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Nov 11, 2019 11:00 AM ET

Game Knights: 2020 Season Game Knights, the popular Magic: The Gathering gameplay series, needs your help

Game Knights: 2020 Season Game Knights, the popular Magic: The Gathering gameplay series, needs your help

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 11, 2019


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Lords, Ladies, and Lieges of the realm, we need your aid!

We know you love Game Knights as much as we do. There are a number of improvements and upgrades we’ve been wanting to make to the show for quite some time but we just don’t have the resources. However, with your help, we know we can accomplish great things. We can make Game Knights better than ever!

In gratitude for your support, we have a multitude of awesome rewards including: beautiful commemorative coins, a limited-edition t-shirt (designed by the innovative MTG apparel company Coalesce), the chance for you to place an item on the Game Knights set, an opportunity to audition to be a guest on the show and, for a select few, the invitation of a lifetime: to come to Los Angeles, attend our Royal Commander Party, and sling spells with Jimmy, Josh and many of the Game Knights alumni. But that’s just the beginning. We even have stretch goals to help us produce more episodes of Extra Turns!

Read below for further details on the rewards, where your funds will go, and how your help will make Game Knights even better.

Donate and Pledge to a Tier  – Donating to our campaign is the best and most effective way to contribute. Funds raised will go directly to improving every aspect of Game Knights.

Share – Even if you can’t donate, you can definitely still help! Give us a share on your favorite platform, whether on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, e-mail, or by word of mouth, every little bit matters. We appreciate any and all promotion of the campaign.

Game Knights is the largest and most watched Magic: The Gathering gameplay show on the internet. Featuring guests from across the celebrity landscape (athletes, YouTubers, professional gamers, streamers and more) it’s a reality-style showdown with big plays, huge swings, and epic conclusions.

We just celebrated our 3-year anniversary, and are excited to show you what we have in store for 2020! We’ve dedicated ourselves to constantly improving and refining our process, and bringing the highest possible production value each and every episode. The goal of this Kickstarter is to continue that trend. Here’s who’s running it:

Josh Lee Kwai is a former movie trailer editor with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked at Disney and Universal (among others) on properties like Star Wars, The Fast & Furious, The Avengers, and many more. Jumping into content creation for Magic: The Gathering and creating Game Knights was the perfect way for him to unite his favorite hobby with his professional knowledge of film production.

Jimmy Wong is an actor, host, and influencer who has been creating internet content since 2011. As an actor, you might know him from Video Game High School or the upcoming live-action film: Disney’s Mulan. As a host, you can find him everywhere online in the gaming and food space. He’s hosted huge events for Magic: The Gathering and League of Legends, created branded spots for Nintendo and Blizzard, and many more. He’s been playing Magic since he was 8, and Game Knights is the culmination of that passion.

Guests! One of the most fun and exciting aspects of Game Knights are the incredible guests we have on the show. From Magic professionals to NFL players to the fans themselves, we hope to showcase the diversity of the world around us while demonstrating that this wonderful game is for everyone.

Game Knights does currently have some sponsors but that revenue is only adequate to keep producing the show at its current level. In order to continue pushing the quality even higher, we need your help!

In addition, raising money in this way leaves us able to make creative decisions on our own, with fewer limitations. Plus, this is a way for us to possibly gather funds to produce further episodes of Extra Turns (find more info under ‘Stretch Goals’).

20% of the money we raise will go directly to campaign rewards. We hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality and have put a lot of time and effort into providing you the absolute best and most valuable rewards possible while making sure we can still earn enough to make the desired upgrades and improvements to Game Knights. The research, design, manufacturing, and ultimately shipping and handling that is necessary for each physical reward will require part of the total amount contributed.

25% of the funds will be spent on new production equipment such as: cameras, lenses, microphones, lights and more. Here’s a list of some equipment we’re looking to upgrade:

  • New cameras
  • Better lenses
  • Fluid-head tripods
  • Improved lavalier microphones
  • Higher quality sound recorders
  • Low heat and better lighting
  • C-stands
  • Audio and video cables
  • Sandbags, tape, apple boxes, and other on-set equipment

35% of our funds will go directly to improving our post-production capabilities. Editing is one of the most important aspects of our show and we have several areas we’re looking to improve. As an example, many of our computers are inadequate to deal with the growing complexities of the show. Losing precious hours of editing time to work-arounds and computer crashes is something we’d like to avoid this next year. Some editing upgrades we can make are:

  • Additional editing personnel
  • Up-to-date graphics cards
  • Up-to-date motherboards
  • Appropriate RAM per editing computer
  • Professional reference monitors for color correction
  • Upgraded server and server connections
  • Additional subscriptions to editing software
  • VFX software plugins

10% of our funds will go to graphic and visual fx improvements. We’re always looking to refine the show, and we’ve had an incredibly positive response to more dynamic card animations in recent episodes. We want to explore this world further but currently we do not have anyone working on them full time. This slows our ability to create better visuals consistently.

The final 10% will be a contingency for show upgrades that aren’t as easy to predict. We might book a big-name guest from a far away land, need to repair a part of the set that was broken, or pounce on a timely opportunity. Having a bit of rainy-day money allows us to be flexible and responsive to unforeseen developments. Just like a good Magic card!

What we can guarantee is that every dollar you donate will go directly back into the show.

Great question! We’ve got a ton of exclusive perks that all meet our extremely high standards for quality. We’ve worked hard to ensure that most of your funds go towards making Game Knights better while still offering valuable items befitting the highborn Lords, Ladies, and Lieges that you are:     

After we hit our initial campaign goals, which will ensure the enhancements we want to make to Game Knights, our first stretch goal will be to accomplish something we know many of you have wanted from us for a while now: more episodes of Extra Turns!

We’ll be announcing the details in updates to the page as the campaign progresses. So, keep an eye out!

Risks and challenges

You know our track record: we’re always looking to up our game and the quality of everything we make. The improvements and upgrades to Game Knights as a result of this kickstarter campaign will be consistent but not immediate. It will take some time to integrate the new stuff into our current workflow. But when we do, we know you’re going to be blown away by the results.

We hope to begin shipping rewards as early as March 2020. We don’t anticipate any major challenges but, if anything unexpected happens, we’ll be sure to communicate that with all of you asap.

Thank you so much. You Rock!!!

Contact Information:

Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai

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