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Sep 4, 2019 8:40 AM ET

Aspiring to Craft a Winning Customer Engagement Strategy? Here’s where to start

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 4, 2019

Do you really love your customers or are you more into looking for ways to milk them dry? If so, instead of appearing to be drooling over their hard-earned bucks, you should be looking for ways to foster a deeper relationship with them by engaging them and naturally fanning their thirst for your products or services! To win over the literal “life blood” of your business, you need actionable “no regrets” strategies!

Business growth heavily relies on customer engagement. The need of unique, innovative and efficient ways to keep your customers engaged is increasing day by day. Modern customers are more robust than ever, and expect brands to be transparent. They prefer brands that offer interesting and interruption free experiences, making it more challenging for brands to reach consumers without being cast into the shadows as a nuisance.

Customer engagement strategy has a major impact on the driving revenue of your business. More engaged customers translate into greater revenue and sales, increased customer lifetime value and loyalty, lower churn, and higher customer retention. The eventual goal of your customer engagement strategy shouldn’t be limited to converting a potential into a lead; it should be encouraging your customers to involve themselves in the growth and evolution of your brand! Up to the point where they become brand advocates.

Do you need inspiration for driving a stellar customer engagement strategy? Read on to know actionable tips to implement a winning customer engagement strategy:


Figure Out Where Users Come From

Remember, customer engagement is not a random phenomenon. Customers don’t just land on your business website without any reason. There is a reason behind their every single action and behavior. Whether they are being referred by a friend or stalk you from a guest post, users arrive to your website with an intention.

Some consumers have an actual problem and believe that your brand can offer a better solution. While some customers don’t know the problem they are facing, yet they find your brand interesting.

In order to uncover your potential customers’ motivation, all you need to do is to determine how they found your website in the first place. These location points will help your marketing team to come up with a better strategy to target customers where they hang out the most.

You can use online tools to help you monitor user behaviors and give you insights so that you can engage them based on how they perceive your brand. You can then optimize your content and create more persuasive calls to action to offer a customized user journey.

How consumers learn about your brand matters a lot. It is advised to do your research and come up with a more personalized customer engagement strategy.


Track User Inactivity

Isn’t it downright exasperating when you have worked day in and day out to boost user engagement, enhance the performance of your products or services, helped users attain the activation point quickly, and kept up a constant stream of conversation with them along the way, only to have all your metrics reveal a bitter fact: your users seem to be engaging with your product less frequently! Does that foretell the death of your product?

Absolutely not, especially when technology has given you ways of tracking user inactivity before you wake up one day and find out that all your users have magically disappeared.

Being a digital marketer, you have probably learned that the sole reason your business exists is to serve your customers by solving their problems and catering to their needs. While this approach works great, it is also important for brands to identify the activities of their customers.

Their actions and behaviors can provide your marketing team with real insights about their current desires and purchasing decisions. Product or service usage data is invaluable for creating better engagement. With some effective strategies, you will be able to generate more and more leads.

You can take some effective measures, such as sending customer retention emails, using in app chat to help users overcome any roadblocks they might have experienced in your product, or offering more personalized content to lure customers back to your website. How you manage to capture the attention of your customers back would go a long way towards defining your success.


Track Social Media Engagement

When it comes to monitoring user behavior, you should focus more on the data that you think is crucial for your brand’s success. Customer interactions play a key role in making your brand a huge success. People may learn about your brand on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and comment on your posts to learn more about your products or services.

You can take full advantage of social media platforms as they are one of the best ways of interacting with your users. They are already using these platforms for communication and socializing, so it’s convenient for them to simply drop a message to brands.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest your efforts and time in creating a continuous stream of meaningful social interactions. A study conducted by Twitter suggests that when a user tweets about a business and receives a quick response, they are eager to spend 3-20% more on average priced products from that brand in the near future, and 44% of customers are more likely to share their user experiences.

Social listening and eavesdropping is also great for figuring out how to engage with your target audience. If consumers are found to be complaining about a specific product feature, it is pertinent to respond quickly and reroute the issue to your quality assurance team.

Similarly, when a user praises your brand’s services or product, your social media marketing team needs to appreciate their comments and flaunt them for every member involved, as it will seek to boost their motivation levels.

Engaging on social media networks is more about learning from your customers than promoting your brand. Take an immediate action in response to their concerns and apprehensions to increase your business growth.


Track Customer’s Responses for Better Communications

Believe it or not, communication is the key to effective customer engagement. Your marketing team probably spends hours creating the perfect brand message to deliver exactly the right tone and vision to your customers.

But does your brand notice how users respond to your message? From emails to live chat to social media comments, your users are giving you many clues about how they feel about your products or services. User response plays a key role in discovering what makes customers feel great about your brand.

If your users are resorting to insults, such as “stupid” and “pathetic”, when referring to your brand, you should take an immediate action to figure out the reason behind it, and determine how you can improve your services or products.

You can capitalize on current user behavior to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to replying to customer responses. You can send emails about your latest offers, upcoming products and special discounts. Brands can also send personalized emails based on user behavior.

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, businesses that offer high-quality products achieve 80% more customer retention as compared to other companies. It is simply because they know the secret to creating loyal customers by offering quality products and exceptional customer service.

Keep in mind that loyalty is not just reserved for best-in-class brands. Your digital marketing agency can earn customer loyalty just like your competitors have done. By simply observing and plotting the behaviors from visitors to loyal customers, you can know exactly how to nurture future leads.

However, behaviors will vary depending on the type and size of the business, customer type, industry and product and service quality, but there are still some specific actions that you can track. As Dubai web design company, you should use customer data to move your brand towards more revenue. Keeping track of user behavior can ensure future customer loyalty.


Over to You

It’s time to upgrade your customer engagement strategy. Infusing user behavior into your marketing strategy can indubitably lead to better user experience.

Start off by determining how consumers learn about your business website. Listen to customer feedback to improve your brand. Focus on user behavior and social listening, and then get around to transforming your customer engagement strategy. Trust me, this will take your brand to new heights of success.

About Author:

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a Content Curator and Brand Strategist at Branex – a leading web design company in Dubai that reshapes brands and provides complete business solutions. He mostly spends his time writing about the trending digital marketing topics, web designing, social media marketing, project management and health concerns.


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