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Oct 12, 2019 10:40 AM ET

Former PwC Partner Harshad Pitkar Joins Crypto Asset Rating as a Corporate Adviser

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2019

The strength of every financial advisory business is largely bestowed in the quality of people who work for it. Crypto Asset Rating has made its mark in the global financial world by providing excellent services to its clients, individual as well as corporate, and has been successful in forging a team of committed professionals who work diligently to analyze the emerging trends in the cryptocurrency markets. The ability to balance the risk-reward scenario, keeping an unwavering focus on the dynamic market situations and achieving uncanny foresight of the future situations are the key functions of the top management honchos of every organization. The management team of Crypto Asset Rating already has reputed names which are highly respected in the financial world.

Mr. Harshad Pitkar is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in helping global financial institutions define, identify and implement solutions to further strengthen their risk and regulatory functions. Prior to founding RegEdge, Harshad spent several years working for Big 4 consulting firms, most recently as a partner in PwC’s risk and regulatory practice. Prior to consulting, Harshad worked at a large high-frequency trading firm across front office, middle office and back-office functions. As a newly inducted member of the adviser team, Harshad brings to the table his vast network of relationships, a unique mix of deep/hands-on subject matter knowledge and extensive insights pertaining to peer practices and emerging trends.

In a brief interaction with the press, Mr. Pramod Attarde, chief executive officer of Crypto Asset Rating, welcomed Mr. Pitkar on the corporate adviser board and expressed his appreciation that the expert services of Mr. Pitkar will immensely help the company in achieving greater heights in the times to come. His advice to the company to develop new business plans and strategic partnerships shall be very useful in catalyzing its growth trajectory. The combination of strong technical architecture with the latest tools coupled with a focused research team of the company will draw immense benefit from his fresh ideas as well as new perspectives. Mr. Pitkar’s hands-on experience in implementing technology frameworks for many global financial services firms will greatly benefit Crypto Asset Rating.

Crypto Asset Rating advises consultancy to its clients who wish to invest in the cryptocurrencies market, which is gaining wider acceptance from investors around the world. Since this investment avenue is relatively new, investors seek authentic advice from reputed sources. Crypto Asset Rating has been rendering expert advice to its clients who wish to invest in this sector and reap huge profits. It also advises entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to launch new virtual currencies. The experienced team of its financial experts has deep knowledge of regulatory compliances and other risk factors involved in the crypto trade framework to guide the startups venturing into this field. Mr. Pramod Attarde has hinted that the company is already in discussion with a few other globally renowned domain experts who may shortly join into various committees of its advisory board.

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