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Oct 29, 2019 2:59 PM ET


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TEXAS: A former employee of a large healthcare institution witnessed various timely, unfortunate, and apparently retaliatory events after shedding light on alleged wrongdoings of his former employer that included violations of several state and federal laws.

Sai Ni is an American citizen with no criminal record who still maintains a clean record on background checks. In September 2017, it appears he was subjected to what might be described as serious criminal acts after disclosing possible severe wrongdoing by his employer at the time.

There’s evidence to suggest that his car was broken into onto workplace premises as some personal items went missing. Later the same day in his home, over 40GBs of his own personal data in a USB flash drive suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in the blink of an eye while he was using his personal computer in what was just one of many acts of what some might be describe as sabotage.

Sai, who is now living in self-imposed exile, recalls: “It seemed like privacy and measures designed to protect an ordinary citizen no longer existed. I left home by car a couple of days later and made my way to a satellite FBI office in Louisiana and spoke to two agents describing the events in Texas on paper but afterwards apparently nothing was done. I don’t believe I missed a day of work up until the date these events occurred. My former supervisor will likely confirm that.”

There were more events that took place as Sai was made his way to Louisiana. A couple of days later in the middle of the night, a male Caucasian police officer in small rural town in East Texas was searching for “illegal drugs”. This was behind a building and Sai hadn’t been pulled over. The officer failed to find anything. Fortunately, Sai had noticed earlier that a pill of controlled substance which neither he nor any of his contacts would have had access to was present in what he described as a “unexpected” location in his vehicle. Sai believes “the pill may have been implanted at the time when some items in my vehicle also went missing. Ironically, my employer at the time was an expert at working with the police and identifying pills and tablets such as controlled medications that might get people into trouble. The night could have turned out much differently.”

“That previous day before encountering the police officer that night, I had pulled into numerous gas stations and was subsequently and surprisingly followed by numerous Caucasian men I didn’t even know. In one specific instance at a Dallas-Fort Worth area bank drive-through ATM, a Caucasian man followed and used a device which remotely changed the PIN number on a debit card as I was trying to process a transaction. The ATM machine repeatedly gave an “incorrect PIN” message after the pin was altered. As for how strangers can follow someone, you can draw your own conclusions based on the sophisticated and available technology out there.”, he recalls.

This is not a full description of Sai’s travails. He had made several reports to various law enforcement agencies and organizations. “I’m not aware of any investigations by them. People want to believe criminal acts don’t happen in their own backyard, especially conspiracy. I think people shouldn’t live with the assumption that the system works, that rights are always protected, and that accountability always exists.” he laments.

Since then, Sai has created a GoFundMe page where well-meaning people can donate their token. “Based upon testing, it’s not expected to be a success by any means. Hopefully, people will at least share as sharing costs them nothing.”, he said.

“The USA has been home for more than 20 years. My family, as good American citizens do, paid taxes for many years to local, state, and federal governments. However, now they are faced with the difficult prospect of leaving and having to relocate outside the USA. Imagine paying a lot for an amazing product you believed in only to find out later that it was not so. That’s the sort of feeling you would get. Obviously, times have been more difficult since 2017. There’s no need to really go into details”, he stated.

Sai says his story “should be told as a cautionary tale. You have to evaluate if the benefits outweigh the risks if you believe you see wrongdoing. For many, that might not be the case.”

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