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Sep 19, 2019 9:13 AM ET

5 Steps to Growing Your Business

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 19, 2019

Has the last year of business been a bit stagnant with a lack of growth? Do you wonder what can light the fire in your small business again like when you were starting up? The further and further you get from pulling a business out of a slump or a lack of growth the farther you get from ever recovering. Here are a few tips that can get you out of the gutter and back into increasing your business overall profits. Getting to know your current customer base and your competitors along with increasing marketing and introducing a loyalty program can help make your business present yet again. Increasing sales demands with the ever-growing demand on new customers and growing inventory with increased funding could also scale up your businesses demand. Finally, customizing so your business stands out over the rest will keep you alive and prospering.

Customers’ Needs and Competitors

Customers’ needs can sometimes shift in this growing demand of products and businesses providing everything at the click of a button. Connecting and assessing what your current customers are trying to achieve can better shift and change your business direction. Sometimes all it takes is getting to know your clients in a better relationship so they feel connected and can help network your business as well. Growing an industry or market network coming together and finding out what matters to each individual business can better everyone involved. You may have been at the top of your game within your market but now you have a few more dogs nipping at your heels. Finding out what and how your competitors are marketing to your current clients and prospects can set you back on top or at least increase your trajectory above flat line. Maybe investing in a strategy with a new shipping company along with streamlining your current office protocols can help your outdated back office systems modify your current vision for success.

 Marketing and Loyalty Program

While running your business you have neglected any sort of marketing campaigns. Once the open hose happened you got busy and started running your business with what you know, and now that has created a stale market. Social media is an excellent way to increase traffic and bursting out specials while you connect again with your current customers. Rolling out a loyalty program in some way that would benefit your current clients to purchase new products or bring in fresh new customers can drive sales and would not cost you a dime! Also gathering customer data like new emails will encourage clients who are not on social media, a way to also see fresh new products or bring your small business to the top of mind when suggestions are needed within their business. Offering a referral program and networking and increasing presence with trade shows, weekly industry lunch ins, sponsoring schools and little league teams, can all bring new customers while connecting with the community in which you belong.

Setting Goals and Streamlining Support Staff

Some startups can get lost in the day to day grind of running their new small business, that they forget about the driving force of it being sales and bringing in the cash flow. We can all appreciate loving your job, but if your business lacks sales, it will crash and burn. Having a plan to increase sales is a must and targeting a good sales force to do that should be at the forefront of your business plan. If your small business calls for selling things like clothes or food or providing a need like tech services or machinery to manufacturing companies, everything is sales driven. Customer service personnel that can help cover the needs of the sales team is beneficial so they can spend more time doing what they do best while the support staff can help arrange the how and where details for the clients. Creating an environment where everything and everyone moves like a well-oiled machine should be the goal as the owner of the company. Stepping back and looking at how your small business can run to its full potential should be your main objective and goal.

Additional Funding

Is your business currently running with old data and on old inventory and supplies because of the funding you have secured being obsolete to your current projections? Increasing funding demands can help create an entirely new world when it comes to running your business. Personal loans and credit cards have helped bring your small business into light, but without additional funding it can close the door too. Looking into small business loans and lines of credit can quickly secure the kinds of cash you need quickly so you do not miss out on growing opportunities. What’s great about securing lines of credit is that you don’t pay a cent until you utilize the funds available, so having that ace up your sleeve for a rainy day can help save your business’s success.


In a world where there is a niche for just about everything, what makes your small business stand out to the rest? I remember when I would tell my mom I liked the lollipops from one bank over the other and soon my mom started going to that one over the other. It is things like this where targeting your customers senses might be what makes them pick you over the other guy. Sending personal thank you notes or highlighting their business on your website, you name it, making your name stand out over the rest is what will make your small business survive While the others do not.


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