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Jul 29, 2019 8:00 AM ET

Capital Smart City Islamabad |Payment Plan | Location | Map| Price Details

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If you are looking for a housing society that offers the best combination of commercial and residential opportunities, then this housing society is the appropriate choice for you. It is one of the first Smart Cities to be made in Asia and Pakistan, ensuring a modern and safe living plan for its citizens.

Project Owner & Developer:

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a private housing society introduced by Future Developments Holdings Limited in association with Habib Rafiq (Pvt. Ltd), a well-known and respected real estate development company in Pakistan.

Location & Access:

The society is feasibly situated at only a 15-minute drive away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi main cities, At Lahore- Islamabad Motorway near Thalian Interchange.



It is 5-minutes away from M-2 Islamabad Toll Plaza that goes towards Lahore and it is only at a distance of 10 minutes from New Islamabad Airport. It is strategically placed on the eastern route of CPEC and will enjoy its dedicated interchange from the motorway.

Capital smart city 2

The society tends to provide a new and fresh approach to the standard of living in Pakistan. It will be a unique and innovative place for people to experience the best standards of living.  The society aims to improve the lifestyle of people and facilitate them in every walk of life.

Let us list down some of the major reasons for you as to why this project has won over the hearts of people.

Attractive Characteristics of Capital Smart City

First Smart City in Pakistan:

Capital Smart city is being constructed to become the very first smart city in Pakistan and will offer its residents with luxury and never before seen modern living experience in Pakistan. The plan is designed by Norman Foster and Surbana Jurong (SJ), A Singapore based consultancy firm that is hired to the plan for Capital Smart City.

Trustworthy Project for Investment:

The sound reputation of its developer and owner Habib Rafiq (Pvt) is one of the major reasons that this society has been able to attract major investment. The investors trust the name Habib Rafiq in the real estate industry due to their famous and noteworthy previous projects such as Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad under the banner of Habib Rafiq Construction Company.

World-Class Amenities:

 Capital Smart City will be a fully equipped housing society with state of the art infrastructure, smart design, and lavish facilities. Apart from providing the basic facilities, this smart city intends to offer its residents with modern services and unmatched facilities such as BRT bus system, 24hr surveillance, housekeeping & smart apps. These features make CSCI a society worth investing in.

Sustainable Development:

Capital Smart City Islamabad aims to a model for sustainable development and unique living experience. The development concept and design of the society revolves around a unique comprehensive urban administrative model, which promotes efficiency and control. The basic idea revolves around ensuring the three main factors

State of the art Infrastructure:

Leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing its residents with state of the art architecture, unique master plan, and world-class infrastructure, the society is working reliably working alongside the professionals best in their fields from around the globe to introduce the first smart city in Pakistan.

Diverse Plot Sizes:

A variety of plot sizes in its commercial and residential blocks are offered. The residential plots consist of 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla and 1 &2 Kanal Plots whereas in the commercial areas you can book from 4 marlas to 1 Kanal plots. The society is also offering 5 and 10 marla smart villas for the people who want to skip the hassle of constructing the house themselves.

Easy Payment Plan:

 Investing in this high end housing society you will enjoy the perks of having one of the most convenient payment plans and rather affordable as well considering the high-end facilities the society is offering its clients. Capital Smart City Islamabad payment plan is very easy  and spans over a time of 3 years with booking starting from only 10% down payment.

Stable Investment Activity:

The real estate industry in Pakistan experienced a major decline at the beginning of the year 2019 due to new government policies and tax implementation on real estate assets. Even in that unsteady climate, Capital housing society was able to sustain a consistent investment activity and stayed afloat.

 Diverse Commercial and Residential Opportunities:

Capital Smart City is predicted to create over 90,000 job opportunities in the next 7 to 10 years. The society is striving to work on the principles of inclusion and participation. It will provide endless and diverse commercial and residential opportunities to members of society.

Overseas Block:

 This the very first society to have to introduce the concept of an especially dedicated block in their project for Pakistanis living abroad. A smart move on behalf of the society, which has proven to be equally beneficial for the society as well as the overseas Pakistanis. 

The Overseas block has become hugely popular and successful. The society has prioritized the needs of overseas Pakistanis providing them with international standards of living and a secure investment opportunity, thus increasing their interest in the project.

Exceptional Entertainment:

Entertainment and recreational facilities are one of the major elements in the success of any society and Capital Smart City has not forgotten that. To fulfill and live up to their standards the society has hired international companies such as Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts to build an upscale hospitality facility to entertain guests and families. Harradine Golf has also been appointed to construct a new 8 hole golf course in the society to meet the international standards of recreational activities.

Salient Features:

Salient features of Capital Smart City are listed as below




Location is very convenient & Peaceful

Possession is not available

Trustworthy and experienced Owner and developer

Development will take time

Safe & Profitable Investment

Location is out of the main city

State of the Art Infrastructure and Designing

Will take one year to start construction oninterchange

World Class Entertainment

Longer route

Variety of Residential & Commercial Plots


Eco-friendly and self-sustainable society


All features of a Smart City


Easy Payment Plan


Designated interchange


Smart Villas


Roads have already been constructed




Payment Plan Capital Smart City:

You can book plot on very easy 3 year payment plan with only 10% down payment

capital smart city payment plan

Booking Procedure:

You can become a part of this prestigious housing society with much ease and convenience. The booking procedure is very simple and is free from all kinds of obscurities. You can contact Sky Marketing and they will help you throughout the booking process. All you will have to do is fill a simple form and attach the following documents:

For booking plot for Overseas Pakistanis



Capital Smart City Islamabad is the most beneficial and attractive one in the region. Prime location, exclusive features, modern facilities, eco-friendly and safe environment, and flexible payment plan makes it an ideal place to invest in. We can say with certainty, that the investment and business opportunities presented in this society will offer a very profitable return on investment.

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