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Aug 29, 2019 4:00 AM ET

The Right Way For Training Your Dog

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 29, 2019

Getting a pup is actually a large responsibility for all the whole family, especially when it first comes to the house. Teaching the pup how to poop cannot be done in a rush, and the key to training the dog is to prevent the dog from creating mistakes and make sure they get proper habits as fast as possible. In the dogs mind where and when to poop is the same, so if they want to do it, they do. It is on our shoulders on where to reinforce the rules on the puppy at an early stage.

Opening the back door of the house now and then will not let the puppy be adequately trained. A dog’s sixth sense is to keep the bed he sleeps in clean. So this method will aid us to use this method right to our benefits correctly.

Even if 24/7 the owner is at home training, there is still going to be a few mistakes. Don’t fret; make sure that you fix the errors thoroughly.

My technique is to allow more space and surveillance so that we can enable puppies to freedom as soon as possible.

The owner has to understand the ability of the pup and set realistic goals. Puppies are actually a young baby, and the pup only withstands a while before they go and pee. They do not have much restraint. A puppy of a month old can restraint for an hour, and another month old they can restrain for another hour. Means a three-month-old pup can restrain for three hours.

Make sure that you have a schedule on how to feed the dog. Make sure that the dog is fed at schedule and empty the dog’s water bowl before you going to sleep. Refill the first thing tomorrow morning.

Use A Crate To Aid You

Make sure to buy the right quality crate. It is at comfort, and safe for you to put your puppy. You can set up a small area with a bed and small toys, but not the toilet.

  1. Choose a spot where you want the puppy to poop or pee.
  2. Keep the puppy tethered to the crate when it is outside the box. The puppy cannot run freely around home at a early stage, so the pup must be restrained in the box. Make sure to let the dog pee in the right spot every 60 minutes.
  3. When finally reach a spot walk around the spot, at the same time, use a word that is tied to the puppy poop or pee. I use the word “pee”, but it stands for both pee and poop. This is the first command step that you will teach the young pup.
  4. If the pup manages to carry out the command word, he gets the praise you will give him a treat as a reward. Tell the kid that he did an excellent job, and he is the great!

If after a few minutes of circling the toilet area, the pup doesn’t want to poop, return the pup back to the crate and try in twenty minutes.

  1. Right after the puppy manages to pee in the designated area, you can play with the puppy and place it back to the crate.
  2. This one-hour puppy house training tactic, you will be rewarded for sticking to it. Make sure that you are preventing any mistakes and at the same time, establish healthy habits with the puppy.
  3. Do not feed the puppy close to his bedtime. Also, don’t take away his water before bedtime. Set a clock twice at night to take the puppy to toiled then go back to bed. Once the puppy grows up, you can sleep all night peacefully.

Next, we will be looking at teaching the puppy on “How To Go Outside.”

If you cant install a doggy door, you need to teach the dog the right way to go outside. Hang a Poochie Bell on the string on the door handle.

Bell Training

  1. Follow the schedule above but now add another following. Each time you get to the door, give a bell a shake and say “pee”. Repeat daily every day until he learns how to go to the toilet.
  2. After a week, don’t ring the bell or touch the sound. Let the puppy give it a nudge and give him lots of praise. If the puppy doesn’t nudge the alarm after 10 seconds, shake the signal and say “pee”.
  3. Make sure to keep repeating until the dog gets it. Usually, it doesn’t take long.
  4. Eventually, every time the dog needs to go for the toilet he will ring the bell and go outside to the toilet area.

Biting Is Natural In Young Pups

Especially in playing ant teething, it is up to the owner of the puppy what can be tolerated and can’t be tolerated. Dogs and puppies are loving and adorable. Puppies always bite and there are many ways to prevent the pup from biting.

Puppies Must Refrain From Biting

A young pup has to learn how to stop biting before the pup reaches four months old. Generally, they will learn from the pack. However, due to taking them away from other pups before they learn not to bite, we have to take over training for the puppy chewing.

Make Sure The Pup Socializes

By letting the puppy make friends with other digs they can learn how to inhibit biting. Puppies need social interaction. This is how the pups will learn how to refrain themselves from biting. If the pups bite too hard, they will harm the other puppy.


Tips on Biting

  1. Reprimanding the puppy lets the pup to go on biting.
  2. If the pup doesn’t respect the owner, he will keep biting.
  3. If the pup doesn’t trust you, he bites.
  4. If the training is inconsistent, the biting wont stop;
  5. Make sure that you follow up on the training. The pup has to know that you dislike biting, not the pup.

Hope that you find this guide useful. All the best with the dog training!


Author Bio:

Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.


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