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Oct 17, 2019 8:59 AM ET

With its Gasoline Operated Wood Chipper, Austter is All Set to Enter the OEM/ODM Market

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 17, 2019

Austter, which is one of the largest producers of backyard machineries, is once again in the news for positive reasons. This company which embraces latest technology has recently launched Gasoline operated wood chipper that is built with exemplary features. It is interesting to note that this backyard machine is creating positive impact in the country of China. Realizing its uses and benefits, even other countries are showing interest to buy these types of products.

Company spokesman who was flanked by a team of journalists and press people also shared interesting information about this wood chipping machine that stands out in quality and standard. He said that, “This advanced model gasoline wood chopper will extract only minimum amount of fuel during operations and can work continuously for several hours on the fields, gardens and open lands”.

Some of the customers who will benefit a lot when they use this product are carpenters, timber depots, gardeners, landscapers, farmers and agriculturists. Customers can easily maneuver on their lands when they use this chipper and manage their operations swiftly throughout the day without any difficulty. Clients who are seriously concerned about the upkeep and maintenance of their cultivated lands should think of using gasoline wood chipper from Austter that comes with stunning features.

Some of the features that will leave the users spellbound are listed below:

Field workers can feed lots of wooden sticks, plants and agricultural waste inside these quality certified machines and finish-off their duties within a stipulated time. It has unbreakable blades, branded motor and other dynamic suction devices that can ingest a decent amount of load instantly.

One of the important functions of wood chipper is dumping the saw dust in appropriate places. This mind blowing backyard machine comes with mammoth tires and extended limbs. Operators of this machine can adjust the lever and dump the dust according to their own needs. Automated limbs are highly flexible and can revolve easily without any noise or screeching sounds.

Gasoline wood chipper that can cut plenty of small bushes and trees within seconds has attractive wide mouth where it can spew tons of loads instantly. Field workers can complete their assigned removal task within minutes and exit from the place. However, the mouth remains closed when not in use, so that children playing around can stay safe and secured.


This company that is entering into the OEM/ODM market steadily is gaining immense popularity and will quickly outclass other competitors in the near future. All the products that come out of this company undergo varieties of safety, quality and stress tests and customers can use these machines roughly on their fields.

Carpenters and other timber traders can stop using multiple tools and devices for cutting wood into small pieces when they start using this wonderful machine that comes with ISO certification.


Weifang Austter Industry and Trade Co., Ltd has been involved in the production and supply of wood chipping, stump grinding, mini dumping and other types of chopping machines since 2002. It has its headquarters in Weifang city of Shandong in China. This ISO 9001: 2000 certified company excels in supplying all types of machines to customers who are living in eastern, western and also other parts of the world.

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Company Name: Weifang Austter Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

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City: Weifang

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