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Jul 17, 2019 11:05 AM ET

MyLifePlace is an online site that is dedicated to the preservation of lifetime memories

MyLifePlace is an online site that is dedicated to the preservation of lifetime memories

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 17, 2019

MyLifePlace is an online site that is dedicated to the preservation of lifetime memories. We will be the only site available that will take old photos, film, DVD’s and documents and organize it on the customers site by year or age. If the customer is not willing to “lifeload” memorabilia, we will do it for them.

MyLifePlace goes beyond acting as a simple storage space for photos and videos by being able to preserve all scanable memorabilia and adding a journaling componet to enhance the experience. We have identified a gap between traditional social media platforms and online storage sites. By focusing our efforts on memory preservation and not just storage and sharing, we believe our offering is unique in this space.

The problem we are solving are most photos and flim and other memorabilia are located in and around old photos albums in basements, attics and in the garage. Other photos and videos are scattered on numerous online storage sites. My Life Place offers an organized , safe and fun place to store and manage all memorabilia. Also a photo provides only a picture of an event, so details and feelings are often overlooked or forgotten. We add a journaling function that will enhance the total experience.

To remember all the significant events from a specific year becomes more difficult as time goes on therefore many meaningful memories are lost. With MyLifePlace no memories need be lost or distorted.

For a reasonable annual fee of $25, the customer can construct their entire life online from the beginning to the present and share their masterpience with family and friends. Other revenue sources will come from peripheral services such as; online photo digitization, film and video conversion.

Products / Services

MyLifePlace provides a platform designed to preserve memories and to document life events on a safe and secure online site. All memorabilia such as old photos, film and documents can be uploaded and organized on to a personal site that can se separated by year or age. Memorabilia can also be transferred from numerous online storage sites.

In order to enhance the experience the site will be capable of accepting journaling, therefore acting as a diary or journal. This component adds a unique benefit not found on other sites.

The user would use this site to recall past events from childhood to the present. The intent is to have available to the customer his or hers entire life documented online so that they can bring up a particular year or age and relive this time in their life. All in one safe place ready to view or to share with family and friends.

Peripheral services will include online photo digitization and film/video conversions.



Chief Executive Officer
Dale E. Searles

Dale E. SearlesDale E. Searles has a proven record starting and managing successful small businesses. He has started and managed two start up companies that are still flourishing in the Seattle area (Bellevue Instant Sign Company and National Menuboard Systems). When he relocated to Atlanta he purchased a franchised business “Planet Smoothie” and sold the business just prior to the franchisor going out of business. In addition to entrepreneurial skills, Dale has had success in the corporate world in sales, sales management, sales training and marketing. The majority of this experience has been in the healthcare industry with large market leading companies such as Johnson&Johnson and Omron Healthcare as well as with a smaller start up company. Mr. Searles earned an MBA from the University of Miami and a BBA from Cleveland State University and is active in both alumni groups. He also attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

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Dale E. Searles

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