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Aug 20, 2019 10:40 AM ET

With Coalinga Occupancy Permit, Next Green Wave Moves into Production

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 20, 2019

CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces the publication of an article covering Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. The Canadian-based seed-to-consumer cannabis company operating in California, is moving into full production after receiving the occupancy permit for its first advanced indoor cannabis production facility in Coalinga, California, strategically located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company announced structural completion of the 35,000 square-foot Facility (Site ‘A’) in January, and on March 8th, its seven lots extending over 15 acres were successfully connected to electrical services – the backbone of which Next Green Wave constructed and controls.

Next Green Wave is now a licensed producer and is immediately moving in over 10,000 plantlets to activate the growth cycle, in order to accommodate a perpetual harvest cycle of around fifty yields annually, with each growth to point-of-sale cycle expected to last four months. The building has been equipped with 14 climate-controlled flowering rooms capable of producing an average of 9,150 pounds of cannabis flower each year.

Leigh Hughes, CEO of Next Green Wave said: “Beginning the production cycle is a critical milestone for us and a clear testament of our efforts. We completed all our due-diligence to ensure our supply-chain and facility protect the quality and integrity of our product and safety of our staff. We are poised for growth and ready to show our stakeholders and consumers that we are ready to amass a considerable stake of California’s premium cannabis market.”

Recent Acquisitions Bolster Production & Sales

Next Green Wave has acquired the entire genetics inventory of Chief Operations Officer and Head of Research & Innovation, Michael Jennings, adding an additional 112 cultivars to its existing portfolio and advancing its plan for developing a world-class nursery and new cannabis hybrids tailored for the California market. Jennings was one of the founders of Loud Seeds, an internationally-renowned breeder of premium cannabis flower and seeds, which developed a vast collection of strains and worked with some of the finest cultivators in the world, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup six times since 2012, being inducted into High Times’ Seedbank Hall of Fame in 2014, and named one of High Time’s 100 Most Influential Breeders in California.

The plan for a world-class nursery received an additional boost in January thanks to an agreement with global biotechnology leader Intrexon, which enables Next Green Wave to utilize the Boticelli plant propagation platform, allowing the rapid production of Next Green Wave’s proprietary cannabis cultivars for the California market. 

The Botticelli platform is an advanced tissue culture technology designed to enable efficient propagation of plants while maintaining genetic purity, offering the potential for a sustainable, scalable, and more economical solution than conventional clones. Current cannabis cultivation is predominantly dependent on clonal propagation, which creates barriers to meeting product demand and is not sustainable due to the risk of disease susceptibility. The collaboration is currently in an optimization phase, in which Intrexon is calibrating its technology to Next Green Wave’s specific cannabis cultivars, to be followed by a production phase, in which Next Green Wave may utilize the technology in the production of cannabis plantlets for its downstream products and the sale of plantlets to third party California producers.

The raw material and biomass from the new facility will be used for extraction, and the oils produced will be used to manufacture derivative products – currently the largest segment of the cannabis market – such as oils, waxes, tinctures, and extracts for custom vaporizer products associated with the company’s WEARESDC partner brands and other licensed cultivators in the wholesale supply-chain.

Next Green Wave acquired California-based SD Ventures LLC, a premium cannabis consumer-goods leader best known for its innovative brand partners, at the end of March. SD’s brand partners include Carey Hart, a former professional freestyle motocross racer and husband of singer Pink, Loki the Wolf Dog, Colorado’s most famous canine, rapper King Louie, innovative designersSketchy Tank, Junkyard LA, Toy Machine Skateboard Co & OSS, Thorn St. Beer, an award-winning San Diego brewery, and SD Cannabis, not only renowned for the quality of its extracts, but also its collaboration with musicians and graphic designers. 

It will now integrate SDC’s 8 brand partners, encompassing forty-five THC and CBD products, as well as its extraction & manufacturing team while calibrating Facility A, then the company’s newly-appointed Head of Extraction and Head of Manufacturing will implement the standard operating procedures necessary to immediately fulfill product demand.

Further Expansion Underway

Next Green Wave has also received final regulatory approval from the City of Coalinga for its Conditional Use Permits for nursery and both volatile and non-volatile extraction operations on its 3,240 ft² indoor Facility C, adjacent to the new facility. The site design was approved by the City of Coalinga in February, and construction is expected to begin soon.

Commenting on the approval, Hughes added, “Obtaining final regulatory approval and beginning construction on Site C sees us meeting yet another key milestone for the Company,” stated Leigh Hughes, CEO of Next Green Wave. “We have to again thank the City of Coalinga for assisting us throughout this process and supporting us in getting the second facility operational in the coming months.”

The opening of its Coalinga facility reinforces that Next Green Wave continues to execute on its overall business strategy, which includes expansion into Australia and Canada.

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