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Aug 28, 2019 5:22 AM ET

Could Your Business Benefit from Robotics?

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 28, 2019


Robotics is a form of automation that could help your business in several ways. When robots are mentioned, many people tend to think of humanoid ones like those portrayed in science fiction movies. However, robotic technology often creates an arm to help with mundane tasks, or for warehouse, robotics is behind the small carts that pick and despatch orders. Of course, there are some humanoid type robot workers, but they are few and far between. The businesses that have introduced robotics into their workplace are already feeling the benefit of them. Could they help your business too?

Health Benefits

Repetitive tasks in warehouses, factories, and offices can result in repetitive strain injuries for your employees. As an employer, you have a legal duty to try and prevent this from happening, and using robots for mundane jobs could be the answer. They will not get back problems from having to twist and turn all day long or get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from constantly using a keyboard that is not positioned quite right.

Robots can be used for repetitive jobs 24 hours a day without any issues at all, which means you will not get any claims for compensation because of injuries sustained at work. Robots can also handle materials that would be dangerous to humans, such as acids and other corrosive products.

Improved Productivity

It has been shown that robots can help to improve productivity by taking over mundane jobs and leaving your workers to handle more complex tasks. For instance, it would be better for a human employee to use an IC search engine, as the results will need comparing. Although artificial intelligence will probably be able to handle this in the future, it is best left to humans for the time being.

It appears that productivity increases most when robots and humans work alongside each other. The benefits of technology are part of the reason for this, but it is also thought that humans do not want to be seen to be inferior to robots, so they work harder in this situation.

Increased Efficiency

When business owners are looking closely at their business to see where robotics could be useful, it is not unusual for them to spot other issues that could be made more efficient. This is a chance for owners to look at all areas of production and often results in inefficiencies being found in places where you can use other means to improve. Introducing robots will make any business more efficient, but if time savings can be found in other areas as well, that will all contribute to a better bottom line in your accounts.

Do Human Workers Object?

Surveys have shown that most human workers are happy to work with robots that can take boring jobs off their shoulders. There is always some concern about job losses, but generally, this is not usually the case. Robots and humans often work together to make a business more productive, more efficient, and a safer place to work. This results in the business being more profitable, which is what business is all about.

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