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Jul 17, 2019 10:48 AM ET

EcoTronyx offers a line of sophisticated home energy mgt. products. It has a completed smart wireless thermostat.

EcoTronyx offers a line of sophisticated home energy mgt. products. It has a completed smart wireless thermostat.

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 17, 2019

EcoTronyx offers a line of sophisticated home energy mgt. products. It has a completed smart wireless thermostat. ECT desires to bring it to a wider audience w/ a competitive value proposition, which benefits electric co’s, the grid & consumers.
Mkt fcsts for smart thermostats ALONE grow from $86 million in 2013 to $1.4 billion in 2020. The biggest barrier to mkt growth is the high cost of smart thermostats, which bodes well for ECT as it is approximately 50% cheaper than its competitors. 
ECT also offers an integrated innovative & unique customer-friendly software suite for electric co’s. It is a trading & hedging sol’n that uses its home energy systems to offer electric co’s opportunities to physically hedge purchases in wholesale power mkts – effective in regulated & deregulated mkts alike. Discussions with several electric co’s have indicated significant interest in the total sol’n.
In a world of ever more interconnected “internet of things”, electric co’s are exploring connections with their customers. This rapidly growing mkt offers opportunities for increased margins unique to ECT’s ability to physically hedge power in wholesale mkts. 
ECT plans a crowdfunding campaign preceded by a pre-campaign initiative. The purpose of the campaign is multi-fold: production of 1,000+ smart thermostats, raise awareness, & build “social proof” to attract additional vendors & investors. Other crowdfunding campaigns will soon follow.
ECT has substantially completed R&D for the smart thermostat & has manufactured an FCC certified generation-one product. ECT is self-funded to this point in time at almost $1 million. Next steps: design updates, patent filing, UL certifications & field testing. R&D for the smart sprinkler controller is also complete & ECT has a working prototype. Future smart devices: a water heater controller, a pool pump controller & a landscape lighting sol’n.

Products / Services

Smart Home Energy Management Systems

Smart home and building automation systems to integrate with proprietary software products for electric companies including a Forecast Module and Trading Module as well as an Open ADR Demand Response Module. By fully utilizing an integrated automated energy management systems/software, energy providers reduce costs and optimize operations working in conjunction with the consumers in minimizing energy consumption. Smart two-way wireless thermostat is completed. Smart two way communicating home turf irrigation system- prototype completed. Electric company software – complete. Pipeline includes: 
• A demand response software package designed to Open ADR 2.30 standards, 
• A smart swimming pool pump controller, 
• A smart electric water heater controller, and 
• Smart lighting controls. 



Chief Executive Officer
Todd Batiste

Todd Batiste is the primary investor to date. Todd is an accomplished entrepreneur. From 1994 to the present he has built a substantial business renovating/constructing residential and multifamily investment properties. He has developed low-income multi-family housing projects in Texas and set up and operates a management company for residential & commercial investment properties. Prior to 1994, Todd worked for Lockheed in the financial and accounting groups. This extensive experience has been invaluable to EcoTronyx’s early stage operations. 

Todd holds an M.B.A. in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA and a B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration from Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA (He financed education with his own business.) 

Chief Technology Officer
Randall Sargent 

Randall Sargent co-founded EcoTronyx after working in the software and energy industries for 25 years, and 6 years respectively. Coupled with decades of software architecture experience at several Fortune 500 companies and management roles in several start-ups, Randall is ideally prepared to drive technology for EcoTronyx while understanding the constraints of a start-up. Randall graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Management of Information Systems degree with a Computer Science/Statistics specialty.
Having worked for Stream Energy as a software architect for six years, Randall became aware of an urgent need for demand response technology and proceeded to plan and launch EcoTronyx.

Group Leader/Lead Engineering
Jon Rue

Jon is an electronics engineer with over 30 years’ experience. For 16 of those years, he was the test engineer for a manufacturer of medical electronic patient monitors. Since that time, Jon successfully initiated and operated his own electronics engineering firm. Randall and Jon have known each other for over 30 years. When Randall determined the need for a seasoned, innovative engineer, he immediately contacted Jon to participate in the founding and ongoing research and development of EcoTronyx.

Consulting Business Development
Mark Burlingame 

Mr. Burlingame is an international utility expert with 23 years of experience in the energy industry iPrior to entering the utility industry, he was a Senior Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has hands-on experience in several jurisdictions & markets including the UK, MA, PA, CA, TX, WA, FL, MD & OK. He has consulted for several electric companies, vendors & utility commissions. He also managed his own business aggregating commercial customers in Texas to form buying pools in the competitive marketplace. He is a CPA, holds an MBA in Market Research and a BS in Management Science and Computer Systems from Oklahoma State University. He is responsible for business development and planning for ECT.

Consulting Marketing Officer
Doug Witt

Successful entrepreneur, marketing expert and energy industry veteran. Doug began working with EcoTronyx in February 2014. His extensive experience building businesses and in particular his marketing expertise will enable EcoTronyx to launch successful consumer marketing strategies and campaigns.

Doug leads EcoTronyx’s marketing.

Contact Information:

Todd Batiste

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