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Aug 29, 2019 4:25 AM ET

Best Guard Dogs To Keep At Home

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 29, 2019

Today we will be looking at the best guard dogs to keep at home. Guard dogs are essential to protect the family from any danger. It is necessary to have a guard dog to alert the family of any theft in the neighbourhood.  In the USA, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds. So what can we do to protect ourselves? Get a guard dog!!

Alarm systems are high, but sometimes they fail when you forget to replace the battery. The better way to solve the problem is to get a guard dog.

Top Guard Dogs To Keep

  1. Fila Brasileiro

This breed is very cautious of strangers. They have a large size that makes them an excellent guard dog. Bigger dogs look stronger and more threatening. However, they come with a package; they are tough to train, and they have a stubborn nature. Make sure that you teach them early as pups to prepare them as excellent guard dogs.


  1. Great Dane

A Great Dane looks scary. It is rather tall and bulky. These are the top guard dogs, but they are rather gentle giants. Great Danes are excellent with family and children and are easily a family dog. If an intruder comes along, the thief will quickly run off because the dog looks so big and scary.


  1. Akittaakita Dog

This dog has a beautiful fluffy fur coat. It has many characteristics that make it one of the best guard dogs out there. They devote themselves to the family and are very sharp and alert to noise and intruders. They can easily protect the home, and they are rather bright and intelligent. This makes them easy to train.


  1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd has been long known for being a police dog. They run after thieves and drug dealers. However, apart from sniffing out drugs, they are also the best guard dogs out there. They are obedient and loyal to the owner. Rarely rebelling, they are easy to train.


  1. Black Shepherd Dog

This breed is big and secure with a gorgeous coat. They can hunt bears and look very intimidating. This makes them scared of any trespasser easily.


  1. Boxer Dog

Boxer dogs can chase away any criminals that come walking across your property. They are loyal and intelligent, with a sharp sense of alertness. They are also easy to train. They are good with children, so that makes them a family dog as well. They are one of the top guard dogs that will take on an intruder the minute they see one.


  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

It has a sturdy stance and rather solid in appearance. They were used by farmers in African to hunt lions and abundant prey. If this dog can chase a lion, it can take care of your house and hunt down a thief or trespasser. However, it must be adequately trained not to hunt down family friends that visit the house.


  1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This dog has a nickname called “Swissy”. This dog is a big lovable dog, and it is also a family dog, so you think that this dog is perfect for the family. Their size makes them on the best intruder alert tools that you can have for your home. Make sure not to make these cute biggies work under hot climates as they are suited cold weather better.


  1. Komondor Dogwhite

This dog looks odd, and it has a particular type of fur coat. People from Hungary first used them as a working dog for ten centuries. This is a special breed, and it performs well on tasks given.

They are super friendly with the entire family and make sure that strangers do not harm the family. This makes them the best protection dogs for their home.


  1. Norwegian Elkhound

This dog is bred in Norway centuries back, and it is a rather energetic dog with a big heart. Although this dog is medium size, it is quite similar to the black shepherd dog and can hunt wild bears. They love people, and they are rather friendly and energetic. However, they need a great place to romp the whole day, so you need a big house if you want to keep one.


  1. Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

This breed has two names. It is named Thracian Mollos or Karakachan. They are from Bulgaria, and they guard livestock against thieves and wild animals. This breed is also popular in the US, and they are still commonly found in Bulgaria up to today.


  1. Giant Schnauzerblack

This big dog is a family dog that is big enough for a kid to ride on. A young kid at the age of 2 can still ride this dog safely. They are mighty and energetic. This dog needs lots of stimulation and very loyal to the family. It will protect you with its life making them the best guard dogs of today.


  1. Great Pyrennesgreat

The Great Pyrenees is rather cute and fluffy and rather devoted to their own family. They keep watching with constant vigilance. This breed was generally bred to keep sheep away from bears and wolves, so they are known to get the best dog breeds that can scare away any unnecessary strangers or intruders.


  1. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

It is the most loyal dog breeds in Asia. This breeds have a strong bond with its owner and also very protective of the possessions that the owner has. This dog has ever been named as a “cat” as it is a rather agile dog. However, it doesn’t catch mice; it is called “cat” because of its agility. Guarding a home is no problem for this athletic dog.


  1. Belgian Tervuren

This is one of the most protective dogs in the house. If you happen to live in cold regions, then this dog is for you. Their thick undercoat makes them survive winter elements quickly, and they have a fearless attitude that makes the home well-protected from criminals.


Last Words

These are the best guard dogs out there that can take care of your house. Make sure to check out whether you want a guard dog that can sustain cold or hot weather. Also, bear in mind that larger dogs need large spaces to romp around, so don’t buy three guard dogs and stuff them in a small area. Dogs are our best friends, so keep them properly.


Author Bio:

Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.


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