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Aug 29, 2019 9:03 AM ET

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 29, 2019

Is Watermelon Good For Dogs? 

Many fruits can improve human’s health as well as their furry friend’s health. We have learnt about fruits like pineapples and apples can do wonders for the pet’s physical health. Now today, we will learn why watermelon benefits their health.

So Can My Dog Eat Watermelon?

The answer is yes. Dogs can eat watermelons as watermelons will not give them any side effects at all. However, you must bear in mind that the fruit must be eaten in moderation and some part of the fruit has to be removed. Watermelon can improve the pet’s health, so make sure that you add in this fruit into the pet’s diet.

While the fruits give nutrients to the dog’s health, some parts of the watermelon are not suitable for the pet. The watermelon rind is not good for a dog as it will cause digestive problems or upset the dog’s stomach. The watermelon has pesticide on them, and they are not suitable to be given to the dog to ingest.

Too much of certain foods for the dog can cause the reverse effect. Therefore you cannot overfeed too much watermelon to your dog.


Big Dog Consuming Watermelon

Health Benefits

Watermelon is safe for the dogs to consume. There are many benefits to dogs eating watermelon. Here are some health benefits of giving your dogs watermelon. With so many benefits provided to the dog by eating watermelon, you won’t go wrong by giving the pet fruit.

Watermelon can cool off the dog when the weather is scorching, or during a summer season. Humans eat fruits as a treat to cool down a bit, so dogs do the same as well

This fruit can also improve the eyesight and vision with Vitamin A. It also improves and regulates the pet’s heart functions as well.

The watermelon also promotes bone growth and produces protein to maintain the dog’s body enzymes. There are certain nutrients inside watermelon that will help the dog to absorb other necessary vitamins and minerals in its body.

Watermelons also have antioxidants that will help to counter any radical’s adverse effects. Antioxidants too strengthen the dog’s immune system through its life. These antioxidants will reduce killer diseases like diabetes and cancer.

The dog will not have constipation and diabetes if he takes watermelon regularly. The fruit will aid in maintaining the dog’s weight under control. Moreover, it also supports the blood functions in the dog. Certain nutrients in the watermelon prevent any blood clotting or any haemorrhages from forming.

Since watermelon is 90% water, the dog will be fully hydrated all the time.

Is Giving Too Much Watermelon Bad For Dogs

Too much of everything is terrible for everyone and everything. Can dogs eat watermelon without any adverse effects? Dogs can eat watermelon as long as you do not give them too much to eat. However, giving the dog too much watermelon will screw up his body.

Things that can happen if your dog consumes too much watermelon:

Urination will increase – Watermelon is made out of 90% water, so it will make your dog urinate too often.  Overly urination will affect the dog’s bladder severely, so make sure not to overfeed the dog.

Diarrhoea – Dogs cannot digest watermelon at ease so diarrhoea can happen moderately. Too many servings of watermelon will give the dog diarrhoea.

Bloating of the stomach – When the dog bloats, the belly expands, and there is a lot of pressure in its other organs. The dog’s stomach grew due to food or gas filling the stomach of it. The lack of blood flow to the heart or the dog’s stomach lining; a tear in the wall of the stomach are the signs of the dog bloating.

Is it possible that the dog can have diarrhoea or gastric symptoms although you feed the moderate dog amounts of watermelon? If this is the case, then it would be wise to send the dog to the vet for a check-up. This means that the dog cannot ingest watermelon if he keeps bloating up or have gastric. Make sure to send the dog to the vet for medical advice.

Can Dogs Have Watermelon every day?

Due to the reasons above, it is not safe to let dogs have watermelon every day as it is not the leading food of a dog. The best is to give the dog some watermelon as a snack or a treat. Do not feed it as a snack daily even though it is just a snack.

Can Puppies Eat Watermelon?

Watermelons can be consumed for puppies, and you can train them to like watermelon at a very young age. However, make sure that before feeding the puppy watermelon, the pup is big enough to eat watermelon. Adult dogs also cannot take more than small or moderate amounts of watermelon. Puppies also suffer from diarrhoea and bloating, but they suffer worse than adult dogs, so as the owner, you need to beware of this.

Make sure the watermelon is cut into a tiny piece before feeding it to the adult dog.

It is safer to feed the adult dog watermelon rather than the puppy. If you want to train a puppy to eat watermelon, you need to feed it watermelon juice.

How To Prepare Watermelon for Dogs

Can dogs consume the entire watermelon as a fruit? Dogs cant eat watermelon as it melts in the mouth.

How to Prepare Watermelon For Dog:


When buying watermelon for the dog, make sure the melons don’t have any blemish. The food must be removed of its rinds as the rinds have pesticide on them. Pick up the fruit and double-check the weight of the fruit. The watermelon must be massive even if it is not significant. Finally, check to see if the melon is ripe. If it produces a deep hollow sound, it is ripe.

The last point is making sure not to give the dog or puppy too much watermelon. Small servings, in the beginning, is advisable to test out whether the dog can absorb the fruit if the dog gets ill send to the vet immediately.

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Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.


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