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Sep 17, 2019 3:28 AM ET

13 Websites Every College or University Student Should Bookmark

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 17, 2019

Despite all the advantages and centuries-old practice of using libraries by students, the most convenient source of searching for any information today is the World Wide Web. On the Internet, there are data that are very difficult to quantify. Accordingly, in order to quickly find the necessary information, you need to know exactly where to look for. We bring to your attention a list of 13 sites that will be useful for students:


This amazing resource will become a loyal and irreplaceable friend of every student. It makes the writing of any essay or any other kind of work easier and simpler. By dint of this app, a student can improve their grammar skills and learn how to write correctly and clearly. More than that, using it on a regular basis, the student learns a lot of the rules subconsciously, just following the proposed corrections. For those who have difficulties not just with grammar when accomplishing academic papers, there is a great resource called Grammarly. Here, one can count on the help they need.


This is one of the most popular learning resources in the United States. Currently, more than 50 million people are using it. Here, everyone can get help in creating cards on nearly all subjects, interesting topics, check spelling issues, and chat with other students.


This website will be incredibly useful for those who want to practice their knowledge by past exams. Almost every student can find the tests of their school professors and challenge themselves. This is an awesome opportunity to prepare for the upcoming exam and find the possible weak points in knowledge and work on them.


The platform contains lots of educational books that will be useful for students of various colleges, universities, and specialties, respectively. Persons can easily buy or rent the needed educational material without unnecessary hustle and inconveniences. One has to visit the website and choose the educational institution first and then follow the instructions to get the wanted books.


The website is similar to the already mentioned Quizlet. It is also full of innovative ways to prepare for the exams and tests of various difficulty. There is a possibility to share with educational materials, bits of knowledge, and experience with other students throughout the world.

The Owl

It always costs a thing for a student to remember all the features of formatting and correct citation. The Owl aims to make it easier for the person to format the paper appropriately in all the known formatting styles, like APA, MLA, etc. The resource is developed by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. The Owl will become the long-term companion for every student who does the college assignments and wants to accomplish them brilliantly.


There are many thoughts stating the non-reliability of this resource, but they are half-true. Indeed, there are articles that have arguable authenticity. Still, Wikipedia occupies a worthy place among educational websites. Without any doubt, the student can consult this site for knowledge. The only thing to consider is a sufficient number of links to reliable resources and their quality, of course, at the bottom of the article.

Rate My Professors

Every student dreams of a great and intelligent professor to have classes with. Now, there is an awesome opportunity to find one. Using this website, a student can find out about different professors, their lectures, and ways of teaching. There is a rating of teachers which aims to help students choose the very one which suits him best.

Google Docs

The service attracts with a simple and convenient interface and excellent network capabilities. You will have access to your documents wherever there is an Internet connection. In addition, you can send texts to friends for viewing or editing.


If you are working on a scientific publication or writing a text with many graphs, eventually, you may get the feeling that you are not able to make the work accessible to perception. LaTeX is a free application that takes care of the look of your work for you, allowing you to completely focus on the content of the text. The program is absolutely free.

Project Gutenberg

Learn classical literature for free with the Project Gutenberg online library. Over 60,000 books are available for free download here. There is no registration and use fee. In addition, no special application for downloading books is required.


To find out what is new and interesting in your areas of interest is possible with Meetup. To go to meetings, chat with people, and learn something new – this is the best way to become better every day. After all, learning is not the only thing a student’s life consists of. From time to time, it doesn’t hurt to have some fun.


It offers dozens of courses related to improving productivity and changing your mindset. You choose a direction, and every morning a lesson is sent to your mail, which you can read in a few minutes. Gradually, you become familiar with a topic that interests you or improves your skill.


These are only a few of interesting, innovative, and creative websites that would come in handy to the young people who want to make the most out of the studying process. Those who want to develop themselves, find out something new, improve their knowledge, receive assistance with the academic papers will definitely appreciate this shortlist of websites presented above. Just like you choose sources like academic essay writing service, be attentive when choosing the other helping sites. At least, we hope for that. Enjoy!


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