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Sep 23, 2019 3:09 AM ET

6 Types of Employees Every Startup Needs

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 23, 2019

Are you ready to build your dream company? Okay, so you have created your business plan, your startup business loans are in the works, and now you need a team that will help your startup succeed. Finding the perfect staff for your startup can take a lot of time. Start gathering your team early, so that you can get down to business and start your business with a group of people that will help your company succeed! Hiring the right team is one of the most important aspects of starting your business. You shouldn’t just hire anyone, hire people that you can count on that meet the following criteria!

The Innovative Spirit

Innovation is essential for your startup because it will allow you to solve problems that arise, increase productivity, market your business, and beat out your biggest competitors. Having employees that have an innovative mindset will help you achieve your long-term goals. Those with an innovative mindset will be able to teach others, encourage making risks, they value company culture, they are collaborative and are great team players. Risk-taking can sound a bit “risky” but your company will need to take risks in order to come up with new ideas. Having an innovative spirit on your team will allow your employees to not be afraid to fail, but instead see failure as a learning process. If you are looking to hire someone with these traits, then finding someone with an innovative mindset is your best bet!

The Problem Solver

Have you ever come across a problem that you had a hard time solving? Having a talented problem solver by your side to promptly assess and fix any issues that may arise would be a good idea. As a new business owner, problems are typically unavoidable, but having someone to back you up and save the day can save your business time and money. A problem solver is someone that is able to think outside the box, they remain objective, understand all the obstacles, they are open minded, leave their ego behind and they put their research and knowledge into action when it matters the most. Having a problem solver on your team will likely save you time and money!

The Leader

Another type of employee every startup need is a leader. Someone to take on any task with motivation and an uplifting spirit. Leaders are great for your startup because they are going to be process-driven, quality-driven, organized and have a “get things done” mindset. Some more qualities of a leader are honesty, integrity, they are committed, passionate, have accountability, and communicate well with others. All great qualities in an employee, right? These qualities will help your startup grow and become successful. A leader has the drive and persistence to work well within a team and make a positive impact on businesses. “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”-John Maxwell.

The Team Player

Lastly, your startup needs to team players on board. Team players are employees that will work well with others to accomplish a common goal. Being a team player means being dependable, collaborative, committed, communicative, and help to encourage their other team members. Having team players for your startup will give your company the right set of people to run your business into the successful startup you always imagined. Team players are going to focus on the company’s goals and results, while putting their ego aside. Working in teams creates more innovation and a healthy work environment, but can be tricky when working with several people, who all have different opinions. True team players will be able to effectively communicate and resolve any conflicts because they will have the company’s goals and best interests at heart.

The Techie

Our world is consumed with technology and it is probably impossible to run a business without at least some sort of technical knowledge. Having a “techie” on hand will help your business stay up and running. They are going to be there when your systems crash and provide your team of employees with the proper tech, they need to get things done!

The Financer

Your startup needs either someone that has money, or someone that knows how to manage it. Whether you have started your company with your own funds, or you have startup business loans, you are going to need someone who is going to take care of the business finances. The financer is going to be someone that is smart with money and can properly invest in the company’s future. They will set proper budgets for advertising and product development, while handling the extra cash with care for emergencies.

Does anyone come to mind when you think of these types of employees every startup needs? Don’t just randomly pick the people around you to help build your startup. Sure, you may be tempted to pick your friends and family, but do they possess any of these traits? You are going to need employees that have the qualities of a leader, team players, employees with an innovative mindset, problem solvers, tech savvy employees and those that can responsibly handle the company’s finances. These 6 types of employees are going to give your startup a better chance at success!



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