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Sep 17, 2019 7:00 AM ET

3D Bioprinting Market Size Seeks Growth with a CAGR of 25.49% during 2019-2025 | OGAnalysis

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 17, 2019

3D bioprinting Market Growth rate through forecast period, 2019-2025

3D Bioprinting Market is an outcome of medical technology advancement, innovative and life sustain healthcare with a high CAGR of 25.49% through 2025. Health care sectors are reaching out to technology to improve quality of life and enhance medical sector with feasible healthcare solutions.

Key OEMs of 3D bioprinting market are focussing on complex bio-material processing, organ-on-chip, and cell viability as strategies to develop and innovate 3D bioprinting product portfolio.

Further, modular approach of 3D bioprinters and increase in performance of 3D bioprinters such as more number of print heads are key features implemented by key vendors of 3D bioprinting market.

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Moreover, the wide availability of biomaterial products with advantages of complex 3D tissue scaffolding, spatial growth of bioactive cells for 3D cell culture is untapping 3D bioprinting market opportunity.

Nevertheless, high cost, commercialization and regulatory approvals remains hindrance for the market growth.

Expediting drug development & screening are amid major 3D bioprinting market trends

Ground breaking expeditions on drug development and medical research works are increasingly depending on 3D bioprinting approaches. Drug development is reaching niche levels with multi dynamic testing, fast track clinical trials & pilot approvals, as well as vegan testing (no harmful effects on animals).

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Key companies are entering strategic collaboration among pharmaceutical firms and research laboratories to pipeline therapeutical solutions using 3D bioprinting. For example, in June 2019, Aspect Biosystems announced a collaborative project of $2.2M with Merck, GSK, and McGill University’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre for the development of immuno-oncology therapeutics using 3D bioprinting platform.

Scarcity of donor organs drives the 3D bioprinting market growth

3D bioprinting market growth is significantly driven by burden of chronic diseases implicating failure of organs. As such, scarcity of organ donors and quality of life deteriorating with medical dependence has push regenerative medicine R&D to breed organs with the aid of 3D bio printers.

Following the above, in 2018, researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (HLS FHNW) were successfully able to produce first copies of kidney tissue using a 3D printer.

However, vascularisation remains one of the biggest challenges, where printing of complex vessels is still hurdling task in the process of organ bioprinting.

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3D bioprinting market growth proceeds across EU during the estimated period

Across the European territory, regulatory bodies including Europe Commission, EU, and REACH are actively condemning animal test trials. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are massively collaborating 3D bioprinting service providers to comply with regulatory compliance of animal–friendly products and accelerating product development, customized products and limited series.

For instance, in May 2019, Curio Biotech Ltd. a pioneer in contract research services tests cosmetic products or drugs on human cell cultures, to avoid experiments animal.

Emerging players such as regenHU Ltd. of European 3d bioprinting market are paving new alliances with research institutions that are advancing in making of tools for fabrication of 3D biomimetic tissue constructs, tissue growth technologies, and drug discovery.

Whereas, the 3D bio printers market players across the United States are lining up with 3D heart libraries to research, create prosthetic implant, and replicas of vital organs.

Top players of 3d bioprinting market shaping market size

Aspect Biosystems Ltd., Organovo Holdings Inc., EnvisionTEC GmbH, Nano3D Biosciences, Inc., Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., BioBots, 3Dynamic Systems Ltd., regenHU Ltd, Cellink, Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Poietis, and GeSiM are among the key players operating in the 3d bioprinting market.

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