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Nov 11, 2019 12:55 PM ET

Julie in the Space Children´s SpaceBook with a Girl Heroe, Cosmic Theme, Friendship, Partner Link

Julie in the Space Children´s SpaceBook with a Girl Heroe, Cosmic Theme, Friendship, Partner Link

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 11, 2019


Julie in the Space

The story is inspired by a real little Julie and her adventures.

Julie is a little determined and dreaming girl. Her biggest ambition is to travel into the Space. She has crafted her own Spaceship in paper. She wore a space suit and with her best friend Doudou and her Daddy, they are leaving for the Moon Mission.


This trip is full of unexpected adventures and encounters. This book is about friendship, leaving and Love.

Julie with her Daddy

We are two authors of this children s book. Anaelle Bouard – young french student of Illustration in Brussels and Misha Lebeda – designer, creative entrepreneur and mom of two from Prague based in Brussels as well.

The main motivation to create this book, is the fact, that Julie is a Cosmic Girl Heroe. She loves crafting and adventure. And she needs your help to Start.

Space Mission

 This book has now 34 pages and is for little kids up to 6 years. It can be the first litterature kids will be reading themselfs. The story telling is very easy to understand and parents can read it to the smaller ones.

Space Book Sample (CZ version)

This campaign will help us to finance the following:

📍graphist to finalize the print version
📍 text corrections and translations in 3 languages (FR, CZ & EN)
📍 the incredible illustration work of Anaelle 😍
📍 finalize the front page
📍 first printed prototypes to show to editors OR to publish the book by ourselves 🤪
📍 create reward objects with Space Book illustrations
📍 pay kickstarter fees 😀

Many thanks for supporting us!!!

Misha and Anaëlle

Risks and challenges

The aim of this project is to produce the SpaceBook.
We have 2 ways how to produce it. Or we found an Editor and sell the copyright. Or we produce it by ourselves which needs an investment to produce the first copies, pay the distribution channel…
This crowdfound will help us to produce the first Limited Edition, to evaluate the public interest in our work and potentially to discuss with Distributors and Editors…

Contact Information:

Misha Lebeda

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