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Sep 18, 2019 9:39 AM ET

BMX bike a craze for the youngster

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 18, 2019

What is BMX Bike?

A BMX bike has many definitions, BMX bike is an off-road bike used for stunt riding. For street and freestyle riding BMX bikes are the best choice. You can also use them for racing and other street stunt competition.

BMX means bicycle motocross. In the past BMX bikes were made for the motocross enthusiasts as they preferred to ride the bike on dirt and difficult courses. A best BMX bike is strong, rigid, light, fundamental, and easy to proceed onward the ground. BMX bikes can also be called as race, vert, park, dirt and flatland bikes.

In order to buy a bike, one must know about BMX bikes, different types, riding styles, sizing, components, and much more.  BMX bikes in recent years have evolved from traditional bikes to a number of different styles and riding formats for riders on all levels. In order to buy a bike, one must know about different styles and parts of bikes. Complete aware of the best BMX bikes are necessary for buying a new bike of your interest.

Characteristics of BMX bikes:

History of BMX Bikes

BMX bikes don’t really have an exact start date, yet the roots can be pursued back to the late 1960s, and mid-1970s.   a film was made on BMX bikes in 1971. The film was fundamentally about the universe of motocross and various styles of BMX bikes; anyway, it was the opening credits scene in Southern California.

During the opening credits, a lot of young fellows are seen riding their extemporized and balanced BMX bikes along soil and dirt trails. The scenes were displayed for four minutes on screen, giving BMX biking a brilliant start. As a result of this documentary displayed many on-screen youngsters buy Schwinn sting-ray BMX bikes.

Energetic youngsters were fascinated by motocross, yet their parents didn’t want to purchase expensive bicycles, or basically didn’t require their young kids riding them. BMX was the best bike for youngsters to ride on dashing soil tracks.

A new bike called Sting-Ray was made by seeing the heavy interest of youngsters in BMX bikes. It had a banana seat with small frame set-up and handlebars.

Early BMX pioneers changed their Sting-Ray, with the objective to make it look like motocross bikes, making them progressively appropriate to manage soil courses that included various obstacles and dirt courses.

Changes were made in frame set-ups, handlebars brakes and seats to make BMX bikes more beautiful and easy-going. The interest of the youngster was developed quickly towards these bikes, and they used them for freestyle riding racing. The evolution of sports also evolved BMX bikes. Now we have different BMX bikes of different styles and for different courses and riding styles. Balance bikes for a kid were also introduced in the late nineteen’s.


Types of BMX bikes

As there are different riding styles and courses, so there are different BMX bikes having versatile characteristics specific for riding and conditions.

Racing BMX bikes

During a race, the bike has to face dirt track with high-speed sprints jumps, turns, berms, and other risky conditions. Racing bikes must make with care and considering the conditions that a rider has to face during a bike racing competition.

Racing bikes are light-weighted with modified features. The bikes are designed in such a way that rider has the best brake speed and handlebars control, with upright taller position and enhanced line of vision. Tires of these bikes are thinner and low-profile than others. Riders basically have a large track to maintain balance on a dirt course, without exceeding speed. The wheel gauge of a racing BMX bike is reliably 20 inches. The wrench is longer for increasing pedal power and efficiency, and the back hand brake is particularly strong, offers a remarkable level of control over the braking, which is required in racing.

Freestyle BMX bikes

These bikes are also called as stunt bikes. Normally during some sort of stunt, the stunt man uses a BMX bike. BMX bikes have a versatile range and characteristics from a bike that we use for street stunts to skatepark-style half pipes.

During the designing of freestyle BMX bikes, we mainly focused on stunt conditions. Performing stunt in the air is a risky deal; freestyle BMX must have all characteristics required for stunts.

Vert BMX bikes:

It is also called as halfpipes. The idea of making vert BMX bikes came from skateboarders. The youngster wanted to ride BMX in empty pools.

Halfpipes have variations in their height normally 7 to 8 meters. Stunts consist of performing twist flips and spins in the air. Tires and seats of vert BMX bikes are totally dependent on the rider.

Street BMX bikes

During freestyle riding in urban areas rider perform tricks and stunt that include riding, rails, ledges, walls, and stairs. Street bikes are designed in such a way that it has heavy frame set-up, smoother tires with a small brake system.

Park BMX bikes:

It is a standardized street riding form. During park riding a rider has ride ramps, pipes, boxes rails stairs halfpipes and bowls. Park BMX bikes consist of double brakes with large frame ad small cassette and cranks.

Jumping BMX bikes

In a course having multiple different styles jumps the jumping BMX bikes are best to ride. Jumping BMX bikes are designed in such a way that these have lightweight with smooth tires having more grips on dirt courses.

Flatland BMX bikes

Bikes usually ride on flat land at high speed. In order to acquire high-speed flatland, BMX bikes are designed in such a way having short crank arms with long seat post and smooth tires.

BMX bikes sizes:

The height of the rider is the basic concern while designing BMX bikes. BMX bikes are designed in such a way that the rider has a clear line of vision with the upright taller position. Different sizes of BMX bikes are available for the different height rider.

BMX bikes have gained importance worldwide. People love it. They love such classy bikes that most of the customers demand best bmx bikes reviews  now a day. Due to an increase in their demands, a lot of companies work day in and day out to manufacture super cool and modern BMX bikes.

Steel plays the most important role in designing BMX bikes for the different rider because they will tell you that the BMX bikes will stand for how much time. BMX bikes and its different types are more important and trendy in the market. Choosing classy BMX bikes colors are generally considered good because these look super cool. These also add to your fashion sense and personality impact.


Importance of BMX bikes:

While road bikes and rough terrain bikes make up the most pervasive sorts of bicycles on the planet, best BMX bikes aren’t unreasonably far behind.  Essential parts used in their making, these bikes can manage explicit loads and tackle terrain that trail bursting bikes and road bikes would never face. BMX bikes once addressed a little claim to fame or part of customary bicycles, anyway have since created and progressed to fuse different styles and riding plans for riders on all levels. These are truly mind-boggling and require a similar measure of alert and data before buying comparatively some other kind of bike.

Why youngsters prefer BMX bikes over others?

BMX bikes are best for fast speed and bumpy courses riding. Youngster prefers to ride fast and uniquely. The racing of bike is common in youngster also. BMX also provides youngsters a chance to have an adventurous ride full of fun. Youngster prefers easy and fast-moving luxurious and classical BMX bikes over others hence. As they want to look super cool always BMX bike is the best expression of adventurous rider nature.

Maintenance of BMX bikes

Maintenance of BMX bikes is quite an easy process as compared to others. Before every ride, the rider must check that tires are properly inflated that helps to prevent flats and accidents. Squeezing of brake and looking your bike gear with properly functioning chain is also necessary. BMX bikes have light-weighted machinery with easy maintenance. These can be cleaned easily by occasional scrubbing relubrication and brushing. Some parts require oiling for cleaning and drying.

Price of BMX bikes

Price of best BMX varies from 400$ to 500$. Quality and features decide the price of bikes to fulfill your dream of riding the best BMX bike is not too costly now. Cost depends on the quality and design of BMX bikes, and it also depends on the customer pocket and ranges. Is the range is vast then they buy the best of the BMX bikes. BMX bike price varies according to quality, design length, and style of the bike. Their prices usually start from 100$ to 500$ and so on.

Where to buy BMX bikes?

To buy BMX bikes, different showrooms and companies are offering the best BMX bikes for kids and More . There are many best stores for buying different and unique designs of premium quality BMX bikes.

They offer a wide variety of affordable and quality BMX bikes all over the world. They usually have a showroom, and people normally visit them select the bikes and then the final cost is decided. Their team will give you all the advice regarding the choice of BMX bikes, and you’re riding style.

This can prove to be indeed the right decision for you to come. They manufacture their BMX bikes in the UAE and are readily available for you whenever you need them. They will register you BMX bikes after some payment.

Best BMX bikes

Many companies are working day and night to make luxurious and fast BMX bikes. These are considered to be leading names in the bike industry. Due to their excellent quality and modern styles, they are gaining attention worldwide. They also offer amazing discounts. If you want to buy BMX bikes in the UAE at an affordable price. You must have to visit them once. At an affordable price, they are offering splendid products of all sorts.

BMX bikes are offered by the different registered showroom. Their quality is the best in the town. They offer their customers all the quality products at an affordable price. They claim that they offer this reliable work at the lowest price. They are known to be highly expert in their work. Their main and central aim is to provide customers with;

They offer quality products at a reasonable price. Now it is easy to purchase BMX bikes. Some characteristics that make the BMX bikes best bikes for the youngster is their unique designs with classical and mode looks. They offer you a free consultation about the design and kind of bikes that will suit your riding style. Also, they will show you the samples and designs which will help you decide.


BMX bikes have such characteristics that make them unique and more demanding. One can buy a BMX bike easily from showrooms and different companies. The nature of riding and rider height with other characteristics will help to select the best BMX bikes. In this modern era, BMX bikes become the need of every youngster and enthusiastic rider. Their fast speed with lightly-weighted parts and easy-going features make them special.


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