whilst also managing and A&Ring the future artists of bass music culture.

Chris is also co-founder of Clashmouth: The Drum & Bass Market which is held every six months at House of Vans London.

Alongside his own imprint, Chris has worked for DJ Mag as part of the editorial / design team, Hospital Records / Med School Music as a label manager and A&R.

As well as doing all of the above Chris has been an active DJ/Producer under the name Dexta since 2009, with releases on labels such as Dispatch, Flexout Audio, Hospital Records, None60 and his own imprint Diffrent Music.

Lewis is a vinyl enthusiast / creative, originally from Essex, with experience in sound design and audio engineering.

He has spent the last seven years working in music distribution for one of the largest independent music distributors in the UK, Southern Record Distributors. With a Focus on selling dance music records into the UK’s top independent dance music specialists. Dance music as a whole is something he is very passionate about and is shown in his dedication to the vinyl format and the wide range of styles in his own record collection.

Lewis, also known as Sicknote has been DJing since 2001 and produced records for labels such as Skeleton, Dope Plates, MJAZZ, Addictive Behaviour, In-Reach & Silent Force. He is responsible for drum & bass labels such as Goldman Records, PAWS and, more recently, Stereocilia.

 Shop Layout  

This is our  vision, subject to change, we will notify you of any changes. We will build and assemble as much of this as we possibly can with help of friends and family.

Where is your money going?

If you choose to pledge you will be helping us secure the following:

  • Down payment on the property 
  • To build a partition wall to separate the studio from the shop
  • To build record racks and a countertop for the shop 
  • Furniture for the seating area in the shop
  • Listening stations 
  • Most importantly, stock for the shop. We will set aside a budget so we can get all the best music for you to listen to and purchase


Other ways you can help

  • Help us get the word out about this campaign, make some noise.
  • Share to any friends who you think could be potential backers.
  • Share the campaign link on your social media profiles.
  • Offer your expertise in publicity, campaigning, crowdfunding.
  • Share to any media companies or new writers who may feature the story.
  • Follow our Facebook & Instagram pages.

 If we don’t reach the Kickstarter target

This is an all or nothing situation, where in the unfortunate event of us not reaching our financial target  – we wont be entitled to anyones donations, and none of the rewards will be manufactured or distributed. We urge you to dig as deep as you can, we’re truly passionate about this project and want to make this work. We will be supporting all the artists and labels that we’ve met along our way and honestly believe that a real community will grow from this. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your time, and we sincerely look forward to opening the store  and creating a vibe!

Risks and challenges

We hope to meet our goal by end of November. This will enable us to get the down payment on the property and also start the work on building the racks and partition wall to create a welcoming space for our customers. As with any large project like this, there is the possibility of delays, we will endeavour to open the shop on time but we will keep everyone updated if the opening does need to be pushed back.

We both have experience in selling and buying records online, and Lewis currently works in record distribution. We have both worked in retail in the past, however, this will be our first time running a physical shop. Whilst this will be a new learning experience, we’re confident that our experience and contacts will work to our advantage.

Thank you for your support!

Contact Information:

W. David Marx

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