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Jul 18, 2019 12:30 PM ET

Pillow Cube: A Bed for your Head

Pillow Cube: A Bed for your Head

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 18, 2019

A pillow, shaped like a cube, that is perfect for side sleepers.


You’re spending thousands of dollars on your mattress. 

How about a mattress for your most valuable asset, your head. Have you ever slept on a couch with a soft armrest that was the perfect height to support your neck? It’s usually the best sleep people have ever had. We wanted to recreate that feeling for you every single night.

Have you ever wondered why we are trying to stuff a pillow-shaped peg into a shoulder-shaped hole?  Your shoulder and neck practically form a right angle but most pillows are rounded lumps that have to be folded or molded to fit your neck hole.  Well,  we’ve created the perfect pillow for proper head support, and we found that it also fits all your angular nooks and crannies. 

We make the pillow cube out of the same high rebound comfort foams that the top bed-in-the box companies use, but just a whole lot less of it. Most pillows shred their foam into a lumpy mess. Why not give you a highly engineered, structurally soft, perfectly shaped bed for your head?  And we wrapped it all up in a Silky smooth stretchy cover.

*PillowCube is made of 2.5 pounds of copper-gel-infused viscoelastic polyurethane foam AND a little bit of love. 

The Pillow Cube & Box.
The Pillow Cube & Box.

A perfect cube looked great, but after extensive testing, we found the perfect dimensions. We argued about the perfect dimensions, then we decided to offer the PillowCube in two sizes. 

People with broad shoulders and big noggins will LOVE the 7″ PillowCube, while people with narrower shoulders will prefer the 5″ PillowCube.


Designed for your head (but you can use it wherever you need to). 

Propping up your head when sleeping on your side not only helps with spinal alignment, but also decreases sleep apnea and reduces acid reflux. You don’t have to use the PillowCube on your head. This soft little building block will fit wherever you need it (even that cube shaped hole in your heart)**

**Pillow Cube is not guaranteed to reduce loneliness. 



A pillow is mostly air and when you suck that out, all that is left is a tiny cube of concentrated comfort.  This makes it easy to ship and when you open it up, it expands to its healthy (almost) perfectly cubic shape. 

But you can suck too. Suck the air of the pillow cube with a compression bag, and you’ve got one amazing travel pillow that fits into the corners and crevices of any airline flight. After a restful redeye, you’ll be hugging your Pillow Cube too. 


Coming up with a square pillow wasn’t easy…actually, it was. It was stupidly easy. We cut a block of foam and tested it, fell asleep, and loved it. We used it to watch TV on the couch, to elevate our feet, and to build little tiny forts. But here is a graphic that makes it look like development was really hard: 

Good sleep is its own reward, but if you support our dream of creating a better pillow, you can actually get a pillow. We’ve also created some incentives for our earliest backers.

Risks and challenges

Our main challenge is whether or not we want to keep improving on our simple design. Yes, it’s just a cube of foam, but Picasso made a career out of making things into cubes. We just want to do it with a pillow.
We’ve tried out several suppliers and manufacturers, and have found our favorite material. The foam is made in the U.S.A. and the manufacturing will all be done in the U.S. with certain raw materials coming from abroad. The current political climate could potentially affect our supply chain and we are looking at domestic sourcing options for all the materials. We have a pillow cover that we like, but we’d like to improve it, maybe add a handle, but we’d like to keep it simple and will involve our Pillow Cubists in any new developments.

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