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Sep 24, 2019 3:43 AM ET

How to register a new car in the UAE.

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 24, 2019

When you buy or sell your car in the UAE, you must register it before you drive it. Because when you buy a car from a dealer, it does register for you, but there are some things that you have to do. if you do not know much about this, let us give you a guide.

You have to register your car every year.

As soon as you buy a car, you must register it on your car every year, or you will not be able to drive it. The different Emirates has different rules. Now it depends on where you live because where you live you will have to register your vehicle with the relevant authority.

For example:

In Dubai, you will have to register your vehicle with the RTA, while in Abu Dhabi and other northern UAE you’ll have to clear matters with the relevant police department. The Emirates Gateway also offers this service in the UAE. Which can be accessed online.

You must submit the following documents before your car is registered.

Valid UAE visa

Valid driving license

Acar insurance certificate that is valid for at least one year

Previous registration card if you are renewing

Lender’s letter if the car is finance

If your vehicle is more than three years old then a vehicle test certificate

The registration process for a new vehicle

If you want to buy a car, registering it is very easy. Infect once you go to buy a car, the dealership will handle all of these issues. The above documents will be available at any PTA centre. Abu Dhabi Department in Dubai. It depends on what Emirate you live in.

If your documents are perfectly clear and in order, you will receive a registration card within half an hour from the designated counter for the United Arab Emirates with license plates and sticker expiration dates.

Used car registration

Sell your car in Dubai and used car registration is a bit long as you have to pay for your fines and black points, and if the vehicle is more than three years old, you will need to get it checked. 

And have to confirm that it is worth drive on the road or not and will have to do for other matters which will determine whether the vehicles are registered or not.

Clear fines and black points with such police

Inspect the vehicle and get a vehicle test certificate at any certified vehicle testing centre.

Submit test certificates and all other documents online or in any RTA or Federal Government office to your UAE.

Get your updated registration card.

Excellent for not registering a car

You can renew the registration 30 days before the expiry date. If you cannot renew on time, you will receive 30 days after the expiration date. If you fail to replace the vehicle during this period, you will be fined a monthly base AED. If your vehicle registration is over, then the police catch you in the meantime and find you four hundred AEDs.

And if the registration expires for three months, your car will be impounded.


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