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Aug 29, 2019 4:22 AM ET

Can Dogs Get Colds From Us?

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 29, 2019

Do dogs get colds? Oh, yes, they do! Dogs do get viruses like us. However, we do not get chills from our dogs. Although our dogs can get bugs, the cold does not transmit the illness to the human. So you can treat your sick dog without putting your own’s health at risk.

Can Dogs Get Colds From Us?

Well, I’m not so sure about that fact, the only thing I know is that my dog likes to fish out tissues from my bin when my kid gets flu, and in the end, he gets after a short while. Germs? I don’t know. The term for it? Infected with cold??

However, that is not possible. Dogs and humans cannot transmit diseases to each other. It is impossible for any dog or human to infect each other with colds.

The colds that we have gotten in a millennium to suit our life in getting a cold. A dog however is a different living organism and cannot withstand a common cold.

However, dogs didn’t get to go scot-free. There might be dog viruses affects all dogs to have a flu virus.

How To Determine If Your Dog Has A Cold

Certain viruses causes canine colds, and these cold symptoms are almost the same as us humans getting a cold.

The symptoms are:

When you see the symptoms on the dog, make sure that the dog is taken away from another dog in the same house, as humans can’t get sick, but other dogs can get ill easily.

However, just a sneeze doesn’t mean that the dog has gotten a cold immediately. Some sneezing could mean they have allergies or having dust around the room.

How Serious Is Canine Colds

Healthy dogs can recover from cold in a week without any vet help, if you can give them the right home remedies. Never ignore a sick dog or a canine cold and seek help from the vet if the dog doesn’t heal, the vets saying is that a cold might not be real, and one should be aware for any strange symptoms.

Some severe illness seems like regular canine flu, but it can turn fast into a severe health problems. There are treatments that can be given for these illnesses.

The dog should have symptoms like cough, vomiting, and make sure to ask the vet for any advice so that the vet can help to avoid other serious issues.

All dogs suffer from some symptoms and are likely to have lower immunity compared to healthy dogs, and it is better to bring the dog to the vet if they have any symptoms of illnesses if they need medicine. They also need to have proper care for them to get better.

Canine flu is a disease that dogs can get by getting a cold. The two types of dog influenza diseases can be treated if given time for a few weeks. However, early symptoms show that the dog has to be brought to the vet as fast as possible,

Influenza cannot be treated, but give it some time like a couple weeks and it will heal gradually. However, dogs that have mild symptoms can go untreated. Dogs that have severe symptoms need to be brought to the vet immediately. Make sure to bring the dog to vet when the dog gets severely ill.

How To Prevent Dog From Illness

Dog influenza can easily infect another dog by directly contacting it to another animal, like contaminated items or touching another dog when returning home and touching their own dog. Dogs that are always outdoors have higher risk of getting this disease.

Always make sure that if there are any cases of influenza in your living area make sure to separate your dog with other dogs. Also make sure that you bath after you handle a sick dog and make sure that your dogs are free from contamination.

Taking your dog to a boarding home means that you need to ask the staff whether there is any outbreak of dog illnesses and inquire about the medication given to the dogs. Also make sure that you are on the news of the latest dog illnesses on the internet.

If your dog is diagnosed with any symptoms of illnesses, make sure to separate the dog from other dogs from one month. Although dogs get better sooner than a month, they can still be a carrier for illnesses for a certain period.

Make sure the dog is given multivitamin supplements that are formulated with a balance of amino acids and vitamin B to provide the dog with nutritional support in commercial dog foods.

Vets will give the dog vitamins for the pet’s health. These chews contain natural ocean kelp which provides vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system to prevent contagious disease.

Hopefully, this will clear up any ongoing questions any pet problem that you may be facing about dog illnesses or viruses. If you are worried that the pet is sick and contract upper respiratory infections, contact the vet. They can give sound and safe advice for your dear pet.

How Do You Ensure Your Dog Doesn’t Get A Flu

We all get upset if our dogs get sick. These are the few methods that can relieve the symptoms of illnesese.

Put the Dog in A Steamy Bathroom

Get a hot shower and build steam up in the bathroom and let the dog stay there. There might be a typical vaporizer where the dog sleeps. Like humans, steam aid dogs to clear up their lungs.

Drink More Water

Give your dog more water or a little hot chicken soup. Dogs that have colds need to drink hot soups. Sounds like a four-year-old child? A dog is a four-year-old child.


Everyone needs a hot soup when ill. So does your dog. May the dog be treated well during his cold, and he needs to be given dog medicine, not human medicine.


Author Bio:

Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.


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