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Oct 27, 2019 8:54 AM ET

Rent a Car Software

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 27, 2019

Are you considering starting a new or developing your existing rent a car business in your country market on internet with Rent a Car Software? Thinking of entering this rapidly growing environment as an easy step? Consider converting your investment into a profitable business venture? All of that may be a real challenge.

Despite the constant growth of country travel market, the car rental business only recently started to show up as the service we all know worldwide on internet with software for rent a car. It was only after 2009 that the first success stories were noticed in some major cities, especially in tourist areas.

How to start your rental business

So, the local competition is very aggressive and straight forward but nothing is impossible. If you have a good business idea about the car rental industry and have a clear vision with some great ideas, then no one can stop you.

First, you would have to find out who your toughest competitor in the area is and what services they provide, including basic insurances, taxes other extras.

Evaluate all these factors and make a proper business concept for yourself.

Come up with a list of what general services are required locally for potential customers and how you can satisfy those needs with your car rental offers.

Think about which valuable inclusions and services you can add for corporate car rental segment, try to outbid local car rental services by highlighting your benefits in a simple, clear way as in this business, you must make yourself known with some good offers and clear rules.

Once you successfully pass the entry line, you can start to consider ways to be more profitable. Depending on the location you want to set up your car rental business, your odds of success could double or decrease ten times, and this, of course, is not the only factor. If you are going to start in big cities like England, Mumbai, Islamabad, or other tourist spots, then this could be a good kick start because in big cities, car rentals are very popular and its customers are hungry for a good rental experience. Accepting the fact that these cities have many tourist spots assures us that there are many markets that are ready for the start-up of a proper rent a car business, able to meet the needs of customers.

Developing a professional car rental business requires precise planning. It’s a highly price sensitive industry and a highly competitive environment that is often why car rental brokers can outperform even their major competitors just by being able to react faster and adequately to the market fluctuations.

We are a platform which is the most exciting and most reliable connectivity platform between car owners or car rental business owner and their customers. brings easy-to-use tools for efficient gains from your business and promoting your business all over your country and bringing your country most desirable sector, TOURISM to the next level and enabling all the car rentals to participate in the national integrity and bringing a Huge Positive Impact on the world through tourism in your country.

Travelling brings an exploration experience to your life and makes your life colorful with the adding up of Interesting information about the things which are hidden from our eyes but still existing and deserve special attention. makes your one-way journey worthwhile and pleasant with your customers and brings a value addition to your wallet as well as your business to customer experience for a long time customer relationship.

We have build what you wanted

Use the software to its fullest capabilities. Our most successful customers inevitably use more features of the software than others do.

Fleet Management

One Screen Reservation

Quotations Management

Invoice Management

Features of rent a car software!

Perfect Dashboard

It contains all the information of your business track records and provides a clear stats about your rides, earnings and bookings etc.

Manage Customers

We’ll find you reliable and profitable customers which enables you to build a strong customer relationship along with business.

Manage Bookings

We find you the customer, we manage all stuff, the booking is now made easy on, and Have a Safe Ride!

Generate Quotations offers In-app quotation utility to bargain the fee to be charged for a specific ride to the customer.

Reports and Invoices

In-app invoice generator enables you to learn about the fee charged in a ride and to manage a report of your overall earnings as well.

Vehicle Maintenance

This feature is especially for the expense record of your vehicle so that you can learn about the expenditure you’ve made on your vehicle whenever you want or need to.

FAQ’s for

1- Can I get a demo again for dashboard?

Yes, we will help you out in every problem regarding our system and one-to-one assistance criteria and duration will be based upon the package you are registered with us for car rental business.

2- How I will get my pending earnings?

Pending earnings will be updated in your dashboard, after that you might contact our customer support center for further guidance regarding pending earnings.

3- Can I get offline rides or not?

Yes, if there will be a customer who contacts us offline regarding his/her demands then if you meet the demands we will contact you for further processing of the ride.

4- What is Subscription Fee and is it Compulsory?

Subscription fee is a fee charged by to become an official member on this platform and buying a package from us to enhance your business from our platform along with your daily routine business. And it is compulsory, as buying a package from us makes you the member of family of car rentals and you become the representative of us and in return we provide you with the business and extra income.

5- Can I cancel my subscription with anytime?

Yes, we will be sorry to say good-bye to you but you can cancel your subscription of package with us and can contact customer support center regarding subscription fees.




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