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Nov 12, 2019 4:17 PM ET

Global Cadmium Pigments Market: key Vendors, Trends, Analysis, Segmentation, Forecast to 2019-2025

Global Cadmium Pigments Market: key Vendors, Trends, Analysis, Segmentation, Forecast to 2019-2025

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Cadmium Pigments Technical Performance will Drive the Market Further

Description: –

Cadmium Pigments are the insoluble compounds of calcined cadmium zinc sulfide and cadmium sulfoselenide. Cadmium Pigments has cadmium as one of its chemical composition. Cadmium is a transition heavy metal and occurs naturally and found throughout soils and water. Cadmium has good permanence and tinting power and is brilliantly colored. Cadmium Pigments give brilliant and strong colors with heat stability, light fastness, and chemical resistance. The colors Red, Orange, and Yellow are the most familiar as they can fill life and vibrancy to renderings. 

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Cadmium Pigments are used vastly in the plastic industries but are also used in glasses, ceramics and specialist paints. The modern-day Cadmium Pigments are manufactured in a regulated chemical manufacturing unit, carefully engineered along with health and safety measures. Cadmium Pigments have the greatest use in the complex polymers that are processed at a very high temperature and need the highest technical performance and durability. Cadmium Pigments with special treatments during processing were found with no risk to the environment or human and hence were classified non-hazardous. Cadmium pigmented engineering polymers are vastly used in gas pipes and fittings, telephones, electricity cables, beverage crates, etc. 


As because Cadmium Pigments can withstand high temperature and processing hence are widely used in ceramics, glasses, vitreous and porcelain enamels. The lamp making artists use Cadmium Pigments for coloring borosilicate glass. The Artists color has mainly bright cadmium oranges, yellows, and reds and their permanence and opacity are of desired standards. Cadmium Pigments have minimal use in paper, rubber, and inks. The efficiency, durability and technical performance will propel the Cadmium Pigments market share. The market of Cadmium Pigments will show outstanding performance owing to the technological advancement in its manufacturing process.

The major manufacturers covered in this report 

James M. Brown
Hunan Jufa Technology
Johnson Matthey




The global Cadmium Pigments market is segmented based on type into – Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green. Cadmium Red is obtained by heating cadmium sulfide with selenium. It has hiding power and good permanence. Cadmium Yellow is obtained from cadmium sulfide. It is reliable and intense and can’t be replaced. The deeper variety of Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Orange are the most permanent. Cadmium Green is zinc cadmium sulfide and is a solid solution of cadmium sulfide and zinc sulfide. The global Cadmium Pigments market can be segmented based on application into – Plastics, Ceramics and Glasses, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and others. Cadmium Pigments are majorly used in the plastic industry and also have significant applications in other industries.

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Regional Analysis:

Under region, Europe and North America’s Cadmium Pigments market will show considerable growth owing to its technologically advanced manufacturing unit. Europe and North America will have better economic growth. South America’s Cadmium Pigments market will show significant growth because of its growing popularity in various industries. The market of Cadmium Pigments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), will grow at a rapid pace. Asia-Pacific (APAC) market of Cadmium Pigments will have outstanding performance due to its huge demand in various industries. Asia-Pacific’s global Cadmium Pigments market will have a greater impact on overall market growth and will generate huge revenues.

Competitive Landscape:

Companies taking part in the global market for cadmium pigments are known for their great tactical moves that can be taken into consideration to trigger various drivers into delivering the best. These steps not just solidify their market understanding but assist in a holistic growth for the market.

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