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Aug 27, 2019 4:29 PM ET

Single-use Bioreactors Market Growth by Top players 2019-2030 | Pierre Guérin, Cellexus Ltd, Sartorius AG, Merck KGaA, Celltainer

Single-use Bioreactors Market Growth by Top players 2019-2030 | Pierre Guérin, Cellexus Ltd, Sartorius AG, Merck KGaA, Celltainer

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 27, 2019

The prominent players in the global single-use bioreactors market are

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As per Market Industry Reports (MIR) research findings, usage of single-use bioreactors has increased owing to their low complexity andimpact on the environment making them desirable for small scale companies and start-ups that adds on to its growth in the coming years.

Growth opportunities in the global single-use bioreactors market looks promising in coming years. Single-use bioreactor has advantages over the conventional bioreactors. Single-use bioreactors reduces sterilization demands, lowers risk of cross-contamination and elimination of validation issues. However, regular recurring expenses for single use bioreactors will be higher as new disposable equipment needs to be purchased for every product run.

Technological advancements have also played a key role in shaping the growth of the single-use bioreactors market. Single-use bioreactors has been used increasingly both in clinical and commercial bio manufacturing. Proven major advantages include relatively low capital investment, reduced complexity, low maintenance cost, elimination of batch-to-batch cross contamination, time saving and flexibility in manufacturing.

“Technical advances have now made an end-to-end single-use manufacturing facility possible and are continuously improving. This will increase the market penetration of single-use bioreactors in the future,” said Ankur, Senior Analyst, Healthcare at MIR.


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From a regional perspective, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness highest CAGR in the coming years, with the growth of this market centered in China, India and Japan. Factors such as reduced cost related to cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of steel based bioreactor systems and rapidly evolving technology used in the development of disposable bioprocessing equipment used in the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products are contributing to the growth of the market. Moreover, due to fast batch changeover system, a single use fermentation approach contributes to increased yearly production capacity. Europe commands the largest share of the global single- use bioreactor market followed by North America and Asia-Pacific. The largest share of the European region can be attributed to factors such as increasing RandD projects, biotech companies using them for batch, fed-batch and perfusion process ensures reproducible behavior of cell lines. In biopharmaceuticals, it serves all current and future needs from process development to commercial production phases.



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