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Aug 15, 2019 11:40 AM ET

DNA Genetics Charles Phillips Talks Cannabis Branding with CFN Media

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 15, 2019

CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry announces publication of an article and CEO video interview discussing DNA Genetics, and why “Powered by DNA” means just that.

As the cannabis market moves from the back alley to the boardroom, we are gaining an increasing appreciation for the role genetics play in developing distinct varieties with unique medical and commercial application. As the cannabis market matures, the significance of genetic selection is quickly becoming a focus of the discussion. Cannabis has been loosely regulated in its infancy, and the impact of genetics has yet to be fully understood. Companies are now realizing the pivotal role genetics play in producing consistent and quality cannabis.

Cannabis is distinctive, the genetics of each specific strain create a wide-ranging effect all its own. These strains can be similar in many respects, but no two strains are entirely alike. The wide-ranging effects could leave a person lethargic one day and energized the next. This guessing game is not what consumers, dispensaries or regulators want. 

It’s All About The Brand

Many companies in the cannabis industry have yet to establish a brand distinguishing themselves from competitors. Branding serves many purposes including, developing confidence with consumers and building trust that a brand will consistently deliver quality products. This is especially important when you are dealing with psychoactive chemicals like the ones found in the cannabis plant. Each molecule of the plant can create different and varied effects in individuals, based on the genetics of the strain. Flagship brands are highlighting the key role of genetics, when defining a particular strain’s effects, ensuring that the effect is consistent and repeatable.

“The reason that we’re a brand is because we think that is where the safety and authenticity lies for the consumer,” said Charles Phillips, CEO of DNA Genetics, a premier provider of genetics to the cannabis industry. In a recent interview with CFN Media’s Nova Gavers, Phillips states, “From a consumer standpoint, anytime you see “Powered by DNA” on that logo, you’re pretty much going to be understanding that it’s the equivalent of seeing ‘Intel Inside’. That’s a big deal.”

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Charles Phillips, CEO of DNA Genetics, a premier provider of cannabis genetics, believes that the industry still has a long road ahead of them to improve standardized methods of processing.

During the interview with CFN Media, Phillips sheds light on the issue of cannabis patrons purchasing products based upon strains they recognize, but not taking into consideration the brands behind them. Phillips believes the cannabis industry has not placed enough importance on educating people about genetics, standardized operating procedures, and the various effects of strains. Many brands advertise to offer “the same strain” however, the intricate process to produce each strain is unique. The lack of consistency creates a result that may not meet the consumers’ expectations.

For instance, people may go into a dispensary to purchase the cannabis strain, Chocolope, without realizing that the brand is DNA Genetics. Often, the consumer receives Chocolope from another company with dissimilar genetics, resulting in an unexpected experience. DNA Genetics’ ultimate goal is to be recognized as a trusted and consistent source of quality cannabis genetics. They want consumers to rest assured they are receiving the same product with unwavering results, every time they purchase. DNA Genetics’ slogan “Powered by DNA” on the label should be an immediate recognition of quality and consistency for the consumer.

“For us, branding comes into play because we want people to know if they see DNA anywhere on that packaging, whether it be our packaging or whether it be “Powered by DNA” for someone else, you know what you’re going to get. When you are dealing with a psychoactive chemical, that is really important.” – Charles Phillips

Cannabis Passion Exemplified

DNA Genetics is one of the most well-known and regarded cannabis brands in the world. DNA was established over thirteen years ago in Amsterdam by cannabis pioneers, Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni (“D-n-A”). At the time, it was the only market that provided a place for legal and commercial cannabis activity. Over the years, the Company has built and curated a seasoned genetic library and developed proven standard operating procedures for genetic selection, breeding, and cultivation.

They moved from their homes in California to set up a large grow facility in Amsterdam to perfect their craft before returning to expand in the burgeoning California markets.

Having spent more than a decade building their brand in the European marketplace, DNA has simultaneously been developing strategic partnerships throughout the world. DNA is poised to enter all legal markets as the laws in each territory change to provide for legal cannabis enterprises. DNA is positioned to become the first genuinely geographically-diversified Company, with multiple partnerships of top-licensed producers and brands. These producers and brands have built their companies and global presence utilizing the “Powered by DNA” model”. DNA Genetics’ intentions have not changed from the moment the company was created. Their passion for the genetics of cannabis and commitment to quality has been unwavering.

Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni, co-founders of DNA Genetics, have been recognized for their many contributions to the cannabis industry. They were named as part of High Times’ 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis. They were also awarded the High Times Trail Blazers Award for contributions made towards uniting the fields of entrepreneurship, politics and medicine. The brand has been considered a genetics powerhouse with best-in-class cultivars for over a decade. DNA Genetics has amassed more than 200 global cannabis awards during the course of their career.

Their vision and work have not only earned them industry accolades, but also a partnership with Canopy Growth Corp., the largest cannabis company in the world. In 2015, the two companies partnered to collaborate and develop world-class cannabis for their first agreement in the Canadian market. DNA provided Canopy with unique and genetically-diverse strains that were incorporated into Canopy’s Canadian product lines.

In March 2017, the partnership between Canopy Growth and DNA was renewed and expanded, into Jamaica, Germany, and other international markets. Under the terms of the announcement, Canopy Growth and DNA committed to working together through 2024. They will continue to make every effort to expand into global markets, including Europe, where regulations permit the legal sale of cannabis for medical and recreational purpose.

Charles Phillips, CEO of DNA Genetics, explains that DNA is only interested in working with top notch companies that share the same commitment to quality. Only teaming with fully vetted partners to share in revenue streams, the company can ensure it expands globally in a responsible and efficient manner. He emphasizes that shareholders are investing in heritage and legacy companies, with highly efficient capital expenditure models and a knowledgeable management team like DNA Genetics.

Phillips states, “From an investor standpoint, it is really helpful because you know we are going to work with vetted partners and we are going to be partnering with them in terms of revenue recognition and licensing revenue. That is pretty easily supported by what we are telling them. You have another signifier to verify the forecast we are giving you. More importantly, it is really an efficient use of capital.”

Charles Phillips and the “DNA Army” place great importance on the industry foundation being built upon informative discussions about cannabis and how it affects people. He believes education is the key component to achieving a successful, safe, and well-rounded industry.

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