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Sep 24, 2019 2:36 AM ET

Why douching is not a good idea

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 24, 2019

What is douching? Well, it is a French word which means ‘soak’ or ’wash’. This is actually a method to wash the vagina well with the help of water and vinegar. Douches are mainly available in the drug stores and they have fragrances and antiseptics as well. It comes either in a bag or bottle and the liquid is sprayed through a tube and that too upwards to the vagina.

But can pregnant women douche? Well, according many experts they should not but if they are not pregnant they might if they feel like. There are a few women who have said that after douching they have felt much cleaner. But according to medical studies there are very little advantages that one can get by douching.

On the other hand, the disadvantages seem to be much larger than that. Here are some possible problems that one can face when they do douche on a regular basis:

Vaginal infections or bacterial vaginosis

When one douched their vagina at a regular interval then it can upset the natural balance of the bacterial level in the vagina which is also called the vaginal flora. As these changes take place the area become more favourable as the growing ground of the bacteria that can cause infection. There have been studies that have found that when women stop douching their vagina then they can save themselves from suffering from problems like bacterial vaginosis. If that happens then it can increase the risks of preterm labours and sometimes sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID

This is an infection that can happen in the fallopian tubes, uterus or the ovaries. There have been many researches that have found out that if women have the habit of douching then they have higher risk of getting affected from PID.

Pregnancy complications

Those women who do vaginal douching for more than once in a week can have a lot of difficulty to get pregnant as compared to those who do not douche at all. If one douches regularly then it can also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy as well. This is a kind of a pregnancy where the embryo gets implanted outside the uterus. When one douches after getting pregnant then there are inducing labour pros and cons during the term. Women who douche at least once a month loses their chance to get pregnant for at least 30 percent. In case of an ectopic pregnancy the fertilised egg gets attached to the inside of the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. And if that it left untreated then it can be a life threatening issue as well. Also it makes very hard for one to get pregnant in future. Douching can also lead to premature birth.

In fact, it is also said that douching can also increase the chance of cervical cancer. According to many medical practitioners it is not a good idea to choose douching for vaginal cleaning. One can just simply wash the vagina with water instead.


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