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Nov 12, 2019 1:24 AM ET

Sapphire Substrates for LED Market 2019 Industry Growth, Share, Trends, Demand, Analysis and Forecast to 2025

Sapphire Substrates for LED Market 2019 Industry Growth, Share, Trends, Demand, Analysis and Forecast to 2025

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 12, 2019

Market Overview


Sapphire substrates for LED are used as a starting material. They are used in nitride-based LEDs. The two main advantages of sapphire as a substrate is that there is existing industry expertise in the production and use of sapphire and that there is a high availability of low-cost sapphire that enables the production of inexpensive LEDs. The sapphire substrate was used in military applications in the 1960s. The material is the preferred choice when it comes to using sapphire substrates for LEDs.

The sapphire substrates for LED is ideal for use not just in LEDs but also in non-LED applications due to its high-temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, high strength, and low dielectric loss. This substrate helps in preventing stray currents that are caused by radiation from spreading to the other circuit elements nearby. The high strength of the sapphire substrates for LEDs make it more scratch-resistant and hence suitable for covering lenses, buttons, displays for non-LED applications like smartphones. The global sapphire substrates for LED market continues to increase due to the lower yield, lattice mismatch and falling prices of sapphire wafers.

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The global sapphire substrates for LED market report analyses the market share, size, and volume at the global, regional and company level. The report represents the overall developments and improvements of the product which in turn has led to the rise in demand for sapphire substrates for LEDs. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, the sapphire substrate is being used in smartphone design. The key companies are also working towards the silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) technology that is expected to add to the significant rise of the sapphire substrates for LED market in the near future owing to the favorable properties of sapphire. 

The following manufacturers are covered:

Tera Xtal Techonlogy
Wafer Works Corp
Procrystal Technology
Crystal Applied Technology
Hansol Technics
Rubicon Technology

Market Segmentation


The recent developments and technological advancements have led to the increasing demand for the sapphire substrates for LEDs. Hence, on the basis of the market segmentation by type, the global sapphire substrates for LEDs market can be split into 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches and so on. And based on the varying applications, the global sapphire substrate for the LED market can be classified into Mobile Phones, Tablets, and other applications. The key players in the market are focusing on the expansion of manufacturing sites, capacity, production, revenue, opportunity and the challenges faced by the emerging companies in the sapphire substrates for LED market.

Regional Overview


Countries like Japan, China, India, and regions like Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia are the rising centres for the sapphire substrates for LED market. The report studies the production, consumption, import, and export of sapphire substrate at a global scale. The ease of availability of the raw materials and equipment suppliers coupled with a low labour cost has also been some of the key factors contributing towards the boost of the global sapphire substrates for the LED market. However, the recent rise in the silicon substrate and GaN substrate usage due to their ability to combine the LED optical parts hence increasing the LED product efficiency has hampered the growth of the product. Many manufacturers are focusing on cutting the cost and the intensification of the price war of the sapphire substrate has led to a reduction in the product market growth. 

Industry News


OSRAM Licht AG, a German multinational lighting manufacturer has introduced two LED chips named the Firefly SFH 4030 and SFH 4060 LEDs for use in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) that will prevent the feeling of discomfort or dizziness for people suffering when using AR and VR glasses. These chips will track eye movements providing a targeted point of reference.


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