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Nov 7, 2019 7:40 AM ET

Oliveda International, Inc. Announces Pre-Launch of Wearable Beauty and Health Technology

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 7, 2019

Oliveda International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OLVI), a leading international natural cosmetics and wearable beauty and health technology innovator, today announced the pre-launch of the Olive wearable beauty and health bracelet, the Olive – Beyond Beauty mobile application, and the connection to mountain olive trees.  Olive – Beyond Beauty is featured in a new video produced by Oliveda International and narrated, in part, by Oliveda founder and OLVI Chairman/CEO, Thomas Lommel.  The video can be viewed on the OTC Markets website at

The company intends to announce new planned subsidiary operations to coincide with the launch of Olive – Beyond Beauty. 

The linked video, and as described below, delivers much of the story behind the Oliveda brand, its unique natural cosmetics, and more specifically, the Olive, the Olive – Beyond Beauty app, and the importance of their connection to mountain olive trees, which form the basis of Oliveda’s cosmetics, beauty and health products.

Since 1997, the founder of the cult brand Oliveda, Thomas Lommel, dreamed of sharing his life-changing experience with mountain olive trees with many other people.  The dream became a mission.  Together with artists, university professors, bio-scientists, physicists and IT specialists, Mr. Lommel launched an extraordinary project: To give the mountain olive trees a voice.  To make them audible, tangible, in real-time, 24/7, connected with us humans.  For them to become the Beauty Coach, Life Coach, and Naturopath of us humans.  Because humans can only live outside of the laws of nature until their non-attachment manifests itself in symptoms.  As lifestyle diseases become more prevalent, it becomes increasingly clear that holistic beauty inside/outside methods deserve more attention to minimize the causes of imbalance with holistic approaches, thereby mitigating or even eliminating lifestyle diseases.

“At the time, people looked at me with wide eyes when I said that I can communicate to my trees, that they are Beauty and Life coach, but also naturopath and wise counselor at the same time,” said Mr. Lommel.  “Today these topics spawn bestselling and high talk show ratings.”

With Olive – Beyond Beauty, after many years of development, Mr. Lommel is now making the holistic Olive Tree Therapy, developed by him in the tree house and certified by conventional medicine, available to everyone in a “to go” version.  As beauty journalist Daniela Jambrek described in her book, “10 years in 14 days,” probably the oldest, and simultaneously the most modern, anti-aging lifestyle with sensational results.  Now everyone can be connected to the magical frequencies of his mountain olive tree, no matter where they are on Earth. Olive – Beyond Beauty makes this possible.

This unique-in-the-world technology was developed in collaboration with Oliveda, the number one olive tree beauty brand in Europe.  It not only makes it possible to connect people with their nature, it also builds energy and vitality.  True to Oliveda’s motto: Beauty that comes from within and shines onto the outside. If you change your frequency, you will change your life.

Through Olive – Beyond Beauty, people will discover all their inner beauty’s potential, so they can glow on the outside.  On the app menu, under SKIN BALANCE, Olive – Beyond Beauty connects with the skin and communicates intuitively with it.  SKIN BALANCE, combined with Olive Tree Therapy, creates a skin-specific care for the brightest, healthiest skin the user ever had.  As asserted in the headline of a 2017 article appearing on the Forbes website, “Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence.”

On the app menu, under INNER VOICE, anyone can now communicate with the tree their device is connected to and the science of 7,000-year-old olive trees.  Their tree answers their questions intuitively and will inspire them with feedback to follow the sound of their heart – on their unique path.

On the menu, under SILENCE POWER, Olive – Beyond Beauty connects the wearer with the magical 432 hz sound waves of their mountain olive tree.  It will guide them through the olive tree meditation, which will deliver new strength and inner peace.  Most likely, the best exclusive form of meditation is completely intuitive and personal.  From the mountain olive tree for the user and their happiness.

To go deeper, OLIVE TREE THERAPIST serves as a personal life coach, beauty therapist or homeopathic doctor.

Olive – Beyond Beauty uses the most ingenious laboratory in nature and combines intuition and artificial intelligence (AI).  In this way, Olive-Beyond Beauty joins together with Oliveda the 7 mega-trends of the holistic beauty industry:

  1. No Water and Clean Ingredients (Forbes & Klinegroup 2019)
  2. Customization and Personalization of Holistic Beauty Products (Forbes 2018)
  3. Skin Care From The Earth. There is a perception that skin and mind are linked and there’s a connection between skin care and wellness. (Forbes 2018)
  4. Connected with the consumers (Kline 2019)
  5. Unique Beauty Wearable Technology (Stephonsen 2018)
  6. Home Beauty Tools (Wmagazine 2017)
  7. Holistic Health and Beauty via olive tree frequency. (Cells are stimulated via 432hz and recognize the excitability of the products from the trees to over 70% and thus act synergistically for even better results) (Thomas Lommel)

With Olive – Beyond Beauty, Mr. Lommel has fulfilled his wildest dream: with one million mountain olive trees, however, Oliveda will be able to serve only a small part of the world’s emerging demand. For each individual, however, this can mean entering a new dimension.

Oliveda International Inc. 

Founded in 2003 by German real estate investor Thomas Lommel, Oliveda International, Inc. is a leading international natural cosmetic company in the premium segment.  The company has also developed a globally-unique wearable beauty and health technology. In addition to online sales and a global branch network of 650 retail stores, the company’s wholly owned Oliveda Deutschland GmbH subsidiary operates flagship stores, Olive Tree Pharmacy, in Berlin and Dusseldorf with plans to open new locations in Los Angeles, Taipei and Seoul.  Overall, the company believes that it will be able to operate a total of 60 of its own flagship stores worldwide and increase the retail store network worldwide to 1,200 over the next five years. Through subsidiary operations, Oliveda International is the largest investor in eco-certified mountain olive trees as well as the largest conservationist in Arroyomolinos de Leó, Spain.  Further information on Oliveda International can be found at and  OLVI’s quarterly and annual financial reports and disclosure statements can be found on the OTC Markets website at    

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