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Nov 11, 2019 9:00 AM ET

Wendigo Tales: Book One Stories of horror and adventure by today's top authors, set in Pinnacle's Savage Worlds

Wendigo Tales: Book One Stories of horror and adventure by today's top authors, set in Pinnacle's Savage Worlds

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From the haunted deserts of the Weird West to the Big Easy’s desolate cemeteries… across the Poisoned Plains of Hell on Earth with psycho bikers in hot pursuit… through the doldrums and damnation of a semester at East Texas University… and into the heart of a monstrous conflagration as Rome burns… daring heroes emerge to explore unique and varied times and places!

Wendigo Tales: Book One. Cover by Aaron J. Riley!


WENDIGO TALES: BOOK ONE brings you five chilling stories of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, set in Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds and edited by genre legend Jeff Mariotte. Meet a new generation of heroes and villains, follow their continuing exploits, and learn all their secrets in future editions of Wendigo Tales!

  •  FAIT ACCOMPLI, by Shanna Germain (PredationNo Thank You, Evil!)
  •  RAIDERS OF THE POISONED PLAINS, by Tim Waggoner (The Winter BoxDeep Like the River)
  •  ON THE FLIP SIDE, by Aaron Rosenberg (DuckBobDread Remora)
  •  THE IRISH GOODBYE, by Matthew Cutter (DeadlandsThe Goon RPG)
  •  THE FIRES OF ROME, by Shane Lacy Hensley (Savage WorldsDeadlandsWeird Wars)


Amelia Gilson heads for the laboratory (art by Stephen Schaffenberger)
Magnus Bos knows no fear (art by Stephen Schaffenberg)
Lily Tate has secrets of her own (art by Stephen Schaffenberger)
Jake Mendez ready for a dust-up (art by Stephen Schaffenberg)
Blair Lawsen at the club from Hell (art by Stephen Schaffenberg)

 Wendigo Tales: Volume One comes in both digital and print: 

 Interested in learning more about the game system and settings these stories are based on? We’ve got you covered!

Here are  SPECIAL PRINT ADD ONS at LOWER THAN USUAL PRICES just for the Wendigo Tales Kickstarter! These will be offered again in the Pledge Manager at the same price, but you can add them on now if you want to help us hit extra Stretch Goals!

(You always get the PDF when you buy the print version from us. If you want the PDF versions only, you can find them at the Pinnacle online store or DTRPG right now!) 

If we exceed our goal, the Wendigo will add a few additional physical or digital surprises to your collection! Let’s start with these!

 Help us unlock more stretch goals by sharing the project! Here’s where you can find us on social media:

 Wendigo Tales: Book One is already in final proofing. Your support helps us print the book and make the extras. This means delivery of the main PDFs about a month after funding and the physical products about 5 months later depending on the printer and shipping.

Digital Rewards

We deliver PDF materials through the Pinnacle website and through DriveThruRPG. 

The final book will be delivered in ePub, mobi, and PDF formats. 

Physical Rewards

We have another Kickstarter running RIGHT NOW, for Deadlands: Lost Colony, in the Games category! 

You can bundle the rewards from both Kickstarters to save on shipping. You will pay for shipping after the Kickstarter using a pledge manager. 

We promise Kickstarter backers will not pay MORE than what is listed here:

All prices in USD and based on estimates calculated October 2019.

Customs and Taxes for EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Our fulfillment partners handle most customs paperwork and pay the taxes for international backers living in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so you don’t have to! The above shipping rates include those taxes and fees for paperwork. 

To save on international shipping, consider having one friend pledge for your group, adding on additional books to a single package. You should also encourage your local retailer to pledge $1 so they can order directly from us (before it hits regular distribution). Then you can buy the physical product from your favorite local game store, while you pledge at a digital reward level so you don’t miss out on the digital Stretch Goals.

International retailers receive a discounted rate for shipping which they may pass along to customers, but the more they buy the cheaper the shipping becomes for everyone! The store also receives product before retail release and may restock other product with their order. 

We Ship Anywhere in the World 

Email for an estimate to ship to your location if you don’t see it above.  You can also use the handy calculator at (Medium flat rate box for most rewards; Large box for Boxed Set rewards).

Delivery for Merchants

All retailers located in the contiguous United States receive free shipping. Retailers in Hawaii, Alaska, and outside the United States receive discounted shipping. We recommend retailers sign up for our Savage Retailer newsletter here. Customers of Savage Retailers may request complimentary PDFs of books purchased by emailing 

Any Questions? Email Pinnacle customer service at

Risks and challenges

Full transparency… we’re printing Wendigo Tales: Volume One no matter what and have the funds to do so. The Kickstarter is to help spread awareness (we’re a very small company so marketing is always difficult—please help spread the word!) and to create all the digital extras and other surprises we hope to reach via our Stretch Goals.

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