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Sep 19, 2019 9:28 AM ET

5 Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 19, 2019

Do you want to bring your small business up a notch? When you look back at your business plan have you already met all and current items on your check list and are sitting idle with a lack of growth potential? Reevaluating your current trajectory with adding in additional goals can add in the boost you need to jump start your business. Bringing in some support staff along with a fresh new marketing campaign highlighting new products and services to the growing list can bring in additional value and have existing and new clients rethinking their needs for your new lineup.

Set Up New Goals

When you were building your startup from scratch you listed a few goals you would like to see your business in within the first few years, and you have met those and haven’t re-examined the list since. When you don’t have your eyes set on new objections to overcome, you are not embracing that ambition to the next step of your small business. Really digging into the heart of what you want to accomplish next, brings out the best in entrepreneurs. They all possess that deep longing to create, so tackling that head on, will catapult your sales and business to a bigger and brighter future.

Hire Support Staff

Do you feel like you are running on all cylinders and might resemble the energizer bunny? Taking the time to bring on support staff that can help you with the necessary tools like administrative, reception, shipping and receiving personnel can make all the difference with bringing your business to the next platform. Taking the steps to evaluate the right candidates should include with characteristics like high energy, detail oriented, friendly, driven and without a doubt experienced with customer service because the voices and faces your customers hear first are those of your support staff. You want to bring on others that mesh well with your current staff so you don’t have to continually bring down the hammer with office drama.

Stepping Up the Marketing Game

Have you ever had to choose between businesses products where some sort of marketing loyalty program you belong to make the decision where you should spend your money to gain that bonus star? If you make one more purchase you get an additional % off your next order, or who doesn’t like a good BOGO deal right? Advertising to your current customers should be an absolute necessity but creating a new list with adding social media in the mix can help your breakthrough to clients you never knew existed. Encouraging your clients to “like” and “share” your social media pages within their own pages will open up those doors without breaking the bank. Throwing out contests and giveaways is giving your business an automatic upgrade to its marketing strategy. With millions of users tapped into their electronic device’s multiple times a day, this has the potential for a major expansion.

Adding in Additional Products

Have you ridden out your product or service long enough without introducing a new product line or service to your customers? With this said, you might require the need to seek additional funding opportunities to open those doors to the future. Acquiring lines of credit and small business loans can take some time so this step may need some additional time, but it will be so worth it. Searching for small business advisors who can assist with this sort of growth potential would be a smart place to begin. Opening lines of credit are a great tool to have when and if this development stage comes into action play. You need funding for market research and possible new space to house the additional products, or a new software program to bring light to your new services. Regardless of the expansion, updating your business plan to establish your growth as a company and business credit you have established are going to streamline your application process and get you the funding quicker to jumpstart your new growth.


New Talent

Along with the support staff you have added to the office mix, bringing on additional staff that can help bring to light to weaknesses you may hold in acquiring the new infrastructure you may need to step up your business game. Do you need more experienced team members assigning that motivation to your sales team so they can gain that momentum to bring on new clients with more ease and confidence? How about the need for finding a more direct route with minimizing the production costs of your current project? All these specialized skills can be brought in as new talented team members with so much experience and dedication show your customers the real value and grow your small business to the next level.

Wandering aimlessly through the day to day grind of running a small business can tend to create blinders when it comes to how and what you want to succeed next with your business. Reassessing your goals on a small and large scheme will help you to determine what steps you want to work on first. Hiring in support staff along with new talented motivators and problem solvers can kickstart a whirlwind of change but finding the right fit can brighten the outlook of your small business. Creating a new marketing campaign and looking at introducing new products and services can help generate new product and production ideas along with ways you can minimize current loan options into those better suited for what lies ahead. Get out of your comfort zone and back at the drawing table for your small businesses path to the next step.


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