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Nov 12, 2019 3:45 PM ET

The Wally Shop: the everything in reusables store Building a circular marketplace, delivering what you need in all reusable, returnable packaging (yea, no more taking out the trash)

The Wally Shop: the everything in reusables store Building a circular marketplace, delivering what you need in all reusable, returnable packaging (yea, no more taking out the trash)

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 12, 2019


What’s this all about?

The Wally Shop gets you what you need (bulk groceries! home goods! personal care products!) delivered to your door in all reusable, returnable packaging. Our singular mission is to make low-waste living affordable and convenient to all.

After launching last year as a local delivery service in bklyn, we got so many requests: “Come to Austin!”, or “Why aren’t you in SF!?” and a “I need a Wally in Seattle :(”. We heard you—we’re bringing the Wally dream nationwide and need your help to make it a reality.

Our goal is $50k but our only pledge amount is $1 to make sure everyone & anyone can be part of this movement.

It’s convenient. It’s circular. And it just makes sense.

Let’s build the #refillrevolution together.

It’s So Easy It’s Like You’re Doing Nothing (but really you’re doing a lot)


Step 1: Choose your favorites from responsibly-produced bulk foods, home goods, and personal care products. Place your order!

Step 2: Your favorites will be delivered to your doorstep in all reusable, returnable packaging. Once done, flip the shipping label over, and send it back to us.

Step 3: While you’re using the products, fold the tote to fit into the tiniest spaces!

The Good(s) Stuff

Think TJ prices without all that packaging, because affordability = accessibility and we’re starting with the most packaging-intensive stuffs.

  • Baking Supplies. We’ve got flour, chocolate chips, baking soda, sugar + more!
  • Coffee & Teas
  • Syrups! Honey, Maple!
  • Nut Butters
  • Oats, Grains and Legumes. These are the rices, oats, beans, peas, quinoas of the world.
  • Oils & Vinegars
  • Pasta
  • Protein Powder. You know, for the gains.
  • Salts, Peppers, Spices. Cuz you need flavor.
  • Sauerkraut, Pickles, Olives. The deli counter.
  • Snacks (Popcorn! Trail Mix! Nuts! Seeds! Dried Fruit! Sesame Sticks!)
  • Soy Sauce + Tamari
  • Superfoods. Let’s keep your health, healthy.

Our next expansion (very soon after our launch) will be into the world of personal care products (think shampoo, soap, lotions) and home goods (your laundry powders, dish soap, cleaning solutions). In our future, everything that used to be in disposable packaging will come in reusable.

 Cuz to Adult, You Gotta Talk $$$

Delivery: $5.99 delivery fee for a round-trip ticket.

Packaging: Disposable packaging gets thrown away—this means you just paid for trash. Deposits on our reusable packaging get returned to you, meaning more money saved!

Products: You know how those responsible people say you shop the bulk aisles to save $$? Well we’ve made it easy. Since we get our products in bulk to cut out the packaging, you get bulk prices. Win, win.

 The Full Timers 

 Tamara (Middle), Matt (Right), Lucy (Left), Bianca (Top left) & Jupiter (Bottom right)

Tamara: our intrepid founder. Before The Wally Shop, she started off at Amazon (ironic, right?) learning what you should do (convenience, selection, value) and what you shouldn’t (packaging, packaging, and more packaging). Learning that she could save the planet and save customers’ money by taking out the trash, she decided to launch The Wally Shop.

Matt: can you have E-Commerce without someone who can do the “E” part?? As our CTO, Matt hand-built (er, typed) our entire code. That snazzy website you see? That was him. He mostly spends his days culling the Internet for NBA highlights, places to ski, and good memes that we may or may not incorporate into our copy.

Lucy: the Wally Shop’s general manager, aka, boss lady we turn to to make sure everything runs smoothly. She’s the one in charge of ensuring that when you hit that checkout button, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your Wally order to land at your doorstep.

Bianca: products, Products, PRODUCTS! She’s our retail manager, who’s got the enviable task of making sure that the selection we’re carrying is up to snuff. And don’t worry—her taste buds are tuned to finding the kindest, most responsible products.

We’re also lucky enough to be supported by a whole crew that have dedicated their brains, hearts and time to making sure The Wally Shop works. They are: Betsy, Sam, Meg, Carly, Sonia, Nicole, Emmanuel, Chris, Elena & our awesome couriers.

Risks and challenges

Every revolution has its risks. For us, our major challenge is to scale up our existing processes to meet the demands of a nationwide experience. Since we want to be able to offer everything you may desire in reusable packaging, we will need to make sure that our operations to pack bulk products are up to the challenge. If not, this may delay our launch.

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