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Jul 19, 2019 9:36 AM ET

Codility is an automated tool for assessment of programming skills.

Codility is an automated tool for assessment of programming skills.

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 19, 2019

Codility is an automated tool for assessment of programming skills. 

Codility is designed for software development companies, as well as corporations with high IT demand (telco, finance). It enables recruiters without specialized IT knowledge, all over the world, to quickly verify programming skills of candidates, even in massive quantities, in an automated manner. It’s aim is to verify how well the candidate will perform in a day to day job. 

Codility tests actual programming skills, by requesting the candidate to write a snippet of source code (a function) and then testing its correctness and performance characteristics. It simulates natural programming environment by allowing the candidate to compile and run the code in the browser. The solution is subsequently evaluated in an automated manner. In order to achieve similar goals, the company would have to use literally hours of precious time of an experienced (and expensive) Senior Programmer to assess the solutions. 

Codility was selected as a winner of [Seedcamp]( 2009, [Smarta 100]( and TC European Startup Award 2010.


Chief Executive Officer
Greg Jakacki

CEO & Founder at Codility

Business Development
Michael Sliwinski

Michael SliwinskiMichael Sliwinski is the founder and CEO of (Internet Marketing company) as well as founder and CEO of Nozbe (company behind the web-based tool for getting things done). 

Michael is also a speaker on personal and business productivity and editor for the new “Productive Magazine” – a free monthly magazine dowloadable in PDF format. 

He holds two University degrees – Masters degree in Business Economics in Poland as well as Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management in Germany. 

His mother tongue is Polish but he also fluently speaks English, German and Spanish. He’s currently learning Russian and French.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk

Krzysztof KowalczykEntrepreneur, strategy consultant and early stage investor. 

Founder & Managing Partner of UBIK Business Consulting (Polish management consultancy with the focus on TMT companies and technology startups). 
Partner at an early stage VC fund HardGamma Ventures, founder of GammaRebels startup accelerator. 
Mentor with IPO48, Labstar, Seedcamp, Springboard and StartupBootcamp accelerators, referrer with 

Invested in: 
– AIBotTeam 
– (Seedcamp’09 & TechCrunch Europas’10 winner) 

– Advisor 
– Advisor 
– Advisor Filmaster 
– Chairman of the Supervisory Board 
– Advisor Motivapps 

Before starting his own company he worked for Procter&Gamble,Lycos Europe / Lycos Poland and McKinsey&Co. For several years he was MIS lecturer with Warsaw Executive MBA (Carlson School of Management,University of Minnesota).

David Langer

David LangerDavid is the Co-Founder & CEO of GroupSpaces. 

David has been President, Treasurer, Captain, Webmaster and a member of groups with activities ranging from triathlon to table tennis. Having gradually realised that there must be a better way to manage these groups, he cofounded GroupSpaces while studying for a Mathematics degree at Oxford University and was subsequently awarded 2nd place in the 2007 UK Graduate of the Year competition. 

David has previously worked at JP Morgan, McKinsey & Company and Lehman Brothers, and has a strong background in finance, statistical analysis and sales. When not working on GroupSpaces or triathlon training, David blogs about entrepreneurship at and is also Entrepreneurship Columnist for UK national student newspaper The Gateway.

Tomek Walen

Technical Board Advisor at Codility

Tomasz B+éaszczyk

Contact Information:

Tomek Walen

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