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Jul 18, 2019 11:55 AM ET

Okko Chronicles - Beyond the Gates of the Jigoku

Okko Chronicles - Beyond the Gates of the Jigoku

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 18, 2019

Become a demon hunter as you track down and defeat the evil Oni in this miniatures game set in a fantasy feudal Japan!


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OKKO CHRONICLES is a game for 2-5 players which plays between 60-120 minutes. Set in the heart of the Palace of Mists, the legendary comic book hero Okko and his traveling companions must hunt down powerful Oni (demons) and thwart their dark conspiracies.  

Beyond the Gates of Jigoku  

This new expansion compels Okko and his band of intrepid demon hunters to pass through the hellish Gates of Jigoku to fight its demonic denizens in their own realm. But beware, for in the dark and desolate domain of the oni, their corruption is much more powerful than anything your adventurers have experienced in the world of the living!   

Oni Hunters 

This expansion gives you the opportunity to play new scenarios or replay your favorite scenarios, without the need for an Oni Player by introducing both cooperative and solitaire modes to your Okko Chronicles games. Now the game is playable for 1 to 5 players ! 

Miniatures Storage Box

A box to store all the miniatures from Okko Chronicles.   

This expansion includes several new tiles representing the hellish environments of Jigoku. 

Not bound by the physical laws of the mortal world, this nightmarish realm seems to conform only to its own twisted and devious logic.   

As a result, the Jogoku tiles can rotate, flip or even be replaced entirely during the course of a game, making adventures in the ever-changing kingdom of the oni an extremely disconcerting prospect…   

The following symbols are used on these new tiles to tell you how they are revolved: 

 At the beginning of the game, each Hero takes a card to track their current level of corruption and its effects as they explore the lands of Jigoku. 

The longer a hero remains in these accursed lands, the more likely they will be to fall under the influence of its evil influences.   

Fortunately, some of their equipment may mitigate the harmful effects of Jigoku’s rampant corruption. 

Overview of the Cooperative / Solo system:    

This expansion allows everyone to play the Okko Chronicles scenarios as Heroes, without the need for one of them to take on the role of the Oni and its agents.

Overview of the Cooperative / Solo system:    

At the end of each Strategy phase, players draw the top  card from the Adventure deck:

  • This card indicates how to place or move the Corruption tokens on the board, what Enhancements the Oni’s Mortal Thralls or Supernatural Creatures will gain and any effects that will need to be resolved until the end of the round.     
  • During the Activation phase, after a Hero has finished their Activation, the players draw a Reaction card. This card indicates which of the Oni’s agents are activated and what actions they will perform.  

No SG included
No SG included

As the various Stretch Goals are unlocked, they will be added to the Beyond the Gates of Jigoku and Oni Hunters expansion boxes.   

Okko is a comic book that chronicles the adventures of a ronin and his companions as they hunt demons and other evil creatures across the continent of the Pajan.

The saga is divided into 5 cycles, each inspired by a critical element that sets the tone of the adventure’s narrative: The Cycle of Water, The Cycle of Earth, The Cycle of Air, The Cycle of Fire and The Cycle of Emptiness. 

HUB, the author of the Okko saga, has created many new illustrations and unique characters that will accompany Okko and his companions in their latest adventure. 

Okko Chronicles miniatures are on average 35mm in height. This scale is based on the height to the eyes of an adult human character.

Some miniatures will be much larger, while others will have smaller proportions, depending on the characters they represent.

For us, the quality of the miniatures is a priority and you can expect a level of detail equivalent to those shown here. 

If you wish to order more than one copy of the game, it is possible to add as many Ronin (€80), Hunter (€45) or Master Hunter (€125) pledges as you want. Shipping costs will be reduced for each additional copy added!

And of course, each pledge is accompanied by all unlocked Stretch Goals!

All costs shown are in Euro (€) and are based on the exchange rate posted at the launch of this campaign (approx. €1 = $1.13).

Any pledges that are confirmed after the close of the ‘pledge manager’ will be dispatched at a later date from our European distribution hub, which may significantly increase the estimated shipping costs above. 

The RED JOKER is an established board game publishing company whose CEO, Frédérick Condette, has been working in the games industry for nearly 20 years. Starting out as a graphic designer at Rackham, he accumulated a wide range of diverse experience in a variety of different positions in the industry. 

After a rewarding experience as a partner at Hazgaard Editions, Frederick founded his own publishing company – The RED JOKER with one goal in mind: to offer high quality games to enthusiastic players.

So far, The RED JOKER has published The Valley of the Kings, Fortresses & Clans and Highway to Hell in their Versus line of 2 player card games, and 3 other Chronicles titles: Guardians’ Chronicles, Guardians’ Chronicles: Clash of Heroes and, of course, Okko Chronicles.

 In 1992, Hub is designer on Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element and returned to the 7th art-form in 2001, working on the film Samourai. He has also gained notoriety in the world of animation, working on series such as The Prince of Atlantis and Garage Kids. He also designed the costumes for the children’s programs of a notable French TV channel.

He illustrated two 136 page volumes of the Kazandou series, based on a screenplay by Gess and published by Glénat. In 2001, he illustrated the French edition of the pen & paper role-playing game Fading Suns by Multisim. 

Then in 2005, he began the Okko Saga, with the release of its first volume, The Cycle of Water. Since then, Aslak – Eye of the World was released by Delcourt in 2011. Written by HUB and Fred Weytens, drawn by Emmanuel Michalak and colored by Sébastien Lamirand, it tells the story of a Viking’s quest for new stories. 

Stephane Camosseto, Valentin Zak and Patrick Masson are 3 french freelance sculptors working in the miniature and collectible statues industry.

They have been working in this industry for 7 years for many different games and collectibles company, like CoolMiniOrNot, Guillotine Games, Demented Games, Studio McVey, Luftkrieg 1919, etc.

They have created Kazama Studio in order to gather their skills and be able to propose companies high end miniatures and bigger projects.

It was a pleasure working on this Okko’s chronicles project with the awesome concepts from Hub. 

Born in 1974, Arnaud Boudoiron has worked in a variety of sectors: press, publishing, advertising, comics and sculpture. He began a career as a sculptor for Rackham at the end of the 1990s. He is a talented artist and a gaming fanatic.

After working for several years in the comic book industry, he took advantage of the increasing interest in board games including miniatures to finally find his primary passion: sculpture. Arnaud has worked on games such as Zombicide, Black Plague, Conan, The Godfather, Mythic Battles, Rising Sun and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

A passionate board gamer, Nicolas spends most of his free time immersed in their worlds. When he is not busy inventing new role-playing settings, he polishes the rules of his own system, modifying or honing the game mechanics of the games or preparing prototypes (though his wife would prefer him to be doing the dishes).   

Nicolas likes big games, whether they contain small wooden cubes or miniatures, provided that the theme is strong and is conveyed well through its mechanics.     

A fan of Hub’s work on Okko, and with dungeons crawlers some of his favorite games, Nicolas could not refuse a trip into the Pajan Empire with Okko and his friends. The RED JOKER is pleased to introduce his Solo and Cooperative game modes for Okko Chronicles! 

Having graduated in sociology and Internet & multimedia engineering, specializing in transmedia, Andoniya joined The RED JOKER earlier in 2017 as its Community Manager.

A gamer in her free time, Andoniya particularly likes Vampire The Masquerade. She also loves games that tell real stories and allow her to play characters of her choice. A little geeky, she loves Goldorack (Grandizer), Pokemon and the X-Men. Her favorite heroine is none other than Wonder Woman

Risks and challenges

This is our sixth crowdfunding campaign and we have already successfully delivered the following campaigns, The Valley of the Kings, Fortresses & Clans, Guardians’ Chronicles: The Clash of Heroes and the first printing of Okko Chronicles. Meanwhile, our most recent campaign, Highway to Hell, is currently in production.

In regard to these two new expansions to the Okko Chronicles line; many of their core components have been finalized before the launch of this Kickstarter campaign, and many of the add=ons and Stretch Goals are already well into their pre-production. As a result, these should be ready to go to print before the end of this campaign.

While this is not our first game like this, there will always be unforeseen developments in manufacturing and logistics that are beyond our control, as we have learned to our peril in the past. That being said, barring a catastrophic meteor impact, a zombie apocalypse or other forms of armageddon (holy or otherwise), we are pretty sure that, thanks to our previous experience, the game is well prepared and that we have chosen our partners wisely (manufacturers, printers, freight forwarders, distributors, etc.).

Refund Policy
All pledges can be refunded up to 60 days before they leave the manufacturer, without question. If a refund is requested more than 15 days after the end of this Kickstarter campaign, penalty fees will be charged.

Terms & Conditions
By pledging on this Kickstarter campaign, you acknowledge that the final appearance, materials and content of the any rewards offered (including any Kickstarter exclusive items) are subject to change without prior notification and may differ slightly from those presented during the course of this Kickstarter campaign.

All costs displayed in US$, and are based on the exchange rate in effect during the first day of the campaign (€ 1 = $ 1.13).

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