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Oct 3, 2019 6:28 AM ET

The Largest Sports Stadiums in Canada

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 3, 2019

Canada is a nation that loves a vast array of sports including football, hockey, American football, baseball, tennis, and cricket amongst others. Sports play an essential role in the nation and act as glue which can help develop sportsmanship and judgment. Enjoy the games and flock to stadiums and sports venues to cheer on their favourite teams. There are many stadiums throughout the country that host games that are various. While others can accommodate less than one thousand or less than ten million some of those stadiums have the ability. Some of the sports arena in Canada includes:

1. Commonwealth Stadium

Commonwealth Stadium is seated stadium. When hosting the Eskimo occasions it’s also known as the Brick Field. The stadium is situated in McCauley, Alberta. Commonwealth Stadium is the home ground for the Edmonton Eskimos and the Soccer League, even though the arena is used for sporting events such as sports, soccer, and rugby union. Commonwealth Stadium has a capacity of 56,302. Its construction started in 1975 and has been opened in 1978 before the Commonwealth Games. Although the seating capacity stays 56,302 the stadium was expanded to a capacity of approximately 60,000.

2. Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium is a scene. It was built as the event venue for the Summer Olympics of 1976 in 1976. The stadium is casually known as “Big O” because of its shape which looks like a doughnut. Additionally, it is called the ‘Big Owe’ due to the cost of its structure and the price of the 1976 Summer Olympics. Olympic Stadium is home to the baseball and soccer teams of the Montreal. The capacity could be enlarged making it the biggest by seating capacity although the arena has a Betufa seating capacity of 56,040. Olympic Stadium has been with the scene experiencing fiscal issues and structural that has branded it without a tenant since 2004.

3. BC Place

BC Place is one of the biggest multipurpose stadiums in Canada. It’s located in Vancouver, British Columbia and is under the management of the BC Pavilion Corporation. BC Place is the home floor of Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the BC Lion. Additionally, it hosts. The scene was also the Paralympics Games of 2010 and the venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic. BC Place was opened on June 9, 1983, as a construction. It had been closed for 16 months with the scene for renovation following the 2010 Winter Olympics. The BC Place has a seating capacity of 54,320.

4. Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is located in Ontario near the shores of Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. The stadium was opened in 1989 and is now home to the Toronto Blue Jay. The stadium was originally called Sky Dome and has been renamed ‘Rogers Centre’ after the Rogers Community bought it. It was the place to have a roof that is motorized. It served as the place for the opening, and closing ceremonies with the website of the 2015 Pan American Games referred to. The arena hosts events such as soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and sports exhibitions. Rogers Centre has hosted concerts such as Steel Wheels Tour and the Rolling Stones. The stadium has a seating capacity of 53,506.


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