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Nov 13, 2019 3:20 PM ET

Crua Modus | Sit, Swing, Sleep, Eat, Stargaze and More... All-In-One Camping System

Crua Modus | Sit, Swing, Sleep, Eat, Stargaze and More... All-In-One Camping System

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


At its core, the Crua Modus is a tent.  But it’s not just any tent.  This all-in-one camping system by your favorite outdoor Kickstarters is also your sleeping bag, air-mattress, bug mesh, flysheet, picnic blanket, temperature regulator and hammock!  We think you’ll find that nearly every piece of the Modus is multi-functional.  You could say that it’s modus operandi…

The Modus is the ultimate “choose your own adventure” tent, with so many functions and uses.  Let’s break down all that it can do. 

We start with the Modus base.  It integrates a self-inflating air mattress and pillow, as well as a zip-on quilt.  Why a zip-on quilt?  When you sleep on a traditional sleeping bag, you are crushing the very fibers that are supposed to be insulating you, making them useless.  The foam and air inside the air mattress are giving you more insulation than you would ever get from the bottom of your sleeping bag, so why have it? And the base is waterproof.

Add the inflatable poles and bug mesh and you have yourself a breezy summer tent. The bug mesh zips straight onto the air mattress giving you 100% coverage from the creepy crawlies.  The inflatable poles are lightweight, pump up in a flash, and attach to the base with Velcro so it’s nice and secure.  

 Need more protection from the elements?  Simply add the flysheet.  But this is not just any flysheet, this is a Crua flysheet. So it’s tough, waterproof, reversible and reflective to help regulate your temperature in hot or cold weather. Reflect heat away from the tent during the summer, and reflect heat back in during colder days. Now that you have your reflective flysheet paired up with your insulated air-mattress and quilt, your breezy summer tent is now a full-blown insulated one person tent! 

 In true ‘multi-functionality’, your flysheet quickly converts to a hammock, allowing you to relax and swing in the trees. Add the multi-functional porch poles as spreader bars to the hammock or leave them off for the true cocoon ‘hammocking’ experience. 

Chill out on your comfy air-mattress, but did you know that your quilt can also be your picnic blanket?  One side is super soft to keep you warm and cozy, the other side is tough and waterproof to keep you warm and dry. 

Protect the base of your tent and your ‘hangout’ porch area with the durable and waterproof footprint. 

We all know that camping isn’t just about sleeping.  Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, biking or just relaxing in nature, what do you do when you stop?  Sit on a rock?  Not any more.  With Modus, you have loads of lounging options for your downtime. 

Want to keep off the chilly evening breeze or there a threat of some rain?  Add the flysheet and poles over the Modus base and you have yourself a covered porch. 

But what if you don’t want to sit on the ground?  Remember, your flysheet is a hammock! 

 Turn your single tent porch into a shared outdoor lounge space.  It’s like having your own ‘bona-fide’ fort!  Who doesn’t love a fort? 

Simply connect the two porches at poles and use the waterproof Velcro to keep them sealed up together.   

The extra flysheet can be added for total coverage.  Simply place it on and peg it down to protect yourselves from the elements or just get a bit of privacy.   

Meet a few friends on the trail?  Then just set up camp and enjoy the great outdoors! 

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Risks and challenges

While there are always risks & challenges with creating and delivering a brand new product, we’ve minimized both by having the entire process, from production to delivery, already set and arranged.

We’ve already signed agreements with key suppliers and manufacturers, and our prototype has been finalized. We have the technical expertise when it comes to outdoor gear, and this is our sixth Kickstarter campaign. We’ve got quiet a bit of experience under our belts at this stage. We also now contract an independent Quality Control manager to check and report on all production activities. This offers an extra layer of certainty.

All of this, along with our strategic partnerships with experienced crowdfunding and fulfillment experts leaves little room for error and ensures a very quick delivery.

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