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Jul 17, 2019 11:12 AM ET

"Acticut International"Acticut International AB has been built by two experienced entrepreneurs by combining existing business and products with new research and markets.

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 17, 2019

Acticut International AB has been built by two 
experienced entrepreneurs by combining existing 
business and products with new research 
and markets. Axiom EduTech and its products 
has existed for 10+ years and has been instrumental 
in creating the new ROBOX™ platform. 
Acticut® is a spin-off from industrial university 
research. The products are woven together 
when delivering System Solutions and thus all 
products assist each other in the expansion 
of business. More than $8 million has been invested in R&D and during three years, a sales network and expansion has been implemented. Acticut International is a small organization. Despite “employing” only about 15 persons, an international sales organization has been created.

Products / Services

Smart Cutting System

The Acticut Smart Cutting System is used to actively reduce vibrations when performing machine-cutting operations. In conventional machining processes, toolholders can begin to vibrate and degrade the machining process, resulting in increased surface roughness, increased noise levels, production interruptions, and increased supply needs. To counteract these problems, the Acticut system is designed to embed an actuator in the tool holder to counteract cutting tool vibration. The actuator(s) and sensor(s) are connected to an adaptive controller that controls tool vibration in real-time.

Production Line Testing

The “Green” product line typically involves some expert consulting and trial projects before the system is delivered. This part is typically performed together with the “Blue” product line experts. Then, a dedicated system solution is designed, for each application. An existing range of software, sensors and approaches exist and the team can leverage these. 
A key principle is to make the system very easy to use but also very efficient in finding “almost good” amongst “almost bad.” The training and installation is often handled together 
with the “Blue” product line experts.

Expert Consulting & Services

We supply professional education, engineering services and technical software. Our goal is to be your natural partner in boosting the competence of your engineers, whether permanently through education or temporarily for solving a specific task. We have experience in customizing courses for our customers and partners. In addition to our course activities, we also offer qualified engineering services where we apply our long specialist competence within measurement and analysis technology and simulation.

VibraTools Suite

With VibraTools Suite™ of software for MATLAB® your PC becomes a state-of-theart system for noise and vibration, acoustics,structural dynamics, environmental engineering 
(durability) analysis plus nonlinear analysis and simulations! Get your VibraTools Suite™ license today – and become productive. This way you can concentrate on what you really want to achieve – solving acoustic or vibration related problems. Open Softwaretogether with the VibraTools Suite™ for analysis of noise and vibration signals simplifies traceability issues. The VibraTools Suite™ consists of 100% open scripts.



Chief Science/Scientist
Dr. Thomas Lago


Managing Director Executive Officer
Rolf Zimmergren

Rolf Zimmergren studied finance and law at Stockholm University and at the School of Business at Göteborg University. Zimmergren held various senior managerial positions in the banking industry over a long time period. His 35-year career includes corporate financing, MBA, object financing, investment, corporate financing, various stock market activities and risk financing. In addition, he has owned and operated a 
number of companies in the manufacturing industry, business consulting segment and the hotel and restaurant field, as well as owning a 
successful turning company. has been Chairman of “Forshedaortens Näringsliv” (Forsheda Chamber of Commerce). He has worked with strategic trading of large companies and marketing activities. 

President Operating Officer
Alan Boyer

He was born in England and graduated from Sheffield University, studying education, psychology and music. He has 25 years experience in the sound and vibration industry and has 
worked at all levels of the organization. In 1998, after being involved in the development of the Larson Davis, Inc. European Office, Boyer moved to the USA to become manager of the corporate marketing department and was subsequently appointed as Senior Vice-President. 
Projects successfully handled are sound detection systems for the airports of London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. He has also delivered systems to Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Cars, Lotus Cars, Ford Motor Company, Vauxhall (GM) Motor Company and others. He has acarried out ISO 9001-certification and marketing material.

Contact Information:

Dr. Thomas Lago

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