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Aug 29, 2019 4:23 AM ET

Best Dog Breeds That Can Get Along With Kids

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 29, 2019

Many children often ask their parent whether they can keep a pet or not, and most parents would decline at first because having a dog is a huge responsibility. Usually, if the kid is mature enough, he or she might be given a chance to keep a dog. However, if the kid is a toddler, the parent might not want to provide the kid with a pet because that means that the parent needs to take care of a toddler plus a puppy. Owning a dog will teach the kid to have more responsibility, and he will be able to undertake other tasks later in life. Dogs have helped kids as therapy as some kids are developmentally challenged. Children that have a dog will have a long-term companion that will give them trust and love. This means when the parents are busy working in the office, the kid will still have a friend at home when they do not have any friends available.

Dogs are great at protecting the family and home from any intruders. Dog barking will chase the thief immediately as the barking will alert the whole neighbourhood. If the thief doesn’t run off, his presence will be detected immediately. Many families search for a dog that is kid-friendly so that the kid will have a companion along with some security.


  1. Bulldogs

The English Bulldog is used in school teams, namely the Yale Bulldog. Despite the fearsome look of the English Bulldog, this dog is a slightly soft, affectionate darling. He is excellent to pick for families with young children.

This Bulldog has a lot of energy when they are puppies, but they tend to lose their power with age. This makes them a suitable friend for young children. However, as they grow up together with the young child, they become more steady and calmer. Research states that this dog is an average shedder, and he has to be wiped down every day to keep the smooth skin free of any infections.

Bulldogs are loving and gentle and also make excellent guard dogs with intuition if something is wrong. If you let the Bulldog think that it is the head of the house, he will start to act aggressively towards other pets or even humans. However, if you train it correctly, it is a gentle and sweet animal.

This breed is popular in families as they tend to form a strong bond with their children. However, this breed tends to overheat in warm weather, and they cannot be left outside. This dog is loyal and agreeable, so it is a perfect option as a child’s pet.


  1. Beagles

The beagle is a dog with cute floppy ears. He is also known in the cartoon Snoopy, where he has floppy rabbit ears. Kids love the cartoon and even think the beagle is cute. These dogs were initially bred to be hunters, so keeping a beagle along with a rabbit or a cat might not be a good idea. However, this breed is excellent with children. Plenty of exercises must be given to the children, and the owner cannot provide the dog excess food in case the dog gains weight. Beagles gain weight quickly, so the owner needs to beware on the food intake.

However, the downside of getting a Beagle is that it loves to eat, and he keeps trying to root out food no matter where it is. Table scraps can be given to the dog, but children must be informed that the dog cannot overeat food. The beagle doesn’t drool at all, meaning that it is clean for a baby. It is also an average shedder, which means that the baby will not get allergic to too much hair.

The dog is natural to take care, but the ears must be continuously checked for any infections. It doesn’t get ill fast or easily. Thus the medical bills for this dog are generally lower.

The beagle is sweet and loving to kids and is happy to be around people. It also communicates well with other dogs. Without lots of exercises, the beagle can become destructive and noisy by barking all the time. However, under proper training and practice, it can be the best kid dog there is.


  1. Newfoundland

There is a cartoon dog in Peter Pan, namely Nana. Well, that dog is the Newfoundland. Its nickname is Newf or Newfie in Newfoundland owners, and this giant dog is slightly sweet on kids, making it an excellent dog for kids. Research states that this dog was first bred in Newfoundland to pull nets for the local fisherman when they go fishing.

This dog is an excellent swimmer, and there are many different coat colours like black or white and black. It is recommended by experts to brush the coat every day daily, and families need to be aware of the dog shedding season in spring and fall.

Newfoundland are dogs that welcome the friends of the family as long there is no ill intention, but it will chase away any thieves or other intruders. It is also brilliant and can be easily trained.


  1. Bull Terrier

The bull terrier has a flat head that slopes evenly into the snout. It is instead a gentle dog that makes it one of the best family dogs there are. It is a medium-large dog that will not get injured if the children play with it roughly.

It is a very obedient dog that is rather agile.  Families are advised, and they should not leave the dogs alone, and the dog is trained to respectful. This means that if the child over stimulates the dog, the dog will not overplay and harm the kid accidentally. Bull terriers are easy to groom, and there is less maintenance as they have shorter coats. They also need regular exercise, and this breed has minor health problems. Under special care, this dog is very healthy.

These are all the dogs that are good for the family as well as young children. Young children ought to have a pet to train their accountability as well as having a loving companion. Visit the pet shop today to get the perfect breed for your kid!


Author Bio:

Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.


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